Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Not Fun MRI & IV Day

So, it was not a good day. 

It started off great.  We left the house at 8:30am and were parked at the hospital in NYC at 9:15am.  My hubby made the mistake of then saying, 'Awesome, maybe we can get everything done early and be out of the city early, too!'

So, we went to the MRI suite, and checked in.  They didn't take me until just after 10:30am, my original appointment time.

I got changed and then Sergio took me into the MRI room.  I got settled into the cage around my head just fine.  That didn't bother me at all. 

Then came shoving me into the tube up to my knees.  My arms had to be on my stomach, and they put these elbow guards on your elbows to try to make it more comfy, but it wasn't.  I was very, very uncomfortable.  I tried to focus myself and calm down. 

I am super Mom, this is mind over matter, I can do it.  Right?

Then, my lower arms went numb and were painfully tingling, and the walls of the machine got very hot on my arms. 

20 minutes and 3 sets of pictures of my c-spine (neck) area into the test and I pushed the panic button. 

I was so embarrassed.  The tears were running down my face while I was in the tube, but when they pulled me out, I really lost it.  I felt like such a failure, such an ass.  I asked Sergio about the availability of the open style machine. 

After confirming with my docs office, within 2 minutes, Sergio, and his boss, another really kind man, let me know it was fine to switch me to the open style, and that I had an hour to relax first.  Come back at 12:30 pm.

Hubby had gone outside to make phone calls, I called him and he met me outside the hospital's cafe, where I lost it in his arms. 

I calmed down, I drank a water and had a grilled cheese, and we headed back.  Sergio invited Hubby to sit in the room with me.   In the open MRI, I could see Hubby sitting in the chair beside me the whole time. 

The open MRI was comfortable, my arms were on pillows at my side.  The 2 hours flew by, and actually by the time I was done it was 3pm. 

I really cannot say enough about how wonderful the men were that ran the MRI machines and the department were with me.  Very kind and thoughtful, and assured me, they had seen grown men crumble worse than I... it did make me feel a little better!

However, my ordeal was not over, I was now an hour late for my IV infusion of Orencia for my rheumatoid arthritis.

Usually, knowing that I have awful veins, I drink and drink and drink water before going for the IV.  Well, I couldn't drink too much before the MRI's, so since 10 am all I had to drink was one 12 oz bottle of water. 

I was late, dehydrated, and I needed them to get an IV started plus my blood draw, which had an extra tube this month.  Ugh.

Needless to say, or maybe it isn't needless to say, but it did NOT go well.  The IV hurt like Hades, not a good sign, but it did go in.  The blood stick didn't work the first time, and the second time, it worked but the vein blew immediately, and we just barely got enough for the third tube, which required a bit of wiggling and jiggling. 

My blood pressure was threw the roof, I was upset, sore from the MRI, mentally exhausted and anxious because now, we were going to be driving home in traffic from NYC.  And, Hubby was never going to make it to his and Fuzzy's baseball practice at 5pm. 

The RN's could have held up my infusion because of the blood pressure, but they didn't, bless their angelic souls.  They kept me drinking water and even brought mea tuna sandwich since I looked a bit pale.  They are the best... really, they are #2 only to the Mayo clinic, and they prove that distinction over and over to me.

They had us done and leaving by 4pm.  The traffic out of NYC was all messed up.  Hubby dropped me home at 5:40pm and rushed out for the last of the baseball practice which ended at 6pm. 

Needless to say, I was exhausted, I put on my jammies, ate pizza for dinner and relaxed and watched tv with the kids and Hubby.  Kids to bed at 10pm, Hubby asleep on couch by 10:20pm, and I went to bed at 11pm.

I didn't get up today until noon.  Even with 13 hours of rest, I feel like crap though.  My neck, shoulders and arms hurt, I think from the MRI and all the stress.  Plus, we have that big noreaster coming in soon, so maybe that is part of it, too.

I have lovely ugly bruises on my arms, but sometimes I get those when everything goes well.  lol

So, that is my tale of woe.  I still feel like a big idiot and I am quite annoyed with myself.

No results until next week... I will let you all know then.

be well,



candlejmr said...

If it makes you feel any better, you lasted in that closed machine longer than I would have!  My son (he's 12) had to have his head MRI'ed too...strapped down, the whole bit.  I had a panic attack just WATCHING him in that little tube.

Nope, you are brave.  Very, very brave.


sugarsweet056 said...

Don't be upset with yourself! You di as well as you could & that's all that can be expected of anyone.
They always have to use the open MRI with me, cause I won't fit in the closed style.
Sorry you had such a bad day, but it's behind you now. Think good thoughts! :)

emabecmar said...

I know exactly how you felt going through that ordeal. I have had 3 mri's in that tube, about 12 in the open tube, my veins are horrible they explode, collasp, you name it, my port clogged all the time so it took forever to draw blood from that, only vein they can use is deep into the right arm, which is partially paralyzed from nerve damage and it swells and bruises really bad when stuck with a needle. I do hope you get to feeling better soon.

tenyearnap said...

You are NOT an idiot. There's a reason that we now have the open MRIs. The closed tubes are creepy and, for someone who is in pain, near impossible to stay still in. I'm glad you received good care at your hospital. That's the way it should be.
I hope the Orencia kicks in before the storm hits. --Hugs, Cin

klconard1 said...

