Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Not for Teenagers Meme

I am doing this meme/questionairre thingy as quick as I can for Cin, to cheer her up.  If any of you are readers of her private blog... head over and read her today. 

The so-called Christians that she lives with/around, Mormons, have decided not to let their children play with her son because they are NOT Mormon and are heathens.  Nice, huh? 

Is it any wonder why 'religions' (not faith, but the man made construct of religion) is the root of so much violence and wars.

Anyhow... here is some fun...

What is the longest shift you have ever worked? about 13 hours at the theater

Do you have Life Insurance and a current Will? Yes, we do.  I always worry that we need more insurance though.

How many times have you been married? Just once... and I have to say that I doubt I ever would again if widowed.  (I don't mention divorce because that ain't happening... bwaaahahaha)

How old were you last time someone asked for your ID while you were buying alcohol or cigarettes? I can't remember exactly but it was a couple of years ago, and they were checking everyone.  I have never bought cigarettes for me, I did once or twice for my mom, but never ID'd.

How much was your last electric bill? $300 ish,  we do the budget thingy.  It is electric and gas together... and it is two complete heating systems and a/c systems on one bill.  My parents part of the house is on its own and separate (the systems), so it is high...but average for NJ.

Do you know your cholesterol level? Yes.  I run around 220 all the time.  Even since I was a teen.

Ever been fired from a job? Yes, if laid off is considered fired.

Have you ever owned an 8-Track player? In the 70's my parents did and I loved to play the tapes!

What did it cost to go to a rock concert when you were a teenager? $17 to $20 bucks.  Scary, huh?

What was the first concert you attended? Journey with Loverboy as the opening act!!!

Have you been tested for HIV? Yes, they do it automatically when you are pregnant now, at least here they do.  You sign a waiver and they test away.

What is the furthest you have lived from where you were born? About 7 miles.  Now I live within 2 miles of the hospital where I was born and 2 blocks from where I grew up!  I guess I bloomed where planted!  LOL

When is the last time you went to a kegger? I think it was in 1989, at my current bosses house at the time.  He had about 12 kegs, 70 people, 4 grills and a pig roast, all at a backyard BBQ.  It was a blast. 

Remember when MTV began? (You know, back when they played music?) Heck yes!  I watched the launch and the first video!!!  And, I watched it all the time... had it on mute while doing homework... it was the backdrop to my teen years!!!  It started on August 1, 1981.  I was 15 at the time... almost 16.  It was amazing.

What time do you get up when you are "sleeping late"? If Hubby drives the kids, and Hammer is set with school, I can easily sleep until noon or so. 


My dad is better, Pumpkin Muffin is better and all are home resting.  Hubby is working from home today.  ;-D  I like that.

Thanks for all your support and kindness... it has been a rough couple of months over here!  However, it is okay for you all to laugh along with me, too!  The laughing keeps us sane, or at least relatively so!

be well,


tenyearnap said...

I noticed that the Frog Storm over your part of NJ has abated. Whew! Those guys at the weather channel didn't know what to make of that, huh? I didn't call them and tell them about your plague-ridden family.
No, dear Dawn laid off and fired are very different. Fired comes with yelling and watching the veins on some guys neck pop out.
Electricity is waaaay cheaper here than it is back East.
Thanks for being YOU! --Cin

terrymannie said...

I have a cartoon about religion I would like to send you-but I don't know your e-mail.


klconard1 said...

Here's one I bet you've never heard lol.  I was asked my age when I bought hair color at a Walgrene's store lol.  I looked at the young clerk and said "why do you need to know that?"  (I was fifty-five lol.)  He was just reading the prompt the register put on its screen.  He looked at me and stuttered, mumbled something about the wrong code and didn't ask again lol.
loving you

rdautumnsage said...

I'm with Cin on the difference from being fired and laid off. Fired is when you do such a lousy job they have no choice but let you go or lose their business. Whew?? No raining frogs, kewl !! As for Cin, love the gal. Although I don't exactly have access to her private blog. But then again I've never asked LOL! I'm thinking of doing that now after this. ((Hugs)) Indigo

topazscorpio27 said...

I had to do this one.  Glad everyone's feeling better.  Religion is such a messed up thing.  I mean kids don't notice it so why do the dumbass adults put so much emphasis on it?  Good idea parents, teach your kids to be exclusionary, seperatists.  Anyway, just a thought that maybe we should encourage children to embrace people of other faiths rather than proclaiming whatever you worship is the best!  -Dawn-

jckfrstross said...

i hope you have a great weekend:)


toonguykc said...

Your cholesterol is exactly the same as mine!!  At least the last time I had it checked.  Mine is both hereditary and McDonald's-related.  LOL


erarein63 said...

Oh so glad everyone is beginning to feel better.  I like your answers to the meme.  Remember MTV..."The Video Killed the Radio Star" or something like that?  And it did, didn't it, lol.  I'm sorry to hear about Cin and her trouble with her Mormon neighbors.  Phoenix (Mesa) has a very large Mormon population, and I am friends with and work with quite a few.  I have to say that I have not encountered that mindset, but I do know it exists both ways.  Hope things get better for her all around.  De ;)

eml625 said...

OMG MTV in the 80's !! The old Madonna videos, the old Van Halen, even early Bruce Springsteen, oh, those were the days, just sitting and watching that for HOURS !
That was a great meme! (what the heck does that word mean anyway!???)

acoward15 said...

I can't believe that 7 miles is the furthest you have lived from where you were born.

cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL...yep, without laughter, we'd all be off in a corner drooling somewhere.  Love the meme, Dawn.  I had an 8 track in my first car.  Dang, I haven't heard the word "kegger" in ages.  Now, that brings back some memories.  Glad the family is starting to feel better.  Praying that your MRI goes well.  Hugs  Chris

ksgal3133 said...

I'm glad that your family is feeling better :)
oooo loved Loverboy and Journey!!


deshelestraci said...

I like this meme.  Finally one for us "old" people!  I had to chuckle when you said you lived 7 miles from where you were born.  I have lived as far as from Iowa to Massachusetts and Oregon, Arizona and now Tennessee.

justaname4me2 said...

This means you remember when MTV actually used to show Music Videos! I tried explaining this old age concept to my daughters and I don't think they believed me :o)


dw3087 said...

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donejustwrite said...

Have to chime in...  (don't know if I'll do this meme so am sharing here):  My first concert was a Loverboy concert and I paid $12 whole dollars for my ticket!!!  My last concert was Nickelback & we paid $65/ticket.  The most we've paid so far is $80/each for Eric Clapton.  Totally worth it.  

sunnyside46 said...

thinking back...myfirst concert...I think it was Chicago in 1971, no I take that back, how could I forget seeing the Monkees in 1967!

Anonymous said...

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