Saturday, October 14, 2006

Finsh the Sentence Meme

I found this over at Just Mary and thought I would play along!

C'mon... everyone do it... just copy and paste and finish the sentence with your own thoughts!


Rainy days ~ are perfect for having a pajama day.

My favorite toy ~ would have to be my computer!

Symbiosis is ~ those cute little Remora fish that live on sharks and clean them.

Your enemy will ~ usually be found within yourself.

Your friend will ~ be your anchor on the rough waters of life.

I will never ~ have another love, like that with my hubby. 

I share ~ my life with my kids, parents, and hubby everyday and it couldn't be better!

Every time I ~ go to a store that has books, one will leave with me.

My biggest mistake ~ I wouldn't change for fear of altering how my life has turned out!

An open book ~ will be finished soon.

Give me ~ coffee... and I will be happy!!!

I admire ~ many writers and hope to get published someday!


I tag you all!  ;-D

be well,



cacklinrosie101 said...

Love these things, Dawn.  I'm not sure if I did this one before or something similar.  Have yourself a good weekend!  HUGS  Chris

frankandmary said...

I have been seriously considering opening a DD across the street from your house ;']~Mary

hadonfield78 said...

I must have Coffee......................
It is like Blood to a Vampire.....................
It corses through my vains..........
Hows that for Halloween Drama ??

rebuketheworld said...

OK I know what you meant...but you comment ...will be finished soon..could be a dark sarcastic

Loved your enemy comment...I always starts with us...wisdom big time


wfhbear said...

Each time you do something like this I find something out about you that makes me like you a bit more. Regards, Bill.

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Rainy days - are perfect for reading.
My favorite toy - censored:0)~
Symbiosis - two one celled microscopic animals doing the polka at a  beer party.
Your enemy will - have diarrhea is his/her pants publicly.
Your friend will - get rich soon and share:-)~
I will never - fry eggs for my husband again.
I share - my life, my hopes and my dreams with my husband as long as he fried his own eggs:0)
My biggest mistake - was trusting the wrong person.
An open book - is an invitation to read.
Give me - the winning lotto ticket.
I admire - now this one is the hardest because there are so many people I admire. Politicians are not among them though:0)

cdittric77 said...

I love your answers! Fabulous!

ksgal3133 said...

Very cool :)
I hope you get published one day too so I can buy your book <grin>


bobandkate said...

Loved your answerws. I have had a go too,