Sunday, April 1, 2007

Spring Rearranging

Happy Palm Sunday to all!

Everyone is pooped!  Today, we attacked the kids rooms and did some big time rearranging!

The boys were set up until now, with loft beds and underneath had a dresser and a desk each.  They are just getting too big for that.  Heads are being hit all the time and what not.  It was time for a change.

(Also, it was impossible for me or the boys to manage changing bed linens; only hubby had arms long enough!)

Their beds were wholly complete solid oak beds with railings.  They are now down and next to each other with a big cube box style table for a nightstand in between. 

Hammer kept his rails on, and Fuzzy took them off.  Whatever makes them happy.  The rest of the furniture was rearranged around the room.  Eventually, one of the desks will be used at the computer station in the basement room that Hubby is refinishing. 

The boys are happy though.  Hammer told me, 'Mom, I was a little bit worried about this whole change thing, but I am surprised how great it is, and I really like it, thank you!'  Words to make a mom smile.

As you can guess, with Hubby sick, the basement project has been on hold.  Hopefully, in another week or two.  I think Hubby did too much today!!!

Of course, Pumpkin got into the act, too.  She has been begging for a different bed.  She was too young to make a choice when we bought all the furniture in 2000, she was only 3 years old. 

Hubby and I got her a captain style bed, thinking she would love being elevated and having the drawers underneath.  At first, she did.

However, she hates it now, and has since about 7 years old.  Ugh.

So, Hubby realized that the frames that held the boys beds in the air as loft beds could be utilized as a headboard, foot board and frame for Pumpkin to have a traditional style bed. 

Go figure.  So, he had to redrill only 2 holes in the oak, and then reassembled it all, and took apart her captain style bed and frame. 

All remaining pieces moved to storage in the basement and massive amounts of sorting and clean-up done in both rooms.  My mom helped Pumpkin and taught her how to now make a bed each day in the traditional way.  Thanks, Mom!!

Pumpkin is now in love with her room and has been reading up there for quite a while... alone!!!  That has NEVER happened!!! Yay!  Even Fuzzy was relaxing on his bed (sans linens) and reading for a bit.  Very nice.

I am very happy, albeit, pooped!

The boys linens are still washing and drying... they are next to learn how to make a bed from scratch!!!  LOL  And, they have new quilts that Grandma and Grandpa got as a steal last year in Wildwood for bed spreads!  Yay!

Dad is making homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner and we got some homemade bread (from the market, lol) for us to have with it.


I think everyone will sleep well tonight in their new and improved, rearranged bedrooms!!! 

be well,


luddie343 said...

Well you certainly did alot today!  Time to rest - your faily is very fortunate to have you, I hope they know that!  xoxo CATHY

pharmolo said...

You've been a very busy bee, Dawn. Well done - time for a feet-up!

eml625 said...

We had alot of the same action here today. My daughter getting her new bedroom set, and loving it. She woke up this morning and made her bed before coming out to the kitchen ! It's nice when they love their space.
Sleep well tonight!

jckfrstross said...

its always nice to change bedrooms around:) both the kids do it 4 to6 times a year woohoo i don't have to lol have a good week


tenyearnap said...

Sounds like a great day even if it did poop you out. Topping it off with homemade soup is the best. Sleep well, all! --Cin

thebaabee said...

What a full day you had.  I always loved doing the kids' rooms.  It gave me a strange sense of satisfaction.  I'm glad everyone is happy.

Hugs, Lu

cherry2sweet2eat said...

yea im due for a new bed to i have a futon but im sick of it the only reason its not gettin broke down is because when you wait on george you waiting for eternity.

klconard1 said...

Congrats on getting all the bedrooms made over!  Sounds like everybody is happy and your DH is very creative in using what you have to improve the bedroom for his Pumpkin.
loving you

rdautumnsage said...

Wow, you guys did a tremendous amount of work. Glad to hear everyone is feeling better and up and about. My daughter always loved having her room done. Seems you got lucky the frame work was able to be used for Pumpkin. Me? I have my bed elevated I love it that way. Why? I'm not sure as I'm 5'1 and it's not the easiest to climb into lol! (Hugs) Take some much needed time to relax now. Love Ya Indigo

therealstephhull said...

Wow, you really did do alot of work today! We are planning on doing my kids bedrooms while they are at their father's house this summer.  The beds that they have right now were hand me downs from Matt's cousins and really just need to be thrown out now. We are going to buy new beds while they are in Florida and then sand down and repaint the other furniture for each room. I think I might even be more excited than the kids are. lol


toonguykc said...

I'm exhausted just reading about all the work you did!  I may put off my Spring cleaning until next Spring...or the one after that.


lindaggeorge said...

Gosh! I hope you haven't overdone it.

Linda x.

ksgal3133 said...

That is a lot of work but I'm glad that they are all happy :) I went through Saturday and cleaned and rearranged our den. Must be something in the air :)

Hope you get some rest today!

deshelestraci said...

Sounds like you have a handy hubby.  Mine is too.  He is a carpenter by trade.  Glad your mom was able to lend a hand.  AND you got thanks from kiddos!  Wow.  And kids reading alone.  Be still my heart!  LOL

iamtish0726 said...

Wow it sounds like you did a great job.  I think since everything is all taken care of in your house that you should come on over my house and hook me up?  You know come and rearrange my house.  I am so waiting for you to come over.  I will have the coffee waiting and some snacks.  Hugs.  Tish

acoward15 said...

Everyone is Pooped! I hope that doesn't mean what I think it means!

southcat6 said...

I read your journal today for the first time and i am amazed at what you are able to accomplish with everything that you have going on with you and your family.  you must be a real trooper!  i guess it helps to have your parents living there with you and helping out.  i would be exhausted after doing what you did yesterday and the last thing i would want to do is write about it!  you made me realize that i need to get on my spring cleaning.  oh well, where i live it is supposed to snow on Thursday and Friday, so i guess i have another week or so to do my spring cleaning!

cdittric77 said...

Only a few more days until the Tridiuum. Woo hoo! :)


erarein63 said...

Sounds like hard work but with happy kids it was worth it, I know.  De ;)

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn
happy Easter to you too! Sounds like you got  a lot done! your kids are awesome!

randlprysock said...

Isn't it great we both have handy husbands that can do things like that?  Hugs,

gazker said...

That soups sounds like the best part of the day! Gaz oxox

sunnyside46 said...

My house badly needs that kind of attention