Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sore hip, Can't Complain

I have had a sore hip since Saturday, but the good news is that today it is almost back to normal.  The inflammation in the right hip pinched my sciatica, which was painful and not fun.

Such is the life with RA.  Too much whoopee with the hubby earlier in the week.  Dang it. 

In spite of that, it has been a nice few days! 

Friday night was my book club which I hosted!  I did a wine and cheese party for snacks.  I had 2 whites, a Chardonnay and a Reiseling, 2 reds, a Cabernet and a Merlot.  I had a variety of cheeses, spreads, bread and fruit.  For dessert decaf coffee  and chocolate cake.  Everyone seemed to enjoy and I had a nice time hosting!

The book was 'The Usual Rules' by Joyce Maynard.  I didn't complete the book.  Not that I didn't have time, it was too upsetting for me.  It was about a girl whose mom dies in the World Trade Centers.  I read about 2 chapters and stopped.

But, the conversation was good and I enjoyed listening to everyone's impressions of the book.

Saturday we went out to dinner with the kids and stopped to get their Halloween costumes, in spite of my hip.  I just used a cane. 

Hammer is being a Jedi Knight again, so didn't need anything new.  Fuzzy got a new costume, a Gauzey Ghoul with light up red eyes.  Kind of zombie looking to me, but what do I know.  Pumpkin Muffin got a costume called Divine Witch, I would call it Spiderella, because it is red and black with a sheer robe with spider webs all over it.

This for the girl who screams and shrieks if she sees a spider in the house and then cannot enter that room alone for a day or two. 

I guess it is a coping mechanism to get the costume with the webs?  That is my theory anyhow.  I could be thinking too hard.  lol

The Jets and Giants both won on Sunday!  Very exciting for all the football fans in the house!  I like them both.  My dad and Fuzzy are big Jets fans, Hubby and Hammer are all for the Giants.  Pumpkin could care less! 

Tomorrow, it is off to NYC for my IV medicine, Orencia .

I will be parking in the basement of the Belaire, the building that was struck by Yankee Corey Lidle's airplane.  Thankfully, that was on the 72nd Street side, not the 71st Street side that connects to the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Scary times, huh?

I will also get my flu shot tomorrow.  Usually, it is an adventure trying to get it.  This year so far so good!

That is my story of late... hope this finds you all happy and healthy!

be well,


coelha said...

I hope your hip is back to normal soon!!  Sounds like you had a fun Friday and weekend!!  I'm looking forward to going trick or treating with my kids..  My tow boys are going to be dressed as a "bum" and a "chicken."  My daughter is going to be a blood thirsty vampire wench!  Julie :)  

mrsm711 said...

Very Eventful Life. Your Book Club entertaining sounds plush.  You really know how to entertain.  You seem to be so happy.  Makes it fun to read.  :)

hsauls said...

Felt bad for your sore hip until I realized it was a sexually transmitted injury...
I would have LOVED to be at the wine and cheese party! Sounds awesome... all my favorite things: books, wine, cheese, bread, coffee and chocolate cake... sounds like heaven!
How VERY MUCH like me to host a book club party about a book I have never even read. *giggle*
Hammer is your asperger's kid? How NOT surprising that he wants to use the same costume! Austin is the same way...
You're near NYC? OMG... love the city. My brother lives in Manhattan... on 42nd west near 10th... fabulous apartment. I'd see him more often if I could ditch the kids and job more often without severe consequences...
Hope things go well for you...
*hugs from Georgia*

bruno64056rs said...

Yeah, that whoopie stuff has a habit of humbling! Man, when you give a party, you lay it on thick! Bet all that big-name hooch set ya' back a couple bucks! Probably could've got a gallon of Thunderbird, threw in a couple quarts of Hi-C punch, and nobody would've been the wiser! Used to be wine(cheap!), women, and song---now it's just beer, the ol' lady, and TV------!

3's to ya'!


jckfrstross said...

have a good week and no more wild sex lol


cdittric77 said...

What's Whoopee? :)

cherry2sweet2eat said...

glad ur pain is going away.

tendernoggle said...


rainbowmoonbeam2 said...

Glad the hip is feeling better! I might stop teasing you. " )

I want pics of the kids in their costumes!

Your book party sounds fun! I'm coming to the next one. ' )

Good luck with the flu shot, I have never had one.

Love ya~

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn,
oh! so sorry to hear about your hip but I am glad that it is better now! Yes I think we are all looking forward to your Halloween stories about what the kids wore,etc.! love,natalie

frankandmary said...

Reiseling & too much sex & no one called me?  I am so offended over here~~~>Mary ;')

ksgal3133 said...

Sorry about the hip.....too much sex can do that <grin>
Have a safe trip into NYC. That was awful about the yankees pitcher and very sad.
Your kids halloween costumes sound very good!
Your book club sounds fun too.


eml625 said...

Great way for the hip to go out !!! I have to get some Haloween costumes together this week for a school party. Good luck in the City.....

wfhbear said...

Sounds like an interesting week and not without its drama. I hope the kids have a good time on Halloween. I use to enjoy it myself. Regards, Bill.

lindapaterson177 said...

You should take the whoopeeeeee a bit slower!!! better for your hips! lol...thanks for visiting my journal I loved your entry it made me laugh!
bella xx

demandnlilchit said...

I love you wit! A good sense of humor soothes everything!

sangrialel said...

I would love to be in a book club it sounds so awesome.  Linda

cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL..Dawn, a girl has to have some fun even if it means knocking your hip out of it.  Hope it starts to feel better.  I definitely miss the good old days of picking costumes and trick or treat.  Kids grow up way too fast.  Gotta be a weird feeling parking in that garage.  That was certainly a scare at first when they were thinking terrorism again.  Have yourself a good Sunday and hope things are improving.  HUGS  Chris

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Hope that hip is feeling better by this time. Divine witch sounds cool - kinda gothic.
Sounds like you enjoy the book club. Good for you!!!