Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thankful Thursday

It's that time... Thankful Thursday! 

I missed it last week, with all the confusion of Hubby coming home and going directly to the hospital... I apologize for that!

1.     My kid's forgiveness.  Yesterday, I was cranky, and there were definitely times when I was short tempered with them. 

As they all climbed into bed with me around noon, I told them I was sorry, and they all told me that it was nothing to apologize for because everyone has those days.  They even quoted Hannah Montana and sang for me.  lol

2.     Hubby being on the mend.  It was a scary ordeal.  Unfortunately, his phlebitis on his arm from the IV is still an issue, but otherwise, he is much, much, better.  I am very happy for that.  Hubby likes being the big, strong, healthy guy, and I like him being that, too.  (He is a horrible patient! lol)

3.     The new hamsters.  Peng and Brownie have really been a great stress reliever, providing a needed distraction for all!  They are so sweet and adorable and love being held, I highly recommend them over regular hamsters or gerbils. 

4.     JK Rowling.  Thank you for the wonderful Harry Potter series.  It has been wonderful to read and enjoy over the years.  Fantasy gives us a world to escape to, yet, with her theme of good vs. evil, it was a wonderful morality tale as well.

Remember, it is truly our choices that define who we are in life. 

A golden morsel of advice that this book series punctuates over and over.

5.     Kathy.  Last night, after doing a college class requirement at a camp for the blind, Kathy came for dinner and slept over, as we are much closer to the camp than her home. 

Even though we didn't get much time without kids hanging on our words and bodies, it was just nice to be together for a few hours! 

6.     Coffee.  I was cranky yesterday WITH it, imagine how I would have been without!  LOL


Interestingly, my dad and I had the same brainstorm recently.

We both ordered Rachel Ray cookbooks!  LOL  Mine arrived first on Monday, and dad's yesterday!

The kids are totally into the recipes, which is just what we hoped to do, get them to want to try new things! 

Each kid is going through the first book right now and are putting their initial in the margin at the top if they are interested in trying it!   This way we can zip through and find the ones all three want!   Then, they will help prepare the food!  Yay!

Next week we will try the first recipe!  Keep your fingers crossed!

Everyone was amused or confused by my wanting a dragon.  LOL  I want a sweet dragon, like the lovestruck one in Shrek, or like Spyro.  And, it will drink coffee like me.  And, I could ride on it...

Okay... I know, silly, but everyone is entitled to be a little silly now and then... keeps us young!

be well,


ktkamanski said...

You and yours are good people! Hope you enjoy your day! Thanks for sharing your Thankfulness on this Thursday!

topazscorpio27 said...

Thanks for the pimp again and hope you get a chance to try to cheesey potatoes soon. Glad Peng and Brownie have blended into the family so well! -Dawn-

randlprysock said...

I love that Rachel Ray cooking stuff.  This is a great Thankful Thursday list!

sdoscher458 said...

I watch Rachel every day, love it.  She is a breath of fresh air, so is her cooking style. About being grouchy - hey, we all have our, Sandi

nay0114 said...

Great entry and things to be thankful for. RR is great and can't wait to see what recipes come up to be tested. You know we'll need color graphics of preparation on all that right.
Take care, Chrissie

coelha said...

I NEED my own personal dragon too!! :)  Have a good rest of the week!  Julie :)  

tenyearnap said...

Oh we talk about how cool it would be to have a dragon, too. Or at least a flying reptile. Have you ever seen the discovery channel "documentary" about dragons....they have a scientist and team "finding" a rpeserved dragon body in an icy cave and they work it from there. Fun. --Cin

hsauls said...

I love Rachael Ray! People tell me I look like her... my husband always adds, "It's a shame you don't cook like her"... I love to read cookbooks but oddly enough... don't transfer that love of recipes to a love of cooking. Oh well...

nightmaremom said...

love Rachel Ray can't wait to hear what you try :)

ukgal36 said...

I would love a cute dragon too but one dragon in this house is enough..;-)

jckfrstross said...

i want a dragon too:) but i would use him to scare the bad people lol have a good friday


candlejmr said...

You can be the next JK Rowling and you can write a series about Dragons!!!!!  And I can say I know you.....(lol)

Great idea on the recipes!  Maybe the kids can help MAKE them too!!!


sunnyside46 said...

now this dragon looks a little cranky

toonguykc said...

I admire you for apologizing to your kids.  As a kid, my parents never once apologized when they did awful things to me just because they were in a bad mood.  Your kids are so lucky!  Good job!


eml625 said...

You are silly, but that's why I love you !
Hanna Montana is a GOD in this house ! I know the song you speak of !! LOL
Hope your better today
PS I Love Rachel Ray

emabecmar said...

My Rebecca is 5yrs old and she loves Hanna Montana. Billy Ray ain't bad either, heehee. Have a great day today. ((((((hugs))))

ksgal3133 said...

Great list :)
I love Rachael Ray!


gazker said...

Gonna check out Rachel Ray now!
Gaz xx

lindaggeorge said...

Your kids are lucky, I can't think when me mother ever apologised for anything.

Linda x.