Sunday, November 19, 2006

30 Thanks

Thanksgiving brings me, and most of you, to thoughts of our blessings.  Many j-landers have been lisiting their blessings one at a time, each day of the month. 

Instead, I decided to list them all here today.

30 Blessings and things I am thankful for now and always.

1.     My kids and they constant joy and challenge they bring my life.
2.     My hubby, my friend, partner, soul mate, lover and great dad.
3.     My parents, who are always there to help and share.
4.     My sister of my heart, Kathy, for being my caribiner clip keeping me clinging to the rocks when they all seem to crumble away from me.
5.     Kathy's hubby and my nephew... more joys for all of us to share.
6.     My cousin and her hubby and her two boys, for also being close like a sister and the joy of our kids sharing great friendships, too.
7.     All my extended family... I am so fortunate to have wonderful aunts and uncles and cousins and family friends that enrich my life in many ways.
8.     Our family pets that give love unconditionally.
9.     Coffee.  You knew it would be near the top didn't you?
10.    My email Loopies... Their support and friendship helps me to cope day to day with the challenges of my Rheumatoid Arthritis.
11.    Books for all the adventures and learning discovered and yet to be discovered in their pages.
12.    Border's Book Store for giving me back an earned percentage of the money I spend there so I can buy more books!
13.    The J-land community and all my wonderful friends that color my life!
14.    The internet and the information highway that it provides as support in so many ways for my family needs.
15.    The wonderful nurses at my hospital that have become friends and allies against RA and help me stay calm during my IV meds.
16.     My rheumatologist for helping guide me and get me to a better place while fighting RA.
17.    My kids teachers who are helping to provide them with an education.
18.   That my kids understand and enjoy their parents supplementing their education to help them become more educated and well-rounded.
19.    Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America.
20.    My daughter's natural gift for the piano that never ceases to amaze!
21.    Hammer's Asperger's support staff, for helping us navigate through some challenging times and helping us land here in a much better place, and for the support they still give.
22.    Fuzzy for having great doctor's that helped to get his asthma finally under control.
23.    The Food Allergy and Anaphalaxis Network for providing invaluable information, support and products to help manage Fuzzy's food allergies and asthma.
24.    That all my children have responded to the spirit of giving that they have been raised in and try to give back to those less fortunate than them.
25.    That my children also try to support worthy charitable causes such as stray pets, saving the rainforest, and endangered species, also.
26.    The wonderful home that I have with my Hubby, kids and parents.  It may not be perfect, but it is ours, and I love it!
27.    The ability to be a stay at home mom since my daughter was born and until now.
28.    The magic of television and the entertainment and education value that it gives when not abused.  Thank you especially to the History Channel, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, The Learning Channel, Animal Planet and others.
29.    My country and the freedoms that I do not take for granted and for all the men and women, present and past, who have helped to guarantee them.
30.   The continued blessings and bounties that I am so happy to have each and every day of my life, and that I am not blind to wondrous gifts around me each and every day.

A wise man said, "Communciate, Appreciate and Validate your loved ones each and every day."  I try do try to, and so should you.  In a blink, it can all change or be gone.

Happy Thanksgiving!

be well,


lurkynat said...

thanks DAwn! what beautiful comments! youare so Super Duper! huggggggggggggs love,natalie

eml625 said...

Great list !  I thought it would be hard to think of 30 things, but you seem to have done it easily !
Happy Thanksgiving !

mrsm711 said...

Very Nice :)     Tracy

tenyearnap said...

What a wonderful list! I feel thankful just reading it.

sdoscher458 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.  That is quite a wonderful list and I am quite sure that you, yourself, are on other's lists as a great friend and someone to admire.....Have A Happy....Sandi

sangrialel said...

Such wonderful things to be thankful for!!!  Linda

wfhbear said...

Nice job Dawn, You have a lot of things to be thankful for and a lot of people who love you. My Regards, Bill.

coelha said...

Lots of things to be grateful for....  May your life be continually blessed!!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Julie :)  

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Great list ... I love Border's Books too;0)

randlprysock said...

I love my coffee too!  Hugs,