Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Straight Up

I'm baaaack!!!

So, I decided not to email or call the Pumpkin's BF's mom.  I figure that there will be a moment when it will come up, and that will be when I will say something. 

Poor Pumpkin got up at 6:15am today, so she went to bed at 9pm.  Should have went sooner, but it was still light out.  We are sleeping in tomorrow together.  :-)

Meanwhile, Fuzzy ran into the tent, dodging Hubby, called me hyterical crying that he doesn't want to do the Wilderness Survival Badge tonight.  Ugh.  He will be with Hammer, his friend Russ, and one of the older boys even volunteered to do it again, just to help him! 

Hubby is handling it, and here I sit, and wait and worry.  I know it will be fine, but you know... it's that mommy thing!

It is Tuesday, so here is my Tuesday Twelve!

I say ___________, you say ______________ .

Phone  -  Cell.  My pretty new pink Razr.  I am such a girl!  lol

Potato  -  Chips.  Yummy.  Kettle cooked please...

Clip  -  Board.  It makes me think of work.  I had a pink clip board that I kept I my 'to do' list on!  Do people still use clipboards? 

Alpine  -  Mansions.  There is a town in Northern New Jersey called Alpine and it is basically a super wealthy town.  The only kids that go to the public school are the maids, butlers and landscapers kids.  One of the docs I worked for lived there, and his house... MANSION was awesome!

Super  -  Man.  Fuzzy was Batman boy, and Hammer was Superman.  <sigh>  Now they are all grown up... kind of.  LOL

Last  -  Wow, a bunch of things rushed at me all at once!  'Last of the Mohicans', 'Last Comic Standing', 'About Last Night'.  I guess the theme is entertainment!  A book, a tv show and a movie!  LOL

Fifth  -  Bacardi 151.  And a night 'Once upon a time, not so long ago...'  Although it was loooong ago.  BONUS - Can you name the song and artist from which the italicized quote was taken?

He he he... my money is on Ellen!

Grape  -  Icee.  You know, the long skinny frozen sticks of flavored ice that you cut the plastic off the top and eat by pushing it up, and some melts and you suck it out of the plastic?  Grape is Pumpkin's fave, and she just had one before.

Mix  -  JiveBunny.  Did you ever hear of them?  Or remember them from the 80's?  They made this really quirky album where they mixed a bunch of song samples together and made new songs out of them. 

Magnet  -  Refrigerator.  I have lots and lots!  Everywhere we go, I try to get a magnet!  And, I always try to get one for Kathy, too!  I say 'try' because my brain fog sometimes gets the best of me and I forget!  LOL

Ginger  -  Gingerbread cookies.  And, coffee.  Now that I know Green Mountain only carries it for seasonally, I will TOTALLY stock up.  Like a freaking warehouse.  Seriously.  Hubby may have to move out to make room.  LOL  ;-)

Maid  -  A magnet on my fridge... It says, 'M is for Mother, not for Maid!' LOL

Okie dokie.  That kept me occupied for about 45 minutes. 

Now what.  Ugh.  I am really worried about Fuzzy.  Hopefully, Hubby will call soon and tell me something!

Oh, and why did it take me 45 minutes? 

Here is why: 

She has been totally beside herself tonight.  Libby always gets nuts when Hubby goes away because she gets all 'Alpha' and overprotective.  However, she was pretty quiet on Sunday and last night.

Foolish me.  I thought it was a new trend.  Nope.  Tonight, she is barking at every car that drives by, every time my neighbor lets their dog out, and well, you get it... at everything.

Just now, I let her out for a quick pee, and someone was crossing the street.  OMG, you would have thought they were attacking the house in full ninja gear.  She starts going ballistic.  My dad actually came running downstairs from bed to help quiet her down.  Ugh.

Fear not, dear J-Land friends, I am safe from any and all outward threats!

Unfortunately, the worst things tonight are from inside my own head!!!  lol

be well,

 Not me, I have been laying here the whole time...


amy122389 said...

awwww....lookit that puppy face!  what a love!!


tendernoggle said...

awwwwwwwwww...she is adorable!!!
Don't worry mama, things will work out tonight with your son!
love ya,

glensfork4 said...

OK-I know the song and I keep saying that line over & over & over & over...and it keeps escaping me.....

I will wake up at 2am and know the darn thing.....dang it.


justaname4me2 said...

All right Mama....I know the feeling.....distractions, look for distractions. AOL = good distraction....wandering staring that blank walls....bad distraction.....they will be back in no time!


toonguykc said...

I list "About Last Night" as one of the ten worst movies I've ever seen.  "Kazaam" is on the list as is "The Blair Witch Project".  


eml625 said...

OMG the pressure I'm under !!
I dont recognize that line,  is it a Mirah Carey song? (OK I cheated and googled it and she was the only name that came up) ? You got me on this one.


erarein63 said...

I used to have a watchdog.  Name was Butch and he used to sleep under my window when I was growing up.  Awwww.  Well I played again this week and my answers are up, plus I've got your answer to "Fifth".  De ;)

deshelestraci said...

I missed this entry somehow.  Can't help you with the song line.  I'm horrible at that!  Have you been watching Singing bee?  Funny!

klconard1 said...

I am praying Fuzzy did OK dearheart.
loving you

ktkamanski said...

I had two loving labs and they were very protective of my son and hubby! So I know what you mean about the barking at every little twitch! Hope you get your phone call soon! Have a happy day!

chat2missie said...

I have a Yorkie and a Pug who bark at everyone and anything!  UGH!  Have a good one.

gehi6 said...

This dog looks like he has real character, protecting you while the master is away! He is putting 2 and 2 together, and realizing it is all up to him now!  Gerry

randlprysock said...

Your puppy is the cutest ever...

gazker said...

LOLOL That dawg is awsum! Hope your heads ok with whats going on inside it?
Gaz xxxxx

helmswondermom said...

I hope Fuzzy does okay.  And I hope you can just relax and not worry too much about it.  I'm glad you are so well taken care of while hubby is away.  That's a very special watch dog you have there.

tenyearnap said...

Damn...I don't want to do the Wilderness Survival thing either. It is too damn hot. Wait for October for that stuff!
Awww...I love Libby. She is such a great dog. --Cin

rdautumnsage said...

Sometimes kids have to work it out themselves. I'm betting Pumpkin is sill Best friends with the kid and by now they are acting like nothing happened. As for Libby, way to go protecting mommy. She is a beautiful adorable dog. (Hugs) Indigo

nay0114 said...

Poor Libby looks exhausted. I'm sure she wants Hubby home soon too so she can rest. LOVE THE POLICE TAG.
Geez that was Tuesday Twelve... I'm in la la world. Maybe I'll still play soon.
Take care, Chrissie

sesybrandi said...

I feel for you, and i am sorry for your pains and suffering, but i am new to this blog stuff...can one of you tell me, a 30 yo m single dad, (just thought id give you some background), why are all the active blogs so sad and pesamistic,almost morbid.
Please dont take that the wrong way, just an ignorant man lookin for answers.

and yes Carpe Diem!!!....Bellus Domina!!

sesybrandi said...

I have no way to relate....but isnt there some good out there??somewhere?