Friday, June 13, 2008

Ask Me- And I Will Deliver Meme

Today, I worked on organizing the books in the boys room and the play room, again.

And, dang, we have a lot of books.  Books on every subject... which gave me an idea!

Why not turn it into a meme!

In a comment, ask me to recommend a book on any subject... be as obscure as you want... we may surprise you or at least be close!!  We cover all modes of science, history, animals, and physical world, from A to Z, or so it seems!  People alive, dead, and where they are buried!  Fun facts!  Weird facts!  Numbers, comics, television, movies, classics... Oh it goes on and on...  If I don't have it, I will get as close as I can! 

I will then give you book recommendations from our home library, with a review and a picture of the book!  If you want something for a child specifically, let me know the age!

Go!  Ask away!!!  I think this will be fun!!!

I can't wait to do this!  Yay!

be well,

ps... I like my rose colored glasses!


eml625 said...

OK Give me a book on Rock music from the 70's..............


chat2missie said...

How about a self help book that you would highly recommend,

martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
Rose colored glasses are all well and good but I hope you don't use them to read all those books ... you'd go blind!

luddie343 said...

Oh Dawn I'm desparate for sometime good on 10th century Cypriate art - Byzantine.  Surely you have something current?  My library is growing fungi of some sort - help!!!  and btw, LUV those kittehs!  xoxo CATHY

cherry2sweet2eat said...

lol love the first cat

lv2trnscrb said...

how to adjust to a move in a new city

cute idea Dawn!


swmpgrly said...

captain marvel....dont ask me where that came from but thats what came to my

wwfbison said...

The Wild West...the one period I would travel back to if we could do time travel.

adlessor said...

What a nice idea.                Dawn

sangrialel said...

I have so many books in my "to read" pile already!!!  When I get that pile down a bit I will ask!  Linda

sunnyside46 said...

Biographies of famous people from the sixties...

deshelestraci said...