Sunday, April 29, 2007

Say, Say, Say (repeating... earlier entry)

Today, Hubby and I talked to the kids about the growth that was found via MRI and CT scan and some of the options upcoming. 

To that end, I have decided to reprint most of my earlier entry.

I made a snafu by not crediting a quote, so I fixed that also...

Here it follows:

<<<<<<<So, I had the ct scan.  And, I have results... The tumor/mass is this (copied from the ABTA ):

"Epidermoid cyst/tumor:

These cysts are more common than dermoid cysts. They are usually benign, but they will slowly recur if not removed completely. Unlike the dermoid variety, they occur more frequently in the brain than in the spine.

Epidermoid cysts are most common in middle-aged adults. The most common sites in the brain for these cysts are the cerebellopontine angle (see figure 3) and the pituitary area.

The treatment of choice is surgical removal. "  

However, mine is in the base of the skull to the right at reaching up toward the right ear, but not near it yet.  It is NOT in the gray matter at all, it is between the dura (the protective lining around the brain) and the skull.  Called the 'intracranial epidermoid cyst/tumor', which is good.

I will be going to an ENT about treatment/removal since it is not infiltrating brain matter, at the recommendation of the radiologist.  I was lucky enough to have one of the top 10 radiologists in NYC.  She was wonderful and very, very helpful.  They most commonly handle these.  Next week, I start that process.  Finding an ENT that takes my ins..yada yada.  I already have the ones that my internist says are good.

This is the BEST possible brain tumor to have.  They are slow moving, benign and since it is not in the gray matter that is great.

However, it does not address ANY of the symptoms I was having.  The wonderful radiologist, who spoke to me personally, (because I insisted and made friends at the ct dept) and another physician have told me the same thing - see an MS specialist.  And, that is something I will also be addressing soon.  Believe me, that is wayyyy better than having the tumor/cyst causing it!  (( In other words, the weakness and numbness, that has caused falls,  is looking more and more like relapsing/remitting MS. ))  More on that later...

Thank you... obviously your prayers have worked.  Believe me, I read everything there was to read on the possibilities.... and this was the BEST possible outcome!  I CAN and WILL handle this fine.  :-D >>>>>

I wanted to put this in because I know many J-Land friends are busy on the weekend and may have missed it. 

A special shout out to Guido, for also having printed the entry in his blog for me on Friday, before we spoke with the kids!

The kids all took a vote and decided 3-0 they want it removed asap... especially because as I was reminded 'I am not getting any younger!'  LOL 

Tomorrow, I will begin to make phone calls anew and begin to work on setting up appointments for the process to basically start on the next phase! 

Thank you for being there with me!  I am sure I may still need you all some more yet in the future too!

be well,



toonguykc said...

I think it's good that the kids know now.  I was kept out of the loop for so long about my mom's illness and I was FORTY years old!   You take care of yourself and know that many people out here love you and want good things for you!!


psychfun said...

Oh I'm so happy they took it well & your spirits are so good. I hope I have just as good news when I go to the neurosurgeon with my back.

tendernoggle said...


gazker said...

I missed the entry you deleated as I was working away. I had no idea what the out come was. I know this might not mean much to you at the moment, but a good friend of mine had an operation to remove a tumour and it worked. Hes been fine since and still a miserable bugger, which of course you are NOT lol.
I am so glad you told your kids, you need all the support you can get.
I am rootin for ya girl!
Gaz xxxx

lindaggeorge said...

My step-brother's son started having headaches just before his eighteenth birthday. They found he had a quite fast growing but thankfully non malignant tumour. By the time they operated, just a couple of weeks, he had lost the sight of one eye  and could barely walk. His was in a more difficult place than yours, in the centre of his brain and the risks were immense, the operation took over eight hours. Within weeks he was back to normal, just a slight squint in one eye. So go for it Dawn, as the kids say, you're not getting any younger. lol!

As for your comment on mine, yes if you get over here we will definitely meet up, only problem is choosing which tea-shop to go to.

Linda x

astoriasand said...

My father in law had one removed last yr at this time and has never looked back.He is fitter and more healthy now than he has ever been and at 75yrs old we were so worried at the time.God is Good.Prayers being said for you.I hope everything goes fine.Take Care God Bless Kath

ksgal3133 said...

Sending you more prayers and hugs!


sunnyside46 said...

keeping you close in my thoughts

candlejmr said...

Thanks so much for reprinting it.  I was worried.  I got the alert, but by the time I got to open the message it had been deleted and I was wondering what was going on.

IF you have to have a brain tumor, I'm glad you have the best kind to have!

Where exactly do you live?  My best friend was diagnosed with MS about 6 months ago.


pharmolo said...

Good luck, Dawn

deshelestraci said...

Fantastic!  I mean all things considered!  I like best possible outcomes!

tenyearnap said...

I'm with the kids on this one but not because you are OLD or anything. Just because it will be good to get this behind you.
Now, off to an MS specialist with you! --Hugs, Cin

klconard1 said...

I got a kick out of the kids taking the vote to get it out ASAP lol.  I agree with them -- though not the part about you not getting any younger lol.  oh my they are a hoot, bless their hearts!
loving you

helmswondermom said...

I know you must be breathing a sigh of relief to have finally told them and get that part over with.  Take care, and I hope you have a wonderful week!

coelha said...

Good morning.. :)  My AOL was not working yesterday..  I couldn't leave comments, and I couldn't open journals to read!  :)  I'm glad that the beginning of this week is so much better than last week!  What a relief this must be!  Take good care -  Julie P.S.  You have a very romantic husband--WOW-referring to the last entry...  

sdoscher458 said...

Oh, I am glad for you that it was a little bit of good news. I know that when life gives us lemons, you are the type to make lemonade my friend. You and your family are in my prayers....Sandi

rdautumnsage said...

I'm glad you where able to be open with your kids about it. I did miss the original post but was able to learn what was going on through Guido. You know I'm here hon, and will continue to be. Keeping you in my prayers on the smoke!! Wishing you love and peace in the coming days. (Hugs) Indigo

dornbrau said...

Wow!  That was a lot to digest but I think its good news, right?  How fortunate that you have such a good group of doctors on your side.  Take care my friend.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Praise the Lord, Dawn!  This is treatable.  You have the best of the best medical care right at your disposal.  Take care.  Prayers are answered.  HUGS to you, Chris  (Thanks for having Guido update!)

erarein63 said...

The kids seem to be handling the news okay, and that's great!  Except for the part your not getting any younger, lol.  Keep us up to date.  De ;)

eml625 said...

I'm sure you feel better just telling them everything.
I hope all the phone calls go well and you set up all  the appointments you have to.

emabecmar said...

you got yourself some really awesome kids there. they want their momma well. power of prayer really works. it did for me and my cancer. I am in remission thank god. ((((((((hugs))))))))))))

lurkynat said...

dearest Princess
thanks for telling us! lot sof positive thoughts ,hugs, and prayers for your procedure to be effortless and totally you and ahve agreat weekend

demandnlilchit said...

Thanks for redoing the entry...I am so happy the news was as good as it gets pertaining to what the worst case scenario could have been...They say we are all born with angels and guides who protect us and we can send them off to help others at on your day of surgery my angles will be sent to guide the hands of your Doctors....just remember to send them back when it's all over with!!! lol lol lol