Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bed of Roses

Karyl at Karyl's Glimpses of Eternity  sent this flower meme for me to do.

I love flowers but Fuzzy is allergic to many flowers, plants and bees, and has asthma so we keep flowering plants to a minimum around our house and garden.

Karyl’s Flower Meme

1.     What is your favorite flower?  Roses (but not red...)


2.     What color is it?  White, the purest, whitest, white.



3.     Annual or perennial?  Perennial


4.     Does it grow in a hothouse or yard?  I think they can grow in either!


5.     Does it grow in your yard?   No, but we had 2 types of red roses and one pink rose bush in the house where I grew up, 3 blocks away.



6.     Look out your front window.  What flowers do you see?  Describe them.  6 yellow daffodils that just bloomed 2 days ago.  Soon, there will be more.



7.     If you don’t see a flower out your window, what do you see that is soothing for the eyes and spirit?   Lots of evergreen bushes and our front lawn that is very lushly green, thanks to lots and lots of rain!  Most often, I see my kids playing out there... that is the most soothing thing to see for me.



8.     If it’s too early for flowers there yet, what will be coming up soon?  The azaleas, mums, tulips, etc. 



9.     Any landscaping in your front or back yard?  Yes, evergreen bushes, azaleas, and we plant yellow marigolds each year by the drivway which also has some azaleas.  The marigolds help keep bees away as Fuzzy and I are both allergic.   I love sunflowers... I would love to plant them, maybe this year!



10.    Any hardscaping (patio, rock or stone pathways, concrete walkways, etc.?)  No, just the path to the front door.  We do have a dog statue, and 2 kid statues. Small garden style ones, not big.


11.    Do you prefer mulch or rock in or around your flowerbeds?  We use red cedar mulch around the bushes and our three trees.  Our trees are framed with faux rock edging in a square.  We have a Japanese Maple and two flowering trees that I thought were dogwood, but my dad says no, but he doesn't know what the are.  They flower. lol  One is white, and one is pink.  Much like in the graphic with this sweet kitten!




12.    If mulch, natural wood or recycled rubber mulch?  I guess I answered that... natural red cedar mulch.


13.    If rock, what kind and color?  No rock.


14.    How do you keep the weeds down?  Hubby put down that black netting stuff under the mulch.


15.    If you could forever banish one troublesome weed in your flowerbed or yard, what would it be?  Dandelions.   UGH! 


Thank you, Karyl!!  You have been so wonderful, thinking up memes for me, all on your own!  And, they have kept me busy!  This one I coordinated the graphics so that was fun, and time consuming!  Thank you!


be well,



libragem007 said...

wonderful meme...I Love favorite's Gardenia.
Hi Dawn!
Gem ;-)

klconard1 said...

You are soooooo very welcome dear!  I am glad it helped a bit for you!  You did a great job with the tags added in.  It looks so cute.
loving you

toonguykc said...

Okay...I gotta send a little love out to the poor, misunderstood dandelions.  They always show up early, announce that Winter is over and then disappear in a few weeks.  What's the harm??  ;)


randlprysock said...

Your graphics are just beautiful in this entry!  They are taking my breath away.  I do love roses and all kinds of flowers and hope to have more than I can keep up with by next year growing and blooming in our yard.  Hugs,

gehi6 said...

Loved this meme with a graphic show, and that kitten looks like the one you want to take home!  I can't help it, I just love graphics, but I have so many old photos I want to post I don't snag them often, plus Doc's pictures which are different.  Plus I have artist and cartoonist sisters! Gerry

tenyearnap said...

Ooh, I love dandelions. No one is allowed to cut the grass in the backyard until I have picked the leaves for our supper.  And have you never had dandelion wine? And dandelion tea and/or tincture is "spring tonic."
Anyway, I liked eharing about your flowers and your yard. Japanese maples are a favorite ornamental for me, too.

ksgal3133 said...

Love this :)


deshelestraci said...

There is a meme for everything isn't there?!  I do like this one.  I'm not much of a gardener myself.  Loved the graphics!

rdautumnsage said...

Loved the answers! I love gardening. I usually try to stick to perennials saves on the high cost of gardening year to year. I have 3 miniture rose bushes , I love the delicacy of these roses. (Hugs) Indigo

codenmgrlnxtdoor said...

wow, dude, you're carpe doom, and addicted to coffee. read sister's blog! it's awesome!

lurkynat said...

beautiful entry Dawn! wow! you have the flower area covered eh/:)

gazker said...

I just checked out mimi and yasmins blog............ BORING!!!!! Keep up the good work Dawn.
Gaz xxx