Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Happy Easter to all of you!

The EB (as I like to refer to the Easter Bunny) did a good job this year!  All the kids got chocolate bunnies, eggs filled with jelly belly beans, and Hershey kisses, both dark chocolate and truffles.  Yummy!

Each munchkin also got a video game that they wanted!  Pumpkin got Catz for her Nintendo DS Lite, Fuzzy got a Star Wars game,  and Hammer got the new TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) game.  Happy camperoonies all around!

Last night, we had a mini crisis, though.  At about 1 am, Pumpkin came down to go to the bathroom. 

At the exact same time that the EB <<< read ME >>> was hiding the various goodies around.   Hubby heard something, looked, and found her sitting at the kitchen table in tears.

As he tried to soothe her that I was 'just helping', I realized at ten years old, it was just time to 'fess up.

So, I sat with Pumpkin and asked her if she knew what Easter was all about.  She said yes, and told me the Easter story.  After we went over that for a minute, I told her all about the symbolism of eggs, and fertility, and bunnies, and spring.  All about celebrating the 'renewal' of life, and plants, and how the Resurrection was then, over time, tied into all that. 

Then, we talked about the 'spirit' of the season, and how nothing is going to change.  Mom and Dad are still going to everything the same, even though she realizes there is no magical Bunny visiting her. 

The magic is in our hearts. 

Pumpkin was smiling and happy by the end of our talk.

Pumpkin realizes that she also now has a responsibility with her little cousin, J, to keep the 'magic' alive.  And, that is true, and all is good now.

I honestly think Hubby is more upset today than Pumpkin!!  It is really the end of an era for us with the kids.  It is kind of sad, but time marches on, as we all know... it waits for no one.

But, hey, as a person who still had her dad hiding eggs when she was 25, engaged, and getting married in 6 months, I don't think any of my kids has anything to worry about in this house!!!!

The magic will continue!!!

Our roast chicken, stuffing, baked potatoes, and string bean dinner is about to hit the table (thanks, Dad)!!! 

be well,



rdautumnsage said...

Awww......I wanted to cry about Pumpkin finding out the EB was you. You did a terrific job telling her the truth about the holiday. I still make a basket for my daughter and she's going on 19. I told her as long as she still believed in the magic of Christmas there would always be a gift from Santa under the tree too. Wishing you love and peace this holiday my dear friend. (Hugs) Indigo

lindaggeorge said...

It's another world!....................................................................................... We just give Easter Eggs here, there is talk of the Easter Bunny but we don't do the same sort of thing that we do with Father Christmas. I'm quite grateful for that, it's far too soon after Christmas for that sort of thing. Once a year is enough.

Linda x.

tenyearnap said...

Pumpkin is part of the Magic-Making now. You gave her a wonderful gift.--Cin

topazscorpio27 said...

My parents told me at the same age you told Pumpkin and while I hated it my logical mind says that if they hadn't it would've hurt worse hearing it from other kids.  -Dawn-

toonguykc said...

What a moment that is when we realize the magic is gone!  My moment came before I was even six years old because my parents were just too tired and busy to continue the ruse.  Maybe that's why I hate pretty much all holidays except Halloween.  THAT holiday will always be magical for me.


deshelestraci said...

Oh poor sweet Pumpkin!  That is hard!  My sil and her hubby decided (after listening to a sermon!) that they weren't going to do Santa, EB or the tooth fairy!  What?!  The kids are 3, 8 and 11.  They had better not tell my kids or there will be a fuss!  Y'all sound like great parents!

nightmaremom said...

aaaaaaw that is so hard to fess... you did great... Happy Easter

eml625 said...

OOOOOHHHH nooooo !! This upsets me now!  I can remember crying when my son found out. But my daughter is still young enough to continue.  
It's sad and happy at the same time. God bless your family.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Dawn, I think it is so much harder on the parents than the children.  They do begin to suspect but want confirmation.  I think you did a top notch job of explaining the real magic of Easter.  There will still be many years of "magic" for Pumpking.  Happy Easter to you and yours!  HUGS  Chris

emabecmar said...

awwwwwww, don't ya hate it when they grow up. but your house sounds fun, thinking what would my 27yr old daughter and her 42 yr old husband say if i had them look for eggs and goodies, lol. Probably have me commited in looney bin, lol. ah that's ok i need a vacation, lol. Happy Easter. ((((((((((hugs))))))))))))

psychfun said...

What do you mean there is no Easter Bunny?! EEECCKKK!!!!

My niece is 9 1/2 & I think she still believes but I had the same thing happen almost at Christmas....she woke up when I was putting Christmas presents out!!! Grandpa prevented her from going in the room. Then she said the presents are not under the tree? I said oh Santa didn't want to wake everyone & was in a hurry so he left them by the fireplace. Then she said...the doors are shut on the fireplace how could he close them from inside when he is leaving...I had to say "Magic" like in the Santa Claus Movie!....I'm not sure if we will get away with this next year when she is 10 1/2.

I love that 2nd pix. Can you make me one? It is good for just spring in general.

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:)


gazker said...

Awwwwww, that bought a tear to my eye when I read this post, that is so sweet Dawn. As you for getting your Dad to hide eggs at 25, oh behave!
Gaz ;-)

klconard1 said...

This makes me think of our son when he was young.  His daddy had him totally convinced there really was a Tooth Fairy lol.  (Oooops -- Pumpkin, if you are reading this and still believe in the Tooth Fairy, do not fret.  He is REAL.)
loving you

madmanadhd said...

Hey wait just one cottin picking minute... WHAT DO YA MEAN? ... NO Easter Bunny! Come on... give a guy a break... SHEEESH! Next thing is you'll be telling me there aint no sucha thing as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, or WMD in Iraq.

I haveta go get a clean rag now acause all this talk of candy and food has made me drool all over my dang keyboard.


lurkynat said...

Happy Easter to you too Dawn

sunnyside46 said...

ooh, I can just see her with the big ol tears in her eyes...
Mariah was about 9 when suddenly in the middle of summer in a restaraunt,she blurted out that she knew we were the Easter Bunny. I started crying and had to go to the bathroom to compose myself.