Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thankful Thursday

     Warning:  Female Problems Rant Ahead

The male readers may want to avert their eyes for a minute...

Yesterday, in the middle of Harry Potter, I ran to the bathroom for what was supposed to be a quick pee stop, and found a 'surprise'! 

I had to bum a quarter for a tampon off of a sweet older lady, who told me in her tiny spanish-accented voice, 'The older you get the worse it gets, honey, I know.' 

Yeah, that about sums it up.

I have never had these surprises before turning 39.  I was like a clock.  Every 26th day, I would wake up and it would arrive.  No kidding.  Just that easy.  No mess or fuss even.  <sigh>

Now, it is day 18, 23, 35, 24, 42, and even upwards of 60 on occasion!!!

It's just not right. 

Today was fun!  Beautiful weather, dry and breezy, high in the 70's, until about 3pm, then it hit the low 80's.

I have some good things to share... and I will do so in my Thankful Thursday things:

1.     My dad's CT scan showed his kidney cyst to be just that, still a kidney cyst, just a bit bigger than normal, but totally nothing to be concerned with at all.  Yay.  They will recheck it in 6-9 months!

2.     I got a cell phone upgrade to a cute pink RAZR Motorola cell phone!  Yay!  And, Fuzzy got an upgrade to a teeny phone, and Pumpkin got her own teeny phone, just like Fuzzy's, but different color face plate.  The only one without a phone now is Hammer, but he will just borrow theirs for now. 


Aren't the phones cute! 

3.     Kathy is coming for a visit tomorrow!  Yay!  It has been probably 6 weeks since we saw each other!  I HATE when that happens!!!  My little nephew J is probably ready for college now!!!  Waaaaa!!!!  Already, maybe it isn't quite that bad...but you get the picture!

I think we will go to the town pool all together... Not sure...

4.     I got to go out for coffee with my friend Cheryl before she moves to AZ with her son on Sunday!  I am going to miss her!  I am very happy and excited for her as she starts off on this new life adventure though!  And, I hope the AZ weather suits her better!

5.     Coffee!!!  This week, I had several days where I got up early and went to bed late (sleepover).  So, I am extra thankful for the caffeine fixes that got me through it all!  :-)

Remember the meme asked about the last visit to Starbucks?  Well, Cheryl and I met at Starbuck's this morning!  lol  Russ' mom, Lisa, joined us, also.  We had a really nice time chatting together.  I think anyone who has tried Starbucks and found the coffee too strong should try a breve latte.  I like it with a vanilla shot, too.  Yummy. 

Okie dokie... almost time for Big Brother 8!

be well,


jckfrstross said...

great things to be thankful for:) i don't have to worry about that anymore and i do not miss it one bit


tenyearnap said...

Cute phones for cute kids.
And YAY for Dad's kidney! That must be a relief for everyone. --Cin

eml625 said...

Y'all got some cool phones !! Glad your dad is ok.
Enjoy your night

tendernoggle said...


cherry2sweet2eat said...

yea i dont have a cycle neither and im young it comes when it wants.

jibaro6543 said...

so very glad that your DAD is ok...that must be a huge relief for you the phones..they are too cute.
I will have to try the latte one because I am not a starbucks fan because their coffee just is too much for me!
take care of you

nay0114 said...

Nice things to be thankful for. My girls have cell phones like those and they love them. So happy for your dad. Glad you'll gte to do something fun with your nephew tomorrow. Sorry your friend is moving, but glad you guys found some together time before she leaves. Sounds like a road trip in the making to AZ.
Take care, Chrissie

sangrialel said...

I am glad to know I am not alone in the female problem business.  I want one of those pink razors too!  Lucky you I am jealous.  Linda

deshelestraci said...

Yeah for the joys of getting older.  I am all over the place now too!  Good news on your dad!  Yippee for that.  And new phones - I want a new phone!

pynkcannon88 said...

Ugh! I know what u mean. I hate having that surprise. Its the worst I tell u

coelha said...

LOL Dawn..  I sympathize..  I had my own "surprise" today.. a week early dammit---a month to the day I have to be on a plane.  Lovely.  Mother nature is playing a dirty trick on me.  Big Brother is on..GOT TO GO!!  Hugs - Julie

gazker said...

Good lord, I nearly spat my morning coffee over the screen. I hope you managed to quel your surprised gasp!
Gaz xxxx ;-)

astoriasand said...

Glad them days are over and for me they were at 40 yrs old,just the same as they were for my MOM too.Not here with me now I am sorry to say.So who knows you might be like I was staggered all over the place then WAM BAM  nothing Yehhhhhhhh best thing ever happened to me.LOL!! Heres hoping for you.Pleased about the news of your Dad lets hope this stays that way.Great phones and those  smiling faces are priceless .Coffee I am an addict for.Have a great Friday Take Care God Bless KATH

ukgal36 said...

Yup..surprise is a nice way of putting it...;-)
I'm loving my upgrade too..
Have a great weekend

klconard1 said...

(((((((((((sorry about the unwelcome guest dearheart)))))))))))))  The pix are soooo cute!  ya know I am almost afraid to admit it to such a coffee lover as you are --- but I do not like coffee.  Do you suppose it is an acquired taste or did you like it the very first time you tried it?
I do love tea and hot chocolate lol.
loving you

pharmolo said...

Have a good weekend, Dawn

erarein63 said...

Yea, mine was just day 15...sigh.  Getting old sucks.  Bright side of the coin, I love the pics of the kids.  Why doesn't Hammer have a phone?  De ;)

mztishgray0726 said...

Dawn I totally understand. I am a part of the Woman's Club Rant also.  I just exceeded 28 days and when you talk to the doctor the lovely explaination is that I am getting older.  Duh!!!! I know that you quack.  (giggle).  Take care.  Hugs. Tish G.