Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thankful Thursday!!!

I almost forgot!!!  Yikes!!! 

And, that would be bad... because especially on days like today, I need to remember all the blessings in my life!

1.     My family!  They are my inspiration to keep chugging along!

2.     My pets!  Even though Libby has been quite naughty lately, pulling garbage out of a bag, knocking things off the counter, ripping open bags that she thinks may have food, she is a source of unconditional love and affection, and that is priceless!

3.     Kathy, the sister of my heart, who after seeing her this weekend, I am so mindful of how much I hate that she lives 45 minutes away.  I miss her being 'physically' more in my life terribly.

4.     J, my nephew, Godson, and Kathy's dear babe.  He is growing up so fast and he really makes me smile and laugh.  He just has this way about him, like a stubborn old man in a four year old body!!! LOL

5.     Coffee.  Yes, I said it again.  Yes, I know you all know.  But, it is one of those simple things that mean so much in my little world!  Really, you have no idea.   Sometimes, on rainy, painful, sore, fatigued days like this, it is such a moment of pure pleasure and something that is just for me.  ;-D

Okay, I feel much better now!

Yesterday, my sweet Pumpkin asked me, 'Mommy, are you an optimist?'  I answered, 'Yes, things could always be worse.'  She smiled and said, 'I thought so, and that is what I say, too!'

And, then she hugged me and said, 'I am so lucky to have you to talk to and you are the best Mommy ever!' 

If I could bottlethe feeling I had after that moment... I would be a mega billionaire!

 be well,



tenyearnap said...

You are an optimist and Pumpkin was so sweet to recognize that and appreciate you. You have awesome kids. And Libby is just such a classic Retriever! They are great dogs but real garbage hounds. Gotta love her.--Cin

jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend:)


toonguykc said...

I've yet to do a "Thankful Thursday"...maybe I will one of these days when I'm not all bummed-out or pissed-off about something.  


gazker said...

Its Friday and I am reading this......... My alerts are coming in so late duno why, just AOHELL I suppose, have a great weekend now Dawn.
Gaz x

eml625 said...

I want to go sit somewhere and share a cup with you someday.......
I had a similar chat with my daughter the other day, arent daughters the best???
Love ya

klconard1 said...

OH what a lovely moment with Pumpkin!  It brought back some sweet memories for me.  What a precious daugther!
loving you

cacklinrosie101 said...

Aw, it doesn't get any better than a huge hug from your daughter telling you that you are the best mommy.  Give yourself a huge pat on the back, Dawn!  You are so upbeat and blessed with so much love.  HUGS  Chris

rebuketheworld said...

Ok, that entry stirred some teardrops. How sweet that your daughter expressed herself like that. I love those moments. I miss my kids sooooooo much. I hope for those times again. Your daughter is so lucky to have you as a mom. When she grows up, she will see how unique her childhood really was. So many kids have to search through old memories before they can feel light as an adult. ~Raven

bhbner2him said...

Counting blessings just adds to your joy and treasure!  ;o)  -  Barbara

gehi6 said...

I stretched out your entry so I could read all the comments to this appealing entry.  Yes, a compliment from a kid can really make your day.  I remember apologizing to my daughter for bringing her into the world under such rough circumstances and she said, oh no, I am glad to be here and that you are my Mom!   Gerry