Monday, March 19, 2007

Have you ever.............????

Time to do the Have You Ever meme...

failed a test? No, I am a big nerd.
gotten an F on your report card?
Again NEVER!
gotten a D on your report card?
Oh no no no!!!
had a crush on a teacher?
Yes, in high school, the freshman english teacher was new, young and cute!
been hit on by someone a lot older than you?
Oh yes... unfortunately... yes!!!  The kind where you want to shower afterward... like ewwww.... 'you're my dad's friend!!!!'  ICK! 
been grounded?
Oh yes.  Many times.  For stooooopid reasons, like not bringing the laundry upstairs, or being 10 minutes late for curfew.  Duh.
been drunk?
Yes, exactly 2 times.  Other times just really happy!  LOL
kissed someone without knowing their name?
given someone a lap dance?
Only my Hubby and it was for his 28th birthday, if I remember correctly!
slept over someone of the opposite sex's house?
Yes, my good friend, Fred, that I grew up with!!!  I used to stay over at his house all the time!  He had two sisters that were older than us and I used to sleep in their room, or sometimes we would all sleep together in the family room or living room!  We used to stay up late watching scary movies and talking... I miss my Fred, he lives in AZ now!
had someone of the opposite sex sleep over your house?
Yes, Fred... and then Hubby before we were married, he slept on our living room couch. 
dated two people at the same time? 
Oh yes, that is what 'dating' is for, but once the relationship moved more serious, I never cheated on anyone.
had a crush on one of your best friends?
A guy friend, yes.
dated one of your best friends? Yes. (not Fred, by the way...)
been proposed to?
Yes and married now for 15 1/2 years!
been told you look like a celebrity?
No, but my mom got told a couple of times she looked like Olympia Dukakis when her hair was short!
cried while watching a reality show?
Yes, Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  It totally destroys me at the end each time.  I am such a sap.  We don't watch it often, because it makes my Hubby upset that I get upset!
cried while watching a soap opera?
Oh yes, yes, yes...
been in a play?
Yes, many!!!!  I loved being in plays all thru grammar school and high school!
had a good part/lead in a play?
In grammar school, I got too be Betsy Ross at the Bicentennial Celebration in 5th grade.  In high school I had some named parts but never 'the' lead.  Dang it!
fallen asleep in class?
What?  Me?  The teacher's pet?  Never!
played a full game of Monopoly? Oh my... I never did, not until engaged to Hubby.  Never my favorite game, but he loved it.  His childhood friend Kurt and his fiancee Lisa came over, and Hubby and Lisa attacked Kurt and I and drove us out of the game.  Silly us, we thought it should be fun!  Oh no... those two cut throats then played alone as Kurt and I ate and watched tv together until we made them STOP!!  Ugh.  I have never played Monopoly again since.  Hubby says I am 'too nice' for Monopoly.  Fine with me! 
been hospitalized?
Oh yeah, many times!  Too many to list! 
kissed in the rain?
Yes... <sigh>  Now, I would catch pneumonia and die.  LOL  Those were carefree days....
thrown up in school?
In the bathroom in high school, thank goodness never in the actual classroom!
cried in school?
Oh yes!!
gone to school in your pajamas?
No, that wasn't 'in' back then!
made one of your parents cry?
My mom definitely, my dad doesn't cry.
had a stalker? 
Oh yes, an ex-boyfriend.  Followed me on dates and everything.  I think it was my dad who threatened him and he finally stopped.  I had gotten real sick during that time... my nerves... my stomach was a mess.
stalked someone else? No, never.
avoided someone?
Oh yes, who hasn't!
worn a band shirt without even knowing anything about the band?
Are those still in?  No, I always knew and liked the band on my concert shirt!
kissed someone way older than you?
If way older is 10 years, then yes.
kissed someone way younger than you?
Hmmm, I was 20 and he was 17... it was destined to end... Different worlds and all... him a senior in high school, me a junior in college... LOL But that was as young as I ever went and it was short lived!

Pete, the doorman, at the theater... He was a little hottie... remember him Kathy???  LOL There was this theater party and I got handcuffed to the poor kid for about, oh I don't know 3 hours!!!  It was funny and innocent... really!  Ooops... I digress...

sang loudly in public? Oh yeah...  Life is too short as they say! 


If you decide to play, tell me so I am sure to check it out!

That was a fun stroll down memory lane!

be well,


gazker said...

My lead part in a school play was sneezey in Snow White........... :-(
Gaz lolol

eml625 said...

Very funny answers. I use to love wearing concert shirts to school, it was a must the day after a show !
Big hugs,

tenyearnap said...

Oh you funny little school nerd! Another meme meant for teenagers...they are fun when played by an adult. Glad your stroll down memory lane was fun for you.--Cin

gehi6 said...

I got a kick out of your casual response to this survey.  I am going to visit your friend, but her journal did not come up, so I am wondering if she has gone public.  Or it was just a regular delay. I will try again some other time.  I wanted to tell her my son Raymond says it has been 90 days since his very last cigarette.  He is always quitting, but this time, he says he is going to try very hard not to start again!   I have visited your blog before, but had so many on my list to visit, especially the ill, that I had not gotten back, but I like the name and your style, so I will surely return!  Gerry  

toonguykc said...

ANOTHER awesome meme from my princess!!  Yeah -- I'm gonna do this one!!  Russ

therealstephhull said...

I decided to play along.