Friday, November 3, 2006

The Sum of My Mood

My mood exactly!  My dad just got me a hot hazelnut Dunkin Donuts coffee.  Yum.

Pumpkin Muffin is sick.  I think it is her allergies.  The warm weather and rain made the mold go wild again and allergies can really make you feel crappy all over.  So, she missed a half day yesterday and a whole day today.  Her stomache is whacky too... no fun.

The picture above is a Constructicon, which is a Transformer for those of you who don't know.  Transformers are gigantic, intelligent robots that change forms and are from other planets.  They originated in the 80's with a cartoon, and have been redone a few times in cartoons and in a movie.

They also have a huge fan following online that Hammer is really into.

They also have a new live action/computer animated movie coming out in 2007.

Hammer found a bunch of cartoons about the coffee loving Constructicons (who transform into construction vehicles) and shared them with me, and now I, with you!

The way I see it, any alien species with a love of coffee will be welcome in my house!!!

be well,



lurkynat said...

wwop Im glad that a transformer movie is coming out Dawn! cool!
Hey if yuo find out the anme of it please let us know!
I am sooo sorry that Pumpkin Muffin is sick!:(:( Gee I ahve huge allergies too!
love ya, natalie

tenyearnap said...

I soooo miss Dunkin Donuts We don't have them out here. Only Starbucks which tastes like burnt doo-doo.

bruno64056rs said...

OK, everybody sing the song from the commercials: "Trans-for-mers, da da da da da, more than meets the eyyye"! (Did I just admit I watch Saturday cartoons, here? Before FOOTBALL, that is!)

3's to ya', Dawn!

eml625 said...

As  I sit and sip my coffee... (2nd cup already) I salute your robot!!

ksgal3133 said...

I hope that Pumpkin Muffin starts to feel better soon!
Justin loves Transformers. Somethings just never go away,lol
That pic is too cute.


wfhbear said...

I guess I won't use the joke , "I always thought a transformer was a drag queeen" on you but, I will say that just about anything or anybody who will drink a pot of coffee at breakfast is got to be all right in my book. Have a good weekend, Regards, Bill.

cacklinrosie101 said...

ROFL...I'm so out of the toy scene.  I don't know what is hot and what's not.  Hope your Pumpkin feels better soon.  HUGS Chris

randlprysock said...

We love coffee in this house too! I have really enjoyed my visit to your journal!  Love the pictures and graphics!!  Hope Pumpkin muffin feels better soon.  My little boy Aaron is really into robots.  Have a great week ahead.  I marked your journal to get the alerts and will be sending you an invite to my private journal.  Please stop by anytime!  Hugs,

rainbowmoonbeam2 said...

J is all about that Transformers movie. I think we have transformers upstairs in boxes from when he was little. LOL He's mad at the same time though, it comes out right after his unit leaves for the sandbox.

I hope Pumpkin Muffin is feeling better today!

I'm having "that" day. Sixth straight of rain and I think I'm going to go crazy.