Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Love the Nightlife

Isn't that the sweetest scene, the mom and her three babies??? 

You know how some animals eat their young?

Well, its nights like tonight that I get that!

Oh, pfft you say... because you know I am a big softy and don't mean it, but seriously.

We watched BB8 all together tonight, saw the first house guest (loser) go home.  Then everyone wanted to watch last night's 'So You Think You Can Dance'. 

Watched it we did.  I was just about to send them to bed, when we all saw that the results show was ending, and of course, everyone wanted to see who ended up going home.

So, we watched the results show, too.  And, in doing so, I let the kids stay up until 11:15pm, quite a bit after their 10pmish summer bedtime.  And, Pumpkin wanted to sleep in by the boys on the floor on the mat with a sleeping bag, and we let her.

I am too nice.

11:30pm... down comes Fuzzy - Pumpkin's improvised nite-lite is too bright and is keeping him awake.  I advise adjustments to the light and angle and send him back up with message.

11:35pm... down comes Pumpkin with some odd request.  She is turned back around and told, a) go to sleep right now where she is AS is or b) get in her own bed and go to sleep there.  NOW.  I get a puss, but she retreats.

11:50pm... down comes Fuzzy again.  Has to pee, needs a new bandaid on his foot (details later) then laments to me how it is still too light in the room ,and he can't sleep.  I send him up and tell him if he is still awake at 12:15am to return to me.

12:15am... Fuzzy and Pumpkin come down the stairs.  Fuzzy has had it, wants to sleep with me.   Pumpkin doesn't want to go back up alone, and now Hammer is asleep already, can't she sleep with dad. 

Yippee!  I wake Hubby and he and Pumpkin go to playroom day bed to sleep together.  I settle Fuzzy in bed with me. 

I come back here to finish entry. 

12:23am... Fuzzy comes out here, gets a cup of water, tells me his foot hurts, pets the cat, begs me to come in by him.  I send him off stating '2 minutes'. 

Do you understand now??? 

I knew you would.

More on Fuzzy's toe injury tomorrow.

be well,

ps... this will be what I will be resorting to soon if kids don't sleep!  LOL


coelha said...

hmm..that bacardi looks good.. :)  hahaha..  believe me, i know where you are coming from!!  :)  Julie

jckfrstross said...

lol eat their young :) tomorrow wake them up early that will teach them haha


am4039 said...

I'll have a 7/7. LOL. I get it, I get it. Hope you get a nights rest.

nay0114 said...

LOL... where's the tequila at?? There's some 151 rum you want the good stuff. I've never had that pucker stuff, but I've smelled it very sweet smelling. Now that Crown Royal bottle would be gone if my BIL were around. He downs one of those all by himself. Everybody just wants the bags to put money in for card games you know quarters and dollars. Hope you don't have to resort to the bottle.
Take care, Chrissie

amy122389 said... all that liquor for you or the kids?  hee hee hee...


eml625 said...

I hate those nights. I always say to them, it makes whatever it is worse, when you keep getting up. Stay in bed. Ugh.Make mine a double


nightmaremom said...

awwww looks like a quick fix.  LOL  I don't miss those nights!

klconard1 said...

Some day when they are grown and not at home you will look back and these sorts of night will STILL be an awful memory lol.  But you will miss those special moments when you were what they wanted most in life.
loving you

deshelestraci said...

For them or you?!  LOL  I feel your pain.  We have nights like that here.  Drive you nuts!  I always say it's a good thing my kids are so cute!  

astoriasand said...

That last graphic looks very familiar to me, a little like my drinks cabinet a couple of weeks ago if you remember.Whatever you do dont touch th ewhite stuff and let your computer chair go on a wobbler like mine did LOL!! Have a great Friday Take Care God Bless KATH

sugarsweet056 said...

Sometimes I miss those nights, other times I'm glad they're just a memory. LOL

gazker said...

Oh God, I had some Bacardi 151 once............ Never again. Lets just say I woke up with my neighbour with both our faces in plates of Chinese food........ Still trying to get the egg fried out of my nostrils 10 years later LOLOLOLOL.
gAZ ;-0

tenyearnap said...

(laughing at Gaz's comment) Yes, there really is no explanation for 151 proof rum! --Cin

erarein63 said...

I totally get it!  De ;)

chat2missie said...

Benadryl works wonders for kids who won't sleep! LOL

helmswondermom said...

I can totally empathize with you!

wildautumn1 said...

LOL! I enjoyed your entry today! I always tell my kid "It's a good thing you're cute!"

sunnyside46 said...

Yes, when you start hearing disco in your's past time
My favorite would be when Caitlin would come in whining, "I can't sleep," "of course you can't sleep"I would tell her,"you're standing up in the middle of thelivig room floor. If you fell asleep you'd fall down."  

carey0601 said...

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tfell53892 said...

Don't worry Dawn. Soon, they'll all be teenagers and you'll have to beg them to wake up.

topazscorpio27 said...

I douce Austin with Tylenol occasionally!  I'm kidding.  Actually, we have no set bedtime.  Usually we set him up in the living room, in the chair, with a blanket, a pillow and a dvd, in the portable dvd player and he's out like a light!  It must have been something between the children of the world last night because he was ticked off that I was watching tv and wanted to watch the "big" tv and the moment I left, Tiff popped in the dvd into that tv and he was out in five minutes!  -Dawn-

inafrnz247 said...

Hey, take it easy on the Black Velvet....

I mean, you can't share it with me if you hog it all!  lol  

Just wantin' ya to know your not alone!  Now that my daughter is 13, she thinks she's all grown up ya know...  no bedtime for her.  yeah, okay...  

I hear that tobasco sauce is very flavorful on kiddodelight..  I  won't tell if you won't.


attitudeslc said...

Ok I feel guilty!  You make me laugh at your misery!  There is also a story in the bible about how Abraham was asked by God to slay his first born son. Then God stopped him just has he had the knife good and ready to go.  The kid was about 12.  I think if God had waited a year or two more till the brat was a few years into his teens there would have been no stopping Abraham from doing his son in. (tee hee)


swmpgrly said...

ill join

randlprysock said...

I would love to see that show So You Think You Can Dance.... and I'd even like to be on it dancing!!  Hugs,