Oh (((((((((Dawn dear))))))))) --- I'm so sorry you had such a horrendous day.  Please do not hold it against yourself about the closed MRI.  I have been telling my doc that if I ever have to have one, to just shoot me instead.  Even the bigger ct-scan machines bother me when they are over my chest and face.  I know I can't do the closed MRI and it took me 58 years to be able to admit it without feeling embarrassed about it.  For me, the worst part is being so disappointed in myself and my own illogical reactions that seem so unreasonably strong.
I used to tell myself it is ridiculous to have the panic since I KNOW I am safe but that does no good.  Our daughter says that is because the panic/anxiety or claustrophobia reaction does not originate in the logic part of our brains.  She says the logic doesn't help when the reaction is coming from a different part of the brain.
My DH told me he's not even sure I can do the open MRI lol.  He had one that was still pretty rough recently.  Last week my doc told me I might need an MRI and we went through the whole conversation again.  The doc says there is a brand new open MRI here i town that is better than than the old one my DH had.  Likely I am going to find out sometime soon.
loving you

nana0014 said...

I'm just glad you made it through the day and it's over with. So sorry you had such a time. Hope you're having a great weekend. Get some rest if you can.
Take care, Chrissie

deshelestraci said...

Bless your heart!  I had an open mri once and I was freaked by it!  You are brave to go through what you do!

gazker said...

Lady, you are no idiot, you are just a wonderfull person, who I have never met, but know, if I ever did, we would hit it off, big time....... So you lost it? Big deal! I hope your results are ok. Try and relax this weekend.
Gaz xxxxxx

thebaabee said...

Oh Sweetie,
You are not an idiot.  I could NEVER go in a closed one.  I won't even try.  I give you a lot of kuddos for attempting it.  I always insist on an open MRI.  I get four a year for my CNS lupus.  Plus any others that the doctors order.

It's over now.  You deserve hugs ..... lots of them......Lu

donejustwrite said...


I am in tears reading this because I cannot do the confined spaces either!  In my mind, I'm logical, I know I'm OK and I'm going to be ok, but the anxiety takes over and I get hysterical.  Then, like you, I am so embarrassed.  I feel for you so much!!!  I am thinking of you and hope you're doing OK now.

toonguykc said...

UGH!! What a horrible experience!!  I'm glad you are back home and able to relax now.  Give yourself a warm hug from me, okay?  XXXXXXXX


eml625 said...

You poor thing!!!  ((((((((BIG HUGS )))))))))))

Dont feel like an idiot. These things happen.  I hope your feeling better by now .


coelha said...

:(  I'm just glad it's OVER for you!  I'm sorry it was such an awful day for you!!!  (((DAWN)))  Take care, Hugs - Julie

gehi6 said...

I don't see a bit of reason for you to feel annoyed with yourself.  I have always thought MRIs must be very hard on people with arthritis because it must be so painful to stay so confined and not able to move freely for so long.  I am glad they have such a thing as open MRI.  I accompanied Pierre to have MRIs on his bad back but have never had one myself.  I do hope good will come of this!  Gerry  

jckfrstross said...

please don't feel bad. when i had the last mri in the regular coffin tube i lost it made the woman pull me out i had a panic attack it was hot in there and she would not talk to me grrr the first one i had was great but the second never again. when i had to have  the mri on my arm they told me it would be just the arm wrong they wanted me in the tube i said no way  so they sent me to the open sided one. and they gave me valium ha ha. hang in there ok


psychfun said...

I'm so sorry. I know those MRIs are horrible at times. I had shoulder problems & had to get my thumbs done, had to put my arm over my head....ugh! Pizza...yum...that makes anything better.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Dawn, don't feel bad or annoyed with yourself.  I can't tolerate closed MRI's either.  I get panic attacks and feel like I'm suffocating.  Boy, what a day you had.  No wonder you were exhausted.  HUGS Chris

ksgal3133 said...

Don't feel embarassed....I'm not sure I could do a MRI in a closed tube at all. Many prayers and hugs!!


hsauls said...

Hope you've had a few kcups to calm your nerves... wish I could be there with you... :(
Hang in there... feel better... maybe the nor'easter won't be so bad. Our part of it was ok, I think. I slept thru it...

rdautumnsage said...

(((Hugs))) I'm sorry I haven't been around hon. My daughter came home for Spring Break from College. She came in like a whirlwind and left me with emotional scars open. Kinda took a few days to find my inner self again. The good news is the MRI is behind you now, and you did get your Orencia. Try to find some me time and relax and do something for you. I'm keeping you in my prayers on the smoke for the results of the MRI. ((Hugs)) Love Ya Indigo

sunnyside46 said...

MRIs are horrible!
Don't feel bad... I swear if I ever have to have another they will have to give me a sedative!

erarein63 said...

Oh POOR YOU!  I hate being closed in so the one time I had an MRI, all open all the way.  And since you had an IV for the MRI they could have sedated you.  But all it ended all well since you got switched easily enough.  Sorry you had such a rough day.  Hope the medicine makes you feel better in the long run!  De ;)

justaname4me2 said...

Damn, I was hoping the day would go as comfortable as possible for you. Next time....tell them MORE VALIUM! Tell them to give you the really good stuff, no one should have to suffer more then they have too. (I've had many MRI's C.A.T. scans and such and I insist on being as high as a kite)
Thinking of you,

lurkynat said...

dear Dawn
so sorry sweetie
i hope that youg et over the pain and lag times of all fo this soon!

demandnlilchit said...

((((dawn))))) Well, you know I can totally relate to this entry....there isn't one place left on my body that hasn't been poked, prodded, biopsied or scanned! Count me in on your other J-Land friends to help you when you are and I are blessed with the way j-land cares aren't we??