Thursday, April 5, 2007

Thankful Thursday

It is Thursday, the night of the Last Supper.

I have much to be thankful for, today and always.  :-D

1.     J-Land -  The place I come to vent, work out my thoughts, find ways to cope, and receive support from a great group of people.

2.     Focus Group - The money was a nice treat, but it was also nice to get out and chat a little bit with others.

3.     My health - What???  You are thinking I am nuts, but when I read other blogs and see moms my age, and younger, facing diseases that can kill you, well, I remember pretty quick that what I have is doable.  

4.     My Hubby - For all his faults (and mine, lol), we are soul mates, and that ain't nothing to shake a stick at!!!

5.     My 2 K's, Karol & Kathy - Kathy, the sister of my heart, Karol, my cousin who is like an older sis; I am thankful for the special relationships that we share.


Tomorrow, both will be here, with the kids for a nice family visit.  The kids all entertain each other, and we three, get to talk, talk, talk!!!!!  Yay!

There was a time that all three of us shared a room in my childhood home!!!  Oh, how we would laugh and giggle and chat all night!  We were in our 20's and you would think we were twelve year olds!!  My dad would actually have to open their bedroom door sometimes, and yell down the hall at us to shut up and go to sleep!!!!  

This was in 1986 and 1987, before Karol got married in September of '87!  So, I was 20-21, Kathy, 22-23, and Karol 24-25ish!

Sometimes, Kathy and I would come in late and Karol would be sleeping.  Karol had this habit of falling asleep on her back with her hands clasped over her chest.  Yes, just like THAT... lol    

She wouldn't snore really, but she would blow out little hiss sounds that used to make our cat, Cheetah (deceased since '95) climb up and sniff and her face, and then sit there and stare!   The funny part would be when Karol would inevitably wake up with a start and yell, 'Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa' and Kathy and I would fall over laughing!!!! 

The first time or the hundreth time, Karol would be terrified of the cat staring at her!!!  LOL  My sides hurt now just thinking about how we would laugh!!!

So, anyhow, spending the day together tomorrow, is a real nice treat.  And, for me, it heals my heart, soul and weary mind... I need that!!!  I get such joy in all of our kids being so close and enjoying their time together, too. 

It is truly a blessing all around.

Happy Easter Weekend to you and yours!

Whatever your beliefs or lack of them may be, I hope that your blessings are many now and always.

be well,


nana0014 said...

Wonderful memories... so glad you'll be together for the weekend. Have a great time.
Take care, Chrissie

tenyearnap said...

Have a great time with the 2Ks. Good things to be thankful about. --Cin

toonguykc said...

Awesome story about the snoring sister and the curious cat.  I pictured it in my head very vividly!


coelha said...

I'm glad you can spend some quality time with your sisters like that!  Take care!  Julie :)  

sdoscher458 said...

Memories are such precious things.  We all have that internal mental movie that can play over in our minds at any given moment.  Revel in your memories and enjoy your   Sandi

randlprysock said...

Have a wonderful holiday and so glad you are getting time with the kids tomorrow.  I like your thankful list.  I should go do mine now.  Hugs,

rdautumnsage said...

Thanks for sharing these awesome memories. I was giggling right along with you. (Hugs) Indigo

jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend:) Happy Easter:)


deshelestraci said...

Super terrific post!  I was laughing at the thought of y'all having so much fun.  I'm off to be thankful.

eml625 said...

Have a wonderful visit with your family.
Happy Easter.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Dawn, I'm so glad you are spending time with your two "K's".  Bet the three of your giggle and laugh just like you used to.  Have a wonderful time and blessed Easter.  HUGS  Chris

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn
thanks for this it is beautiful! I hope your Easter was awesome! youare great!