Sunday, April 8, 2007

Weekend Assignment #159

From JohnScalzi, the Blogfather, we have a new Weekend Assignment #159: Your Pen Name

You've decided to become a writer under a pen name. What pen name do you choose? Because, after all, writers use pen names all the time -- sometimes to maintain anonymity, sometimes to start a new career when their writing career under their real name has crashed and burned, and sometimes just because they want a different name than the one they were born with. You can assume any of the reasons for taking up a pen name. (No fair using a name that's taken: Your pen name can't be "Steve King" or "Jonathan Grisham" or some such.)

Ahhh... the perfect assignment for fledgeling writers such as I am! 

The first name is easy... instead of Dawn, I would use Aurora.  The latin version of my name, AND Sleeping Beauty's first name.  See the synchronicity... feel it... lol

The last name is tricky... but after thinking about it... I would use my dad's first name.  You see, I am his only child and a daughter, and although he has a brother, they had different father's.  So, I am the last of the line with my dad's name, my maiden name, although I do still have it hyphenated before my married name.

Anyhow, that would make my pen name Aurora Dennis. 

I like it!  It sounds like someone who would write a mystery thriller with a modern day witches, vampires and demons running around NYC, doesn't it?  lol

I never thought about using a pen name before, but I really do like the name!  Ya never know...right?

be well,


toonguykc said...

Maybe you should add a "Her Highness" or a "Dame" or "Duchess" to it.  I don't know what all the royal titles are.


eml625 said...

I love it !

tenyearnap said...

I'll be scanning the shelves for Aurora Dennis! --Cin

gazker said...

Mmmmmmmmmm, ir sounds like some one who writes books on etiquete, I dunno, got any more ideas? ;-)
Gaz........ I hope you guys are enjoying Easter!

klconard1 said...

Being a writer by inclination, as yet unpublished (if I don't count a local newspaper column from years ago or being quoted recently in the wichita newspaper lol), I have given this idea a lot of thought.  In my more whimsical moments, I think of using 'Dustbunny Smith' lol.  And then I think about using my great great grandmother's name, Missouri Shepherd Smith.  I never got to meet her; she was gone before I was born.  But I love her name.
loving you

bgilmore725 said...

I love your new pen name!!! I haven't thought of one for my own name yet. Happy Easter, Dawn! Bea

rdautumnsage said...

To each their own.....I love the reasoning behind your pen name. As for me it would probably be some form of my indian name Raven. Then I would use my daughter's middle name I have always loved that name Skye. I kinda like just those two together Raven Skye.......hmmm something to think about lol. (Hugs)

justplainbill said...

Dawn Dennis, I like it and the lovely Easter Tulips. Bill

madmanadhd said...

Oh yeah... fergut all about Weekend Assignments. Oh well I have my own weekend assignment to keep me writing. But just had to pop on over and say howdy and than you for stopping by my place and again for pimping me the other day.

Well now I shall have to keep an eye out for articles written by Aurora Dennis or any Aurora at all. Where shall I look first?

Till later...

lurkynat said...

dear Dawn
ah! I like it! hugs

gehi6 said...

I always wrote straight from life but would change all our names.  I made up so many names over the years for myself and everybody else I was too burned out to do this assignment.  Ha.   One of my favorites for myself was Charlotte.  One of my best one for my dad was LeGrand Cox!  I love your screen name.  I wish I had thought ahead and picked out something more imaginative.  My Broadband screen name is ShadowGal.   Yours and the title of your journal attracted me first thing.  Gerry  

lurkynat said...

so cute! even upon my second visit! love,nat

sunnyside46 said...

I am going straight to the bokstore and look for the latest Aurora Dennis best seller!