Tuesday, April 3, 2007

CarnivAOL #36

Welcome to the latest edition of CarnivAOL !!! 

This is a traveling blog-zine that highlights YOUR favorite entries as chosen by YOU!

Click the link to CarnivAOL and peruse the 'All about me' box if you wish to learn more about it, and to see where the zine will be for the next issue, etc. 

Since Paul was the founder of CarnivAOL, it is only fitting we start with him.  And, since he is our BlogFather, he gets two entries - first, a scary submission about his beloved dog, Shadow, having a seizure, Saturday night and Sunday morning and then the recent update with a picture, An update on Shadow .

Mary submits The Mother Test , an entry from 2006, that is sure to touch your heart.  It touched mine...

Liz submits these photos for you photos my way , enjoy.

Jude submits Long Week, Long Weekend , and I relate!!! 

Bea has been doing some thinking... Just Reflecting..Hummm.. starting to see a pattern.

Linda needs to catch us up on her life, and the upcoming holiday plans with Nearly Easter Hols!!!! . 

This entry warns you with its title, it is a tough subject, but deals with things we Americans need to hear about ~ what our fighting men and women are facing, Not for the faint of heart .  I will warn you, there are curse words in this entry, quotes from soldiers.  Such is truth.  The author is a mom to three and wife of a disabled Veteran.

Traci is facing the end of some friendships, and ponders them in her entry, Reorganization .

Penny reminds us beautifully with Mama's Legacy to get your mammogram.  Men, remind your women...your mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and friends. 

Marti remembers the good and the bad, and how both have given her much in My Dad .

As the j-lander hosting this month, I am taking a liberty.  There are two journalers that I read who think that their blogs would be 'blacklisted' in some way. 

I am including two of their entries.  Read them, and make your own decision.

Gaz is away in Spain at his condo, wish I was there, rain and all... THE RAIN IN SPAIN, DON´T STAY ON THE $%&"! PLAIN! 

Russ has been going through a box that his Mom, who recently crossed over, saved for him, and wrote this touching entry depressed people should not become parents .

And, last but not least, my entry.  My two year blog anniversary passed last month.  This entry that I am including was not my very first, but to me, it was my first 'real' entry.  Unfortunately, not much has changed, with regard to attaining my dreams, but I submit it nonetheless, for your perusal, Dreams, Big & Small .

Thank you for your submissions and for reading!

I hope I did okay, Paul!

be well,


ukgal36 said...

thanks for putting gaz in....he rocks!! i am off to check the others!

gazker said...

Oh Gawd, my mans arse crack has been made famous!!!! LOLOL He'll kill me, you won't tell him will ya?
Gaz ;-)

toonguykc said...

Thank you, Princess!!  You ROCK!

plittle said...

Great job, Dawn!

libragem007 said...

wow! I have not been around, and when I did..I'm glad I got to read this entry of yours specifically :-)
I will be gone for the Easter weekend, so I'm off to read some of this entries now, today, tonight!
Traveling Blog-zine..cool!
Gosh, I do have a lot of catching up to do!
Gem :-)

pharmolo said...

Well done, Dawn - will come back later to follow all the links :-)

thebaabee said...

I have a whole bunch of new journals to read.  Hugs, Lu

frankandmary said...

Thanks Dawn.  I was really glad to see Russ on there.  I think lots of people that know nothing about his journal will really love it now that you exposed them to it.  ~Mary

deshelestraci said...

Great job, Dawn.  Thanks for all the hard work.

ksgal3133 said...

Great job! I'll be busy reading this week :)


randlprysock said...

Good job Dawn!!

helmswondermom said...

You did a really great job!!