Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Today, I decided to leave Hubby here to deal with the multiple kids and the house, and make the trek up to Hammer's Asperger's Teen group.

My reasons for doing so were two-fold.  One, I wanted to meet Hammer's group leader (who I did know previously), meet the parents, and hear the group wrap up/goals for myself.  Two, I thought Hubby deserved to try to deal with the mania that is the house. 

He tends to take on a 'sainted' air when he has to run around sometimes, and I wanted him to see that being the one 'on point' at home isn't always the easiest either.  <<vbeg>>

However, so you don't think me a slouch today, I did help Hammer with schoolwork, shower myself (even washed and blow dried the hair), finish a book, start another book, check homework with Fuzzy and Pumpkin, take Pumpkin shopping for science project supplies, and supervised and helped to make the science project, too, all before leaving the house at 5:10 pm.

Hammer and I didn't hit traffic, and we had enough time to hit Starbucks.  I got an Iced Venti Vanilla Breve Latte, and he got a sweetened  Iced Half Black Tea/Half Lemonade, also Venti sized.  Yum.

The center has it set up that while your kids are in the group with the lead therapist and two facilatators, all the parents wait together in a specific room.  During the last 10 minutes, the facilatators finish with the kids, while the therapist comes to privately go over the session with the parents.  It is really great. 

I was very pleased to see Janine, the therapist, who used to be a facilatator, a few years back.  She now has her Master's, her certification, and is working on her PhD.  Lovely young lady. :-)

Hammer and I then stopped at Wendy's on the way home where we had the slowest fast food experience EVER!  ACK!  I wanted to scream!  It took 15 minutes for them to finish the one, yes, JUST 1, person in front of me, and take my order!  ACK! 

Of course, the first two weeks Hubby had no problems.  I barely got Hammer to Scouts on time.  Anyhow, I did get him there, but he had to run into the bathroom pretty fast, I don't know if he got into the meeting before it 'officially' opened.  Poop happens, right?  lol

Hubby and all the kids should be home from Scouts soon.  By the way, Pumpkin is LOVING Boy Scouts!  She doesn't care that she is an 'unofficial' member, loves learning all the knots, first aid, and survival info, and the other Scouts have been great to her!

Oh, and I should explain for my newer readers about my coffee!

I have this awesome coffee maker called the Keurig B70 Platinium and it uses individual cups called K-cups, to make a perfectly hot, fresh, brewed cup of coffee, in the size you choose, each and every time. 

You can see the coffee maker and check out the K-cups here online, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters  this is also where I belong to a coffee delivery service that automatically keeps me in K-cups.  Unfortunately, they just put in a new computer system, and my auto-delivery was very late!!!  And, we ran out of K-cups.  We can buy some locally, but not our favorites!

I say 'we' because my mom has a Keurig B60 upstairs.  She became totally addicted to the fresh brewed EVERY single time, too!  LOL

Okay... probably TMI... but now you understand! 

be well,

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ktkamanski said...

Your days always ware me out - Your a wonderful......... well, being! Mine didn't start out so good ~ Hubby melted my coffee pot. How does one recover? Hope your tomorrow is a happy one. Take care,

nay0114 said...

I would love the tea and hot cocoa.. not much of a coffee drinker. Sounds awesome.
Hey I thought you said you left hubby to deal with the house, you cheated look at that list of stuff you did.
Take care, Chrissie

tenyearnap said...

You make me feel ike such a slacker! --Cin

jckfrstross said...

you are not a slacker:) have a good thursday


mleighin21st said...

Busy day.  I'm glad Pumpkin enjoys Scouts so much, she'll have a very well rounded education.  Glad you were able to get out with Hammer for his meeting.  The coffee maker sounds great-and now my Proctor-Silex is jealous too!  
                                Smiles,  Leigh

sdoscher458 said...

You have more energy than I do dear. Maybe its an age thing. The older you get the slower you you, Sandi

deshelestraci said...

Ok NOW I get your obsession with coffee.  I want one of those bad boys.

coelha said...

Good for you!  I'm glad you left hubby at home..  You had some nice quality time with your son outside of the house.  I must do Starbucks soon as well!  Julie

toonguykc said...

It's so much easier to have a Red Bull addiction.  It's in a can and you just open it!  ;)


martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
That's one fancy coffee maker you have ... I've used them (some offices where I've had meetings have them).  It's great coffee and kind of fun using those "K-Cups."  If you have the same machine I'm thinking of, one of my favorite features is that when you're done brewing the cup of coffee, the "K-Cup" seems to magically disappear.  No muss or fuss!

eml625 said...

I'm glad you got to go out and leave hubby home for a change! I'm sure he appreciates what you do now !
I have an old perculator that makes my coffee ! LOL It chugs along but it's a mighty fine cup of JOE !

rdautumnsage said...

Doc is addicted to our coffee maker now. It's a Cuisanart but works with the same principle as yours. I like the fact you can have the coffee brewed and fill a single cup at a time. (Saves on the enormous coffee spills , Doc used to have with a coffee pot). Sounds like you had a productive day away from home. Bet hubby Volunteers to go out without a word the next time. I think it's great that Pumpkin likes going along and enjoys the scout activities. (Hugs) Indigo

gazker said...

Venti sized........... Me confused.
Gaz x

mail4campbell said...

Loved the cat pics...and wish I could visit Starbucks right now! We don't have one within 50 miles of here....I live waaaaay out in the country....sounds like you had a very busy day!!!!Love2U

ekgillen said...

I don't think my Hubby understood all that went into shuttling the boy around and homework and all that until I went to Vegas in April and he had to deal with it all (or get his mother to help with it). :)