Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Books - The Meme

At long last... here I am with the book recommendations meme!

Okay first:

Comment from: eml625
"OK Give me a book on Rock music from the 70's..............


Ellen, I don't have a picture for you, but the book that is somewhere in this house is called, 'Where they are Buried' by Todd Benoit!  It lists soooooo many icons of music from the 70's.  It describes how they died and where they are resting now!  There is even a great story about him running into Bob Dylan and they visit a grave together.  The book was lent out to one of the kids friends, but as soon as you asked, I thought of that book!

Comment from: chat2missie
"How about a self help book that you would highly recommend,

I don't really have many self-help books that do not revolve around Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and/or chronic illness, but this one does kind of fit the bill. 

If you have ever been interested in Eastern philosophy, Buddhism, in particular, and wanted it presented in an easy to digest way - this book is great!

I really enjoyed it, and even if it isn't your cup of tea, your son might love it, Missie!  It relates all the principles of Buddhism to being a Jedi Knight.  :-)

 Hi Dawn,

OK, how about "taxidermy"?  To be honest, I'm not very personally interested in the topic but would be amazed if you have a book on the topic.  Amazed ... and perhaps a little worried.

Okay, Marty... You can stop worrying... a bit!  LOL  I don't save many fiction books forever, except for some of the series that I really love!  

So, here is a picture of some of Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series:

Somehow, I missed the book in the pile that I wanted to point out!  'Dead Beat' puts Harry (who is a wizard and the good guy), up against bad guy necromancers (evil wizards that raise the dead, yes, zombies).  In order to defeat the evil guys from taking over all of Chicago and eventually the world, Harry re-animates the t-rex, Sue, from the field museum. 

Not quite taxidermy, but close enough.   And, these are a great series of books, I hope you try them out!

Comment from: luddie343
"Oh Dawn I'm desparate for sometime good on 10th century Cypriate art - Byzantine.  Surely you have something current?  My library is growing fungi of some sort - help!!!  and btw, LUV those kittehs!  xoxo CATHY "

Ha!  Got it Cathy!


There is a whole section!  Cypriate and otherwise for you to peruse!  My daughter loves looking at this book!! :-)

Comment from: lv2trnscrb
"how to adjust to a move in a new city
cute idea Dawn!

Well, since I know you have moved into your second home in California, this book came to mind!

Simon Winchester gives a great history of all of California, and geological factors that make it shake, rattle and roll today.  Rather than just addressing the quake, Winchester takes you across the country on the trip he made from the Boston area to Cali.  Teaching you all the while the history and science of our country's land mass. 

It may not help you adjust to your move, but reading and learning always makes me feel good.  Enjoy!

Comment from: swmpgrly
"captain marvel....dont ask me where that came from but thats what came to my"

Captain Marvel it is:


This is just one of many comic related books we have with Captain Marvel.  This is a graphic novel.  Enjoy!

Okay... still a few more to get together... second installment will be later today, I hope!

be well,

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lv2trnscrb said...

oh my gosh, you really do have a lot of books, Dawn! thanks for that recommendation; will look into checking that book out!


swmpgrly said...

lol did anyone stump you.

sunnyside46 said...

there is a good website about rock stars graves, too I can't remember the name of it....if you google rock trivia you can find it. I love rock trivia from the 70s too

chat2missie said...

You amaze me that you had those books!

deshelestraci said...

Oh I has the pudge too, Kitteh!  Ha!
I like your recommends!

martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
Thanks!  I have that same "Dead Beat" book ... (I like the Dresden Books, too) ... I guess that qualifies as somewhat relevant to taxidermy!

eml625 said...

I'm impressed !!!!
I would love to read "Where they are buried" , I love that stuff !!!


wwfbison said...

You do have quite a collection!!!

jmoqueen said...

I think your the librarian of J-land Dawn xx