Monday, July 2, 2007


I can't believe you are still reading my whiney-ness lately!!! 

Thank you!!!!

And, I am done... until the next time!  LOL

Someone asked if my daughter was named after the cat.  No, Pumpkin the cat is all black and arrived near Halloween, thus the name.

My Hubby called my daughter his cute little Pumpkin Muffin... after bringing home a half eaten Pumpkin  Muffin from Au Bon Pain that he and my daughter loved.

Tracey... Yes, let's shove the lemons there PLEASE!  LOL

Okay, it is a cool and breezy 70 degrees and the kids and I are heading out to play mini-golf.

Catch ya later...

be well,


dwhee70041 said...

It's Ok to whine in your journal....why not?
Enjoy the day.

coelha said...

Everyone has the right to whine now and then... :)  I took the day off thinking the kids wanted to do something fun, and all they want to do is lay on the couch and watch T.V.   Go figure, huh?  At least you'll have your kids of the house so you can enjoy some peace and quiet.  Right now I'm just admiring my new windows...and Nicholas is trying to entertain the window men with his new video game.  Julie :)

tenyearnap said...

Considering the spoons, you whine very little. Heck, I've whined more over a splinter. Your blog is a balanced mix of fun and educational. You rock! --Cin

astoriasand said...

Love the name it is so differant.Enjoy your MIni Golf LOL!! Something I enjoy when th eGrandchildren are around.Take Care God Bless KATH

dpoem said...

Yeah...  That cooling trend plowed through here a few days ago, and it was painful.  But, if it helps, the weather has now perked up a bit to warmer, less achy temperatures.  It's actually like summer now.  


swmpgrly said...

Its been cool here in MA. last few days too

eml625 said...

It's pretty cool here to in NY. Nice weather for golf, have a great time

attitudeslc said...

Can I have some cheese with that whine?

You're not whining!   You are sharing.  And with humor!  Thanks for that!


renortex said...

Beautiful name "Dawn",
Sorry that you have Lupus. I have one daughter and she also has Lupus. She is now 30 and unable to have kids due to kidney failure, so I guess I will never be a grandfather.  I see by your blog that you are very upbeat, perhaps because you are blessed with children.  BTW my name is Rene, Terri's father.  God bless you and yours.

lurkynat said...

dear Dawn
hi hugggggggggggggs
I lvoe that Pumpkin name! you sounds right as rain!
love you dear,

deshelestraci said...

Of course you are allowed to whine.  That is the first law of journalling!  Hugs to you!  

toonguykc said...

There used to be an urban legend that animal shelters would not let anyone adopt black cats the week before Halloween.  Not true!

Whine all you want, sweet princess.....we're here to listen.  Always


randlprysock said...

LOL that first sentence...

rdautumnsage said...

I'll always read your whiney ass entries LOL! For one your not whiney, your a wonderful, compassionate friend, mother and overall human being! (Hugs) Indigo