Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rock n Me Baby

Listened to some Steve Miller Band today... I guess you can tell?  lol

Whew... I have had a busy weekend and the last few days! 

I had a wonderful visit with my cousin Karol and the boys!  It was so nice to spend time together to catch up!  And, the kids really had fun together, too!

Sunday was mostly a day for laundry, and working on some school projects with the kids.

Yesterday, at Hammer's request, I finally figured out how to upload our cd's onto itunes!  As it turned out, it was NOT difficult at all; just time consuming! 

Today, Hammer and I went through the new songs and created his playlist for his ipod shuffle. 

Also, exciting news today!  My cousin Karol is letting us purchase a time share week from her and today we booked a week in Killington, Vermont!  No, it isn't skiing, but there are lots of year round activities to do also!  There is swimming on site and mini golf and other lawn sports.  Nearby there is a lake beach, boating, horseback riding, fishing, a water park, and an alpine slide, which is like bobsledding on concrete down a mountain! 

AND, the two most important fun things, good shopping and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream tour!  Yay!  We are also going to look for some museums and what-not nearby, too! 

Just what the doctor ordered... a nice relaxing family vacation and we leave the weekend after the kids get out of school!  Yay!   Two and half weeks!!!!  Yippee!!!

Thanks again, Karol!!!  You are the best! 

More tomorrow!

be well,


lv2trnscrb said...

sounds like a wonderful family vacation in Vermont!!!

so glad you had a good visit with Karol; she seems like a gem of a cousin!!

brave woman; I'm still trying to figure out how to upload songs on my iPod; my son used to do them for me, LOL, I will figure this out :)


randlprysock said...

What a wonderful vacation that sounds like...
our weekends sound very similar... school projects and laundry....
oh I love The Steve Miller Band.... LOL that steal my peaches cat graphic is too adorable!!!  Much hugs to you and I can't wait for pictures of Vermont when you go!!!

randlprysock said...

PS we have a timeshare we absolutely love and if you ever want a mini vacation let me know because we get 12 per year and there is NO possible way I can use them all so I have to sell them off dirt cheap.  Hugs,

coelha said...

Time shares are great! I'm sure you and the kids will have lots of fun :)  I don't have one but I have a friend who has one in Hawaii...  If only I had the money to own one there!  :) Julie

cherry2sweet2eat said...

im so jealous i want to go on a vacation.

martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
Killington sounds great ... what a peaceful getaway!

eml625 said...

Timeshares are great.You will love it!! Start packing!

ukgal36 said...

happy for you about the timeshare..thats cool..

sangrialel said...

A vacation will be wonderful for you!!  Linda

glensfork4 said...

We did a time share in Florida once with a group of friends and we had a blast!!!

Enjoy....it is so deserving.


chat2missie said...

The time share sounds wonderful!  Take lots of pics when you get there.

frankandmary said...

Gee, I should comment on some other points in this post as well, but Briege & I are so focused on the Ben & Jerry's ;-0.

wfhbear said...

Bill and I vacationed in the Killington area many times (always Spring or Summer, though!)

It's such a beautiful area and the Ben and Jerry's tour is wonderful.  


mleighin21st said...

That sounds wonderful.  I'll bet you have a really good time.  Take lots of pictures to show us!  Most of the schools here are out after this week.  I forgot you guys got a late start.  Mmmm..... Ben and Jerry's!
                                                         Smiles,  Leigh


rdautumnsage said...

Sounds like the kids summer vacation will be starting out with a blast! Great news on the Time share hon. (Hugs) Indigo

swmpgrly said...

Ben and Jerrys sounds good to me...lol

wwfbison said...

Oooooh, Ben & Jerry's makes it worth the trip alone!!  Sounds like a wonderful time.

deshelestraci said...

Killington is wonderful!  I learned to ski there when I was 10.  That was only a couple of years ago!  LOL

sunnyside46 said...

I'm so glad you are getting to go on such a nice trip!

ekgillen said...

Love the peaches kitteh!!!