Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday 13 - 13 Books on my Nightstand

It is that time again!!!  The Thursday 13... go see Charley to get the rules and play along with us!

13 Books on my Nightstand

1)     'I Always Look Up the Word Egregious' by Max Nurnberg

2)     'The Hospital for Special Surgery Rheumatoid Arthritis Handbook' by Stephen Paget, MD and Michael Lockshin, MD

3)     'Longitude' by Dava Sobel

4)     'The Book of Fate' by Brad Meltzer

5)     'Good Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis' by the Arthritis Foundation

6)     'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' by JK Rowling

7)     'Get a Grip on Philosophy' by Neil Turnbull

8)     'The Gift of Peace' by Ben Stein 

9)     'Latin Quips at your Fingertips' by Rose Williams

10)    'The Mephisto Club' by Tess Gerritsen

11)    'The Planets' by Dava Sobel

12)    'Even Vampires Get the Blues' by Katie MacAllister

13)    'Latin Can Be Fun or Facetiae Latinae' by Georg Capellanus

As you can see, I have quite varying tastes in my reading.  Fiction, non-fiction, best sellers, science, latin, educational and medical!!  

And, this is only about 1/2 the books actually at my nightstand!

be well,


coelha said...

I can't do this one..  I have NO books on my nightstand, because I have no time to read!!  I envy you!!  Julie :)  

mrsm711 said...

Do I have to run upstairs to look?   I will try to get to that later and play the Thursday 13.  Looks like fun.  :)
I'm here to Trick or Treat.  Stop by and say Boo!

lurkynat said...

Wow Dawn! You're my favorite Latin scholar!
Ah humor! and then Harry Potter! cool Dawn!
And I love those kitties!

bruno64056rs said...

Hmm, Even Vampires Get The Blues---? He musta' not bit deep enough! Need to go for the arteries, not the veins! THAT'S why he's got "the blues!"

Of course, now everyone will start to sweat, since you've reminded them: Tommorrow it FRIDAY, the 13th! And just as bad, is MONDAY, the 16th!!!


Bruno(in the words of Alfred E. Newman---"What, ME, worry?"!)

cacklinrosie101 said...

Dawn, I'm impressed!  I used to spend all my time with my nose in a book.  Now the only reading material on my nightstand is magazines.  Good for you!  HUGS Chris

cdittric77 said...

I loved Longitude - great read!

queeniemart said...

i enjoyed reading about what books you have on your nightstand. Are you reading all of them at once?
take care,
lisa jo

ksgal3133 said...

What a great mix you have! Mine would be all nursing with a Nicholas Spark book thrown in,lol


wfhbear said...

I sent my Mother the picture of the cats. I also sent her your reading list as she is also an avid reader. Have a good weekend. Regards, Bill.

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Your tastes are indeed eclectic but they say variety is the spice of life:0)
#8 sounds like a book I'd enjoy.

plittle said...

Speaking of books...*ahem* were going to recommend a couple for me to read, but you never sent me the names. I'm still waiting, you know.

fisherkristina said...

How do you find so much time to ready?


rosas831 said...

I like to read too,,, I really like to write,,,Thank you for reading ," HEART STRINGS," I thanked you before this but, I hadn't gotten to your journal until now,,,forgive me,   OLD IS SLOW, but, COOL.   Not a super writer but a good writer,,,If I were a super writer, I'd be rich,,,NOT,,,it's okay, don't need much, have a lot, of family,,,that makes me rich,,,Anyway will be reading more,,,hugs my dear,,, Marie,