Monday, April 16, 2007

Basement Blues

The basement water situation rages on...

First, let me say that yes, we do have a sump pumps, 2 of them.  We do sometimes get a bit of water in the area of our basement which is and was going to remain unfinished. 

Once, during Hurricane Floyd in 1996, we got water on the other side, that Hubby began to finish.  This storm was supposed to be a once in a 100 years storm.  The amount of water that fell in 24 hours was staggering. 

Alas, while some parts of the US are in drought, we have been getting a lot of rain.  The ground just cannot absorb any more.  So, when the 4 inches fell yesterday, even though half the amount of Floyd, it was just like that... actually worse.  Worse because Hubby laid a moisture barrier and plywood down for flooring and framed out the entire 'usually' dry half of the basement.  Ugh.

We cannot put it thru to insurance because we are doing the construction sans permit, and don't want to draw attention to it.  Also, the only things ruined are basically the plywood and what not so far. 

What hurts is not monetary so much as undoing all the labor that Hubby has done on his own to do the construction so far.  <<sigh>>

Interestingly enough (being sarcastic here), the flooding came to the kitchen last night!

Hubby could not get one of the extra pumps he borrowed to work.  Our basement slop sink was backed up and had something pumping into it and so was the bathroom in the basement. 

Hubby filled our kitchen sink and put the pump into it.  Nothing happened, at first.

I should describe to you that our kitchen sink has a window, and framing the window, 3 shelfs on either side.  On shelves are some knick knacks and our meds, the kids, and Hubby's and mine.  Even the dog's meds were are there.  Right next to the sink are two coffee makers to the right and to the left a bread box,a mixer etc.

Suddenly, the pump exploded into action and literally threw all the water of the FULL sink up into the air! 

Into Hubby's face, and all over the kitchen sink window, shelves and for three feet in either direction next to it!

And, it wasn't just water, it was globs of rust and dirt that had apparently been clogging up the pump!!!  Ewwww....

I screamed and leapt backward, the kids ran out of the family room, and my dad who was just behind Hubby, yanked the plug out of the wall.

For a second, we all just stood there, and then Hubby started to laugh!!!  I was relieved because I didn't want him to lose it and scare the kids with yelling... but we all just laughed and laughed for minute. 

Poor Hubby.  He was soaked before it happened but now... well, he was truly drenched.  I was just glad it missed my dad - he cannot stand anything messing up his hair!  lol

Well, this was about 8pm and Hubby and dad headed back to the basement to finish up for the night.  They had been there since 2pm... and Hubby just couldn't take anymore. 

I started to clean up the kitchen.  I first took all the knick knacks and medicines and wiped them down and started to clean the shelves, starting at the top, and working my way down.   In between, I got the kids upstairs to bed, where they read for an hour before sleeping.

Hubby came up from the basement at 9pm and took over cleaning the rest of the area and the floor from me.  I took the time to more thoroughly clean some of the knick knacks and stuff. 

About 10pm, Hubby was showered and done and we settled down to eat some pizza and watch the Amazing Race and the Sopranos. 

Hubby went to bed about midnight and I took the time and quiet to put the kitchen back together.  All the knick knacks, appliances and the medicines etc., put back to where they belonged. 

Oh yeah,and during the driving rain and wind, my parents found that there ceiling leaked at bit, from the roof (which is new, but my dad says with wind, it happens) and their bed got wet.  Thankfully, most of it was absorbed by their pillow shams and not the part they sleep on.  Ugh!

Last night we had more heavy rain and it has been steady all day today.  Hubby got home at 12:30pm to start working in the basement again.

There is about 2-3 inches of standing water just about everywhere down there now.  Hubby has 2 electrical places calling him at about 3pm when their pump deliveries are supposed to come in.  Keep your fingers crossed!!! 

Well, I guess those plague frogs may come after all!

We are all okay... sore, frustrated, but hey, it could be worse.  Much worse.  Some people are flooded and have no electric.  Some schools were closed, too.  It truly could be worse!

be well,


sugarsweet056 said...

OMG Dawn, so sorry to hear of all the mess. YUKKK!!!
Hoping all is straightened out soon.
Hugs, Sug

coelha said...

Eeek!  I can only imagine what the "exploding" sink must have done!  I once saw the effects of an exploded pressure cooker--what a mess that was!!  Anyways, I'm glad your husband found some humor in it, and that your dad didn't get his hair wet! (HA HA HA)  What a pain to clean all that up!!!  I hope sunny days are coming your way!!  Rain, rain go away!!!  Take care!  Julie :)  

sunnyside46 said...

croak croak
what is that I hear in the distance?
Bless your heart

tenyearnap said...

You have the best kind of who laughs in the face of the flood. Water in a house is the worst! --Cin

gazker said...

As all that bad weather was happening to you, we were basking in 78 degrees of pure sunshine, THAT SHOULDN'T BE HAPPENING IN APRIL EITHER!!!
I know I musn't laugh, but the funniest thing for me was not the sump blowing up in Hubbys face, but your Dad not getting his hair messed up!! Oh Lordy.... Gaz

justaname4me2 said...

Wow~ I'm so sorry thats happened to you! I can only imagine how frustrating (to put it in PG rating terms) you all must feel. I had to smile that you guys found a moment for some laughter, in my world, this entire episode makes for good campfire stories.
Stay Dry!

lindaggeorge said...

Another quiet day at your place then?

Linda x.

gehi6 said...

Oh my goodness.  I have been reading about this storm, and we are in the drought area. It is something to get hit that hard with a storm.  I do hope the worst of it has passed.  Gerry

cacklinrosie101 said...

Ugh, Dawn, yeah it could be worse but dang...the basement, the kitchen, the roof.  That sludge stuff is yucky to say the least.  What a couple of days you've had.  I certainly pray this monsoon stops soon for you.  HUGS  Chris

pharmolo said...

Not nice, Dawn. Hope you can sort it out pronto.

klconard1 said...

Oh ick, sounds like quite a mess there in the kitchen!  I guess I better start praying for the rains to stop of slow down for awhile in your neck of the woods, dear.  We all maybe should be doing that........
loving you

toonguykc said...

I've been thinking of you and Mary up there in midst of all this weather chaos for the past two-three days.  I'm just glad you are safe and have electricity and can settle in and enjoy some pizza after a tough day!  


ksgal3133 said...

I heard about all that rain up that way and thought of you. Many hugs and prayers!!


eml625 said...

You had been on my mind yesterday. We are selling a brand new sump pump on Craigs list, are you interested? Let me know.
I have been there , I know how it sucks to have water everywhere.
Keep on laughing though, it will help.

acoward15 said...

Are "big girl panties" the same as "granny panties"?

lurkynat said...

dear Dawn
yeah that graphic is well...smirks..intersting Girl!lol!
Hey I hope that this is close to being resolved by now!good luck!