Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Pumpkin Muffin's Major Sunday Snafu

My dear daughter has this knack for doing things that I am always shocked at, and that the boys never tried! 
Like coloring on walls when little....
Like stuffing the bathroom sink and overrunning it....
Like playing in the park down by the other street...
Oh, if I really wanted to think about it, I could come up with so many more things!
And, like on Sunday.  She had her friend S over for a play date, and the little girl from down the street, K.  I was taking a nap and Hubby decided to let them go upstairs in her room.  I probably would have made them stay outside, since it was gorgeous for a change... but, c'est la vie.
I was up and at the computer when Pumpkin came downstairs and announced that she had something to say. 
In her words, " We were playing camping in the closet and something bad happened."
I recognized what was in her hand, Hubby didn't. 
Hubby said, "What?"
I said, "Is anyone hurt?"  lol
She said, " No, but when I used the closet shelf for a bunk bed it came down."
Hubby looked at me, puzzled, I said, " She climbed onto the white wire racking in the closet and it yanked out of the wall, dear."
Then he got it.  duh.  We told her to get the girls and go outside and we would deal with the consequences later.
My daughter, ever the negotiator, says, "I know it was wrong, so I don't really need a punishment, do I?"
Bwaahaaahaaa haa haaa haa - I thought in my head.
Outloud, I said, " I guess when the shelf yanked from the wall, that was the big clue that it was wrong?  Oh no, you will be grounded."
LOL - She skulked away and played outside after that but wasn't finished with her slick maneuvering yet.
Next thing we knew, her friend, S appeared.
"Dawn, it was really my fault what happened in Pumpkin's closet.  It was my idea to play that game."
Dang, my daughter is good!  She convinced her friend to come in and fall on her sword for her! 
I asked, "Maybe, S, but don't you think that Pumpkin could have played the game without climbing on the shelves?"
To which S replied, "Uhhh...."  I told her thank you and sent her back outside to play.
Too much.... I have had about 8 boys upstairs playing in the boys's room, and although they have been loud and crazy, they never thought to climb on the closet shelves. 
Only my Pumpkin Muffin.  She is truly, one of a kind!
ps... And, school gets out soon!  Yee haa!  let the games begin!
Be well,


jckfrstross said...

LOL girls goota love them:) enjoy the week


sazzylilsmartazz said...

Looks like you're really going to enjoy the summer! LOL Frankly, I think she's cute!

eml625 said...

My son would have had the same response. "I know it was wrong so no punishment,!!!!" Classic.


libragem007 said...

*grin*..kids! and yes! school's over her tomorrow and I'm not even ready for them to stay home aargh!
Gem :-)

klconard1 said...

This comment coming from the girl who when she was seven years old crawled up into the open window to sit in it because the room was so hot.  The window screen fell out and dumped me into a dark back yard and I was unable to reach the window to crawl back inside.  Had to go around front of the house in the deep deep dark night all by myself and knock on the front door to be let back in.
Parents had warned me not to do this several times and I didn't listen.  What a jarring fall that was!  I do not recall being punished as the scare had shaken me up pretty badly.
Good luck with the Muffin dear!  Think of all the fantastic ideas she's gonna have as she grows up lol!
loving you

cdittric77 said...

This is my kinda munchkin! :)


xomywayox said...

I realize that your hair may go gray before it's time. But a child like Pumpkin will be a great sucess in life. She thinks outside the box and goes for it. So, Pumpkin Your 1 of a kind, and Mom there is a sale going on right now at Home Depot.


wfhbear said...

I know that what you are saying is actually serious but, I thought the whole description was funny. My Mom would write something about me like this. Get some tools and have your husband help her put the rack back up. Maybe if she has to do the job she won't be so quick to climb up on things in the future. She will also be learning how to work with tools and fix stuff. Regards to all of you, Bill.

cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL...my Megan who turns 20 tomorrow should have been called Pumpkin.  She did all those things you said and more and always connived or tried to connive her way out of it....still does.  I'm still finding out things she did when she was little that I never even knew about.  My son had official police handcuffs when he was young...yep, Megan handcuffed me to the porch railing until my ex got home from work.  It's a wonder any of us survived that one's childhood.  HUGS  Chris

coelha said...

Ha ha ha...  You'll remember this when she gets older, and have a good laugh.  She may become a really good attorney one day.  I have a son who is full of "half truths"..  I bought him a T-shirt for his birthday, that reads:  "I'm probably not saying the truth."  Something tells me he'll make a great business man some day--but it drives me and the hubby insane sometimes!!  Julie

adlessor said...

I guess your life will not be boring having her around.  She sounds delightfull to me.    Dawn

happywifetoj said...

Oh my!! That's something I would have done! I'm glad she is ok.