Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How to Save a Life

My dear friend Karyl, from Karyl's Glimpses of Eternity , sent me over this meme as soon as she read my entry!!!!  Thank you so very, very much! 
Karyl’s Weather Meme

1.     What is the most beautiful weather component you’ve ever seen?   In 1986, I visited my family in Minnesota with Kathy and we saw the most amazing rainbow.  It was huge, complete, and as clear and as vibrant as if you painted it with finger paints.  Amazing.


2.     What is the scariest weather component you’ve seen in person?   I didn't see it, but there was an awful storm when I was a kid, I think 5th grade maybe.  There was a mini tornado that whipped through our town.  I remember we all went into the basement shelter.  When we left school later, trees were down, and 2 teachers cars were completely upside down in the parking lot! 


3.     What’s your favorite art with weather in it? My favorite would be this, Tiffany View of Oyster Bay Stained Glass , it is a beautiful scene looking out at Oyster Bay Long Island.


4.     What’s your favorite movie with weather in it?  Oooh... I love 2!  'The Perfect Storm' and 'Twister'!!!!


5.     Favorite book with weather in it lol? That links to the last question... 'The Perfect Storm' by Sebastian Junger!


6.     What type weather is your most favorite?  Toss up between 65, sunny and no humidity, and snowing, but a nice dry snow.  LOL


7.     What weather makes you want to leave your state for the day when it arrives?  Rain!!!!!  Yukky!!!!  Also, the week or two in the summer with high 90's and almost 100% humidity.  ICK.


8.     What is your weather today?  Today is sunny, not that humid and 72 degrees.  Very nice. 


9.     What was the worst weather you’ve had this year?  That dang noreaster we had 2 weekends ago that brought tons and tons of rain and flooded our basement.


10.    When the weather is so bad you can’t go out, what favorite activity do you do inside?  LOL  I am doing it right now!!!  Or writing for my book, or reading, or watching tv if it is night time.


11.    If you could order your weather, what would you order for tomorrow?  The 65 degree and sunny day that I mentioned in #6.


12.    If your family could make the weather happen by voting, for what weather would the majority vote?  Oh, definitely 65, sunny and low humidity!!!! 


13.    If you could have only one weather temperature and style, what would it be?  65 degrees, sunny and low humidity! lol  I think I am starting to bore you all!


14.    If you were stranded somewhere remote because of weather and could have the famous rescuer of your choice, who it would be?  Hmmm, the entire special forces unit from the tv show, The Unit.  And, oh yeah, they'd be topless.  LOL   Well, you asked!!!


Thank you, Karyl!!! That was lots of fun and kept my brain busy for almost a whole 45 minutes!!!  Yay!!!!


be well,



topazscorpio27 said...

OH, Sweetie.  If you want I can repost a 20 Questions!  In fact if you want I'll even send you 15  questions for you to answer yourself! OH, and Collin said his first word and rolled over.  I posted it in my journal!  -Dawn-

sdoscher458 said...

I love your graphics.  I don't get to read your everyday entries all the time and
I've missed a lot I think. It's because I'm finally concentrating on my book about my life in Japan. I never realized just how hard writing and editing, editing, editing on and on could be. lol.  My wish is that you will be and feel well...you are such a nice person...take care...Sandi

klconard1 said...

Lol, the Unit......... hmmmmmmmmmm -- topless yet lol.  OK they are hunks lol!
When I do the next Meme, if ever, I will try to be more creative lol!
loving you

tenyearnap said...

That Tiffany glass is nice. I've always liked it for the wisteria.
I hope you get your 65 and sunny for the rest of the week, especially on Friday!--Cin

rdautumnsage said...

Lol! Hope it's 65 and sunny for weeks to come for you!! Cute Meme! (Hugs)Indigo

toonguykc said...

I'll take dark clouds, 73, random wind and low rumbling thunder...but that could just be the mood I've been in lately.  ;)


cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL...now are you sure the whole family would vote for 65 and sunny or does mama have some influence on this?  Actually, I think I'd take 78 and sunny...hehe  HUGS  Chris

deshelestraci said...

Are you sure we are not related?!  I swear.  I would answer nearly all the same except for my own experiences.  And the crab...he is the best!

randlprysock said...

These are just beautiful answers!!!  Thank you for sharing!!  Hope you are having a great day!
Lisa : )

sunnyside46 said...

65 is too cold here!

xomywayox said...

LoL love #14....topless? Oh hell let them critters go commando all the way!

Sweet Honey in the Rock....Brenda

wfhbear said...

Hey Dawn, Its Wednesday and I have been thinking about you and it all has to do with coffee. My Regards, Bill.

psychfun said...

Had to snag that crab...awesome!

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn, hey a rainbow..ok..but a tornadoe? wooah!
you're lucky you didn't get snagged up in it

gazker said...

Good Meme, I have never seen that before, I hope you are ok Dawn.
Gaz xx