Saturday, March 10, 2007

Happy Bday Dad!

Today is my dad's 67th birthday!

So, I decided that I will tell you a little about him!

He was born on a couch in NYC on 101st Street on the West side. 

His first name is Dennis, and his mother named him after Dennis Day, whose show was on the radio every Sunday morning.

However, the priest in their parish told them he could not be baptized with the first name Dennis; that it wasn't a saints name.  He was wrong, but no one knew that, and back then, you never doubted the priest. 

So, he was baptized, Daniel.  Strange, huh?

My dad received Last Rites when he was two because he almost died.  There was some sort of intestinal virus and he was dehydrated and very ill.  All the doctors gave up, except for one female pediatric specialist.  Imagine what a rarity she was in her day!  However, she cared for him on her own day and night, until he turned the corner under her care and began to get well.

My dad served in the Navy, signing up when he was 17!  His older brother had already served, and returned home safely from Korea.   My dad caught the very beginning of Vietnam, and is considered a veteran of that war, although he was not in country, thank goodness, and was out before the worst began.

My dad dated my mom's sister, who is 14 months older than my mom.  That is how he met my mom.  Shortly after they began dating, he told my mom that he was NOT marrying her sister, but was going to marry her someday.  My mom thought he was an arrogant smart-ass, but, he was right, after all!

My dad was a 'hands-on' dad long before that was vogue.  He helped around the house with cooking and cleaning and caring for me.  During my school years, there were often times that he was the only dad in attendance at things during the day. He always made it a priority to be there.

My dad is a great cook and has done the lions share of the cooking since my mom went from part time work to full time in 1981!  He still does the majority of the cooking here, now that we all live together.  He is a great cook!  Very organized and picky about the ways things should be done though, so we do back off and let him at it!  LOL

Dad also helps me out by picking the kids up from school on his way home from work.   The kids love their grandpa time!  Since he works from 5am - 2pm, he is home with them each day with me after school.  It really is nice and really special for the kids to have such great relationships with their grandpa and grandpa.

Anyhow, tonight Pumpkin and I are going out to dinner with Mom and Dad to celebrate.  Tomorrow, will be the 'big' doings, because the boys will be back from camp.  Kathy will come up with J my godson, and we will celebrate his birthday too, since we were all sick then!

So, there you go... a little history and what not about my Dad.

He is a great Dad and a great friend, Happy Birthday, Dad!

be well,



pharmolo said...

Happy Birthday to your dad, Dawn :-)

cacklinrosie101 said...

I love your dad without ever even meeting him, Dawn.  He reminds me very much of my own beloved father.  I find it so funny that years ago the names had to be saints.   Things have certainly changed.  Give your daddy a big birthday hug for me.  LOL at him picking your mom.  HUGS Chris

hsauls said...

Awesome story! My dad also does the bulk of the cooking, as does my uncle and my boyfriend... I guess great female cooks don't run in my family...
Happy Birthday Dennis!

jckfrstross said...

Happy Birthday Dennis:) have a good weekend


lindaggeorge said...

My Dad was born in 1921, so from a different generation. He left the house at 8.25 am and returned at 6.15pm, so didn't cook in the week but on Sundays he cooked us all a lovely brekfast and washed up. He also washed up every evening. I miss him.

Linda x.

tenyearnap said...

Cool story! Happy Birthday Dennis! And many more wonderful ones to come.--Cin

gazker said...

Dads are so great, my Dad was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer last year and we thought we were going to lose him. He's still going strong. I hope your Dad was as feisty as him


mrsm711 said...

Your dad has an interesting life story.  I can feel the love.  :)     Tracy

eml625 said...

Your DAd sounds wonderful , makes me miss mine even more !!!
Happy Birthday to him, may he have many, many more!

coelha said...

Wow...  You have been blessed with a wonderful dad!  Thank God that doctor didn't give up on him when he was 2!  How scary!!  Happy Birthday to your Daddy!  Julie :)  

rdautumnsage said...

What a wonderful tribute to your father!! Wish him a Happy Birthday from me as well!! (Hugs) Indigo

cherry2sweet2eat said...

happy 67th birthday Dennis!!

klconard1 said...

Happy Birthday Dawn's dad!
loving you

toonguykc said...

Excellent tribute!  May he have many more birthdays to celebrate with you!!


gazker said...


Gaz x

leonaoflaherty said...

Happy Birthday to Dawn's Dad. May you have many more happy and healthy years ahead.


helmswondermom said...

Your dad sounds wonderful, and you wrote a very good tribute to him!

sdoscher458 said...

Trying to catch up on reading journals, this was a nice tribute to your Dad and that the kids get to know their grandparents so well...Sandi