Friday, June 2, 2006

Friday Five

The Friday Five from Charley has started again!  Yay!!! 

Answer the questions and send Charley a link!

1) Favorite movie of the 1980s? 

Absolutely, Star Wars Episodes 5 & 6 and The Indiana Jones Trilogy and Back to the Future, but only the first one!  Okay, I know that is more than one, but I am such a huge movie person, you are lucky I didn't do more....  Hmmm  I may do that for my next Thursday Thirteen list!

2) Favorite musician/group of the 1980s?

BonJovi, after all, I am a Jersey girl!!!! 

I close my eyes and I am still there, driving down the shore with my best friend, Kathy, stereo blasting, sunglasses on, windows open... feet sticking out the passenger window, if I am not driving... sun blaring... flirting with guidos in the camaro in the other lane.... oh yeah baby!!!!

:::blink blink::: Nope, in my kitchen, a forty something mommy now... oh well, time flies!

3) Favorite TV show of the 1980s?

Family Ties.  OMG, how I loved Michael J. Fox!!!

Remember his goofy side kick, Skippy?  He just got blown off of the Last Comic Standing!  Times are not good for the Skip-ster!

4) Favorite invention of the 1980s?

I would say the cell phone.  Even though I didn't own my first until the 90's!

I can't believe we ever lived with out them!!!  Especially, as a parent. having the ease of giving the phone to the kids and being able to reach them immediately is just so awesome!

5) World Event from the 1980s that stands out in your mind?

There are two that immediately pop into my mind, Ronald Reagan being shot and the Challenger crash.  I know exactly where I was when both happened.

Thanks Charley!  This was a great trip down memory lane for me....  I graduated high school in 1983, and met the love of my life in 1990, so the 80's were a rocking partying decade for me!

be well,


cdittric77 said...

Thanks for playing, Dawn :).

I think next week's Thursday Thirteen for you should be the thirteen wildest things you did in the 80s...the uncensored version :)


lurkynat said...

great job Dawn! oputstanding list! havea great rest of the weekend!