Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I survived the sleepover, but the whole event didn't go exactly the way Pumpkin hoped it would.

Her BF kind of pulled an attitude after the first movie, and things went downhill from there.  Then, today at arts & crafts in the morning, she wouldn't let Pumpkin be near her or talk to her. 

I put an end to it, but then once I brought them to the pool, she did the same thing, totally ditching Pumpkin and ignoring her, refusing to speak to her or acknowledge her, which really hurt her feelings.

I may email the girls mom, I was really NOT happy.

However, Pumpkin eventually had a good time as her other friends began to arrive at the pool! 

Here are some pictures from the pool today!

Here is the pool!  The second pic shows the diving boards at the far end, where they L off the main pool area. 

The umbrellas are already at the pool, and this is why you come right at opening time!  By the time I left, all that lawn was mostly filled with towels and blankets and people! 

And, lastly, me, sitting in my chair, and showing off my new short hair do!  LOL

Very glam huh?  LOL  If you look close you can see my hand holding the cell phone reflected in my sunglasses!  LOL

I ran into quite a few townies that I hadn't seen in awhile, and that was nice.  I also got about 2 hours to chat with my friend Ilene! 

Camp update!  The boys are doing great!  Fuzzy has finally started to have some fun and come out of his gloom.  One of the older boys, LT, who is 16, stepped up and really helped him to adjust to some of the challenges of camp.  I am so relieved.  Yay!  

Hammer is doing so wonderfully, it chokes my Hubby up when he talks about it!  I wish I could see it!  Remember, this is the boy who never wanted to socialize or deal with others at all after 2 years plus of nightmarish times in public school, due to his Asperger's!  So, it is always a joy and surprise when he blossoms like this before our eyes!

Hubby says he misses me a lot... but I bet he misses the air conditioning more!  LOL  It has been so hot and humid, I really feel for them all! 

I cannot sleep without a/c!  In fact, as a kid, I had an a/c every summer and my parents rarely did, before they put in central air conditioning!  I was so cranky when I didn't sleep, they realized that I just had to have it!  Problems with heat happens with Lupus... it all makes sense now!  LOL

I will be back later with the Tuesday Twelve!

be well,


coelha said...

I love your cut!  :)  Looks great on you!!  Sorry the BF was a stinker!  :(  That pool looks good..  I would love to jump in it right now myself..  Julie :)

chat2missie said...

That's a great pic from your cell phone!

hsauls said...

Austin did really well at boy scout camp too because his leaders were sensitive to the things that would *set him off* and would allow him to take a minute to be alone when he needed to. The only problem we had was that they didn't watch him close enough for things like taking care of his feet and by the end of the week of walking in wet shoes and socks he had horrible blisters... but... it was a good experience for him and he still talks about it. I'm so glad to not have girls because they can cop such attitudes... even if yours is an angel... you never know when she's gonna have some little monster of a best friend. Sorry Pumpkin had issues. I've been there. It happens to grownups too, unfortunately...
aka Mrs. Darby *giggle*

deshelestraci said...

I hate when bf don't play nice!  Girls are the worst sometimes!  Emma has been through her share of that, as a mom it tears you up!
Glad the boys are doing well.  I am about the same way with the a/c

swmpgrly said...

glad to hear hes doing better , as far as the girls , I remember my friends and I going throught the same thing. I was away on a week long  girl scout trip when my friend pulled that.

klconard1 said...

Oh poor Pumpkin; it's so mean the way some friends blow hot and cold.  Give her a gentle hug for me please.  I love the new hair-do!  Very glam!
I'm so glad you are getting good reports from camp and I am like you, can't do the heat well at all.
loving you

ktkamanski said...

Some peoples kids - Glad her other friends showed up! Happy to hear the guys are having a good time - I bet they appreciate the cool house now! Hope your tomorrow is a happy one!

am4039 said...

well hopefully you'll all continue to have a good time and everyone get's along fine. I love the pool and the water. It's so refreshing.  Loved the pictures.
I need to sleep with the ac on too. I like a cool room when I'm sleeping.

tendernoggle said...

I think I would talk to the mom too. Poor Pumpkin...Bless her little heart. So good to hear that her other firends came to the pool!
I know what you mean about Hammer..My son , who is Mentally Handicapped and 34 now, had a lot of trouble to begin with in school with kids making fun of the way he talked...(he had a speech problem) and it hurt me so bad to see him picked on. But do you know, that when he graduated..he had sooooooooo many friends...both handicapped and regular....It sure made me happy! SO YEAH>>>I KNOW .
love ya,

emabecmar said...

Love your haircut. You look beautiful. Man that is a huge pool. I sleep all year round with a fan on me, and in summer months got airconditioners going and fan. ((((((hugs))))))

cherry2sweet2eat said...

that little free loader doesnt deserve to be pumpkins friend..LMAO im mad i just called the poor baby a free loader.

erarein63 said...

The pool looks nice and inviting, sorry Pumpkin's friend wasn't really being one.  LOVE the new hairdo!  De ;)

toonguykc said...

You are ROCKIN' that haircut!  

Pumpkin's friend may have some problems or she may just be a jerk....or it could just be some dumb kid thing.  Discuss it with P.  I would.  But I'm not a parent. (thank god!!)


eml625 said...

I hate when kids act like that. Hope the girls are ok now.
You look gorgeous! I love the shorter cut. The pool looks really nice too, you got a prime spot !

mztishgray0726 said...

You know I know that kind of attitude thing.  With all of my nieces they all want to be together all the time.  For whatever reason they are together for an hour or two either one is crying, the other is stating that they will never talk to the other and the other is not talking at all.  I chalk it up to them all being little girls.  Yet when the next opportunity comes to get a sleep over they are all game.  Same cycle of insanity.  (giggle).  Tish G.

gehi6 said...

Interesting that you would have had such a reaction to heat so young.  I have had a lot of problems with temperature change.  I seem to be allergic to it, and sneeze all during the temperature rising to summer 110.  Then it stays the same and I stop sneezing.  And what a relief when the kids get through their summer vacation journeys safely.   Gerry http://journals.aol.com/gehi6/daughters-of-the-shadow-men/  

gazker said...

Pumkins friend sounds a right little Madam! I hope you whipped her arse, the little cow!
Gaz ;-)

helmswondermom said...

I'm so sorry the other little girl had to get mean like that.  I'm glad Pumpkin ended up having a good time anyway.  It's a shame when girls have to be like that.

tenyearnap said...

I'm glad the boys are having a good time. What was up with Pumpkin's friend...hormone time? Your layers in the hair look great! --Cin

nay0114 said...

Awww... that's so wonderful about Hammer.
Sorry about the s/o girls can be that way. Teens are even worse.
I always had my room like an icebox when I was a kid.
That's a nice pool and umbrellas too. Love the new do.
Thanks for sharing the pics.
Take care, Chrissie