Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wrench in the Day


So, the plan was that today would be a great day for me to catch up on stuff.  Not!

Pumpkin Muffin has an ear infection/situation.  Her right ear is draining fluid and smells badly.  Her throat is sore. 

None of these are good things.

So, off to the pediatrician we go.

Wish us luck.

If Mother Nature is reading my journal, I have a request.

I have not seen any sun in about 2 weeks.  It has been rainy, grey and too warm for autumn.  The mold is growing in the leaves and everyones allergies in this house (including the dogs) are very aggravated.

Please Mother - send us the dry & cold weather and send the rain to those who need it, like say, the Utah Arizona desert area.

Thank you.

Now, back to you, my faithful journal buddies!  I hope your day is going better than mine!  I will try to check back with you all later!

be well,


cherry2sweet2eat said...

awww i hope pumpkin gets better.

tenyearnap said...

Hey hey! Don't be sending rain here...the best part about living in Utah is the lack of mold. I can throw a wet towel on the bathroom floor and all it will get is DRY.

Hope all goes well at the pediatrician. Poor little kid. Sore throats are so awful. Time for popsicles.

coelha said...

Aww..poor Pumpkin Muffin... Ear infections are awful..  I hope she is better soon, and I do hope the rain stops.  No rain here today, but it's brrrrr...cold!!  Julie :)

wfhbear said...

Hope all gets better quickly. Ear infectiuons have a tenedncy to run through everyone. Maybe you will get a few days of sun soon. Regards, Bill.

rebuketheworld said...

Dawn...I live in Oregon...rain country...mother nature hasnt listened to me yet....LMAO.......-Raven

erarein63 said...

Oh thank you for the well wishes of rain, lol.  AZ could always use a little.  I like rainy days so I welcome the monsoon season every winter and late summer. ;) De

eml625 said...

I sure hope you get some sun....that will help improve anyones mood. I sure hope your daughter is feeling better.

rainbowmoonbeam2 said...

I hope Pumpkin Muffin is feeling better! I know what you mean about the sun. I'd like some too. Yesterday was the first day this month that it did not rain! It's supposed to start back up this morning. Joy of joys.

Love ya~