Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wild Wild West

Tonight has been a little bit like herding cats, but all in all, not bad!  lol

It was louder than usual with five kids, and I had to remind them to be quiet so they don't wake grandma and grandpa upstairs in their house, but it was really fine!  (both my parents have work in the am)

The boys are upstairs in my boy's room, settling in for the night.  I don't expect to hear from them again.  They looked pretty tired!

The girls have decided to sleep down here, in our play room.  It is right next to our bedroom, but that is okay.  The girls have the tv on low, and are snuggled under blankies.  They might eek out another hour and one more potty trip, but maybe not, they looked tired, also!

Hubby just went to bed.  I am making myself a snack so I can take my plaquenil.  My stomache and my whole body seems to cope better when I take with food.  So, I am trying! 

Every once in a while, I get overcome with a wave of nausea or dizziness, but it has gotten much less frequent.  Only 2 times today at all!  Yeah! 

Okies, time for a meme.

I saw this on technorati, but I tweaked it and made my own! 

Using the letters of the alphabet, alternate between three word statements beginning 'I am...' and 'I like...' with the next word beginning with the consecutive alphabet letter. (x='ex')

Begin with the statement of your choice.

A -  I am abstract.

B -  I like bubble baths.

C -  I am caffeinated.

D -  I like dancing.

E -  I am emotional.

F -  I like fireworks.

G -  I am grateful.

H -  I like history.

I -  I am introspective.

J -  I like java!

K -  I am kindly.

L -  I like licorice.

M -  I am mommy.

N -  I like naps!

O -  I am out-reaching.

P -  I like pasta.

Q -  I am quixotic. (idealistic) 

R -  I like restaurants.

S -  I am sentimental.

T -  I like travel.

U -  I am unfinished.

V - I like validation.

W - I am well-read.

X -  I like expectations.

Y -  I am youthful.

Z -  I like Zeppelin.

Wow!  That was fun!  I actually found myself feeling silly at first and then getting very 'introspective'!  LOL

Give it a try... and let me know, so I can check it out!

be well,


toonguykc said...

Not in a mood meme tonight -- but I liked this one.  Good answers!


preciousone25 said...

I like this one, think I'll give it a try, but tomorrow.... going to bed now...

Good night,

erarein63 said...

I can't believe you do all those sleepovers!  You are either insane or brave!  Love the meme.  De ;)

eml625 said...

I swear we are coming over for one of your famous sleepovers.
I LOVE Zeppelin too !!!  Ah, 70's rock rules !
PS feel good today!

nightmaremom said...

I think I need to visit for one of those sleep overs :)

deshelestraci said...

Glad the kids settled in ok.  Great, deep meme!

glensfork4 said...

You are so brave to have all those sleepovers....I have done a few, but not nearly as many as you have.....

Love the meme (I will do later)


chat2missie said...

Hope the kids all fell asleep at a decent time.  LOL

klconard1 said...

Wow -- all those sleepovers --- you like Action -- you are Brave --- you like Children -- you are Dazzling --- you like Entertainment -- you are Fabulous --- you like Giggling -- you are Homeloving -- you like I --- ooops -- too early in the morning for me to finish this lol!
loving you

cherry2sweet2eat said...

i remember when me and my bro used to sleep over at our grandparents...we hated it lol

luddie343 said...

"Only" two?  Gosh you're brave.  Kudos for all you do, for your refusal to let pain and frustration affect your everyday, busy, productive loving life!  One could do less than take a page from your book, Dawn.  I really admire you.  Oh, the meme, seems like a bit of good fun.  Thanks!  xoxo CATHY

randlprysock said...

Great answers in the meme... hope you get some peace n quiet!  Five kids is a lot!

gazker said...

I am glad the tabs are beggining to kick in...........Even if they do make a a bit sick. When you are down to no dizziness and sickness, you know the tabs are gonna work.
Hugs Gaz x

tenyearnap said...

"I am unfinished" -- I like that one! --Cin

helmswondermom said...

I liked the meme.  If I do it, I'll try to remember where I got it this time! lol