Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This n That and CarnivAOL

It is time again for you all to click this clink...


There you will find the instructions for sending in a journal entry for the next CarnivAOL edition... # 35!!!  Wow!  Time flies...

So, pick an entry... it can be recent or not... it can be a questionairre or Weekend Assignment or not...

It can just be a regular every day entry about you... it is to highlight YOU and expose your blog to people who haven't found you yet! 

So, go and check it out... it is very easy to do!


Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes for Fuzzy!  He was very happy reading them all and felt like a celebrity!  :-D

I have an awful headache today.  And, pins and needles and soreness.   Very frustrating. 

Hammer went out to lunch today and to Barnes and Noble with Grandpa!  My dad had a check up at the cardiologist today, so he took the day off of work.  It is so nice that the kids get to do things like this with their grandparents.

It is 66 degrees here today... a peek at spring!  Unfortunately, the temps are plummeting back to the 40's on Friday and possibly lower at the start of next week.  Maybe even a snow storm... but definitely a lot of rain of all weekend. 

I despise rain.  Ick.  I know we 'need' it... but we are way beyond need in this neck of the woods!  Mother Nature should send this over to Cali.

I just gave my kitty Pumpkin, the all black 11 1/2 year old grand dame of the house, her hairball remedy.  She is giving me the evil eye right now... oh if looks could kill!  LOL

be well,

ps... this graphic is how I feel today...



dornbrau said...

Oh, I hope you get over that headache soon.  I like to hibernate in a cool, dark, quiet room... which isn't always possible with my work and home schedule as it is.
I love rain.... ALWAYS!  Even when our campout got rained out I was out there in the freezing rain playing in the downpour.

gazker said...

I know someone who won blogger of the month, and they were told they could pick 5 blogs to promote, he picked mine and was told they couldn't promote it as it was too rude! How very dare they!!! He was then told that all the people in the blog room read it though and it has em in stitches, how stoooopid is that?
Gaz :-(

rdautumnsage said...

Your children have a genuine treasure in your parents. I believe I would rather the rain than more snow and freezing temps. Besides the rain suits my mood these days. I always love reading your entries they cheer me up. (Hugs) Indigo

tenyearnap said...

You've had a busy week. Go put your feet up and have some coffee.
Aren't cats funny when they are angry?!!--Cin

luddie343 said...

If dampness wasn't such a nuisance to the ole achy joints, I'd love the rain, anytime.  And today we have sun, after a night of rain - so it's a confusing but great day - except for your headache that is.  Hope it leaves you, in peace!  xoxo CATHY    

eml625 said...

Hey girl!
What the heck is a hairball rememdy!???
I've never owned a cat! I'm clueless.
Have a great night.

toonguykc said...

I've never tried the CarnivAOL thing, and after reading what Gaz wrote here -- I probably won't.  


klconard1 said...

(((((((((Dawn))))))))))) I think I am the one of the left lol!
loving you