Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sharp Dressed Man

Late this afternoon, we headed back to Kohl's on a quest to buy Fuzzy's attire for the wedding!

We decided to skip the jackets, as they are so expensive!  Fuzzy is in men's sizes!  So, instead, we got Fuzzy a lovely pair of dress pants, a smart Arrow dress shirt, and a lovely silk tie.

Here is the result, so far:

Fuzzy picked the shirt color.  He likes to make a bold statement, as you can see.  You cannot tell as well in the pick, but the tie is shimmery, and has the blue in the shirt, and lighter hues, mixed with a whole range of beiges.  Really smart looking!

We need to address shoes with him.  I will save that for another day!

Hammer found a Transformers tee shirt at Kohl's.  He was thrilled, and he is soooo happy he doesn't have to go to the wedding and get dressed up.  He thinks the dress clothes would have bothered his Asperger's sensitivities.  Honestly, he is probably right. 

Everything always works out for a reason, I always believe.

We had a nice dinner at Chili's!  Yes, Chili's again!  The food is good and reasonable, and now that the kids eat adult sized meals, that is an important variable!

Libby is being so silly tonight!  She is barking at everything!  Usually, she only acts this way when Hubby is out!  She really isn't a barker at all, so when she gets like this, it is so unusual and annoying!  LOL 

Oh, I have to make a correction!  Earlier today, I said Fuzzy was doing his rifle badge, I was wrong.  He was working on his 'shotgun' badge.  Apparently, they are two different badges!  LOL

He did great!  In order to earn the badge, you need to shoot 24 out of 50 clay skeet targets.  According the woman who has run the range for almost 25 years, very few boys get more than half way on the first try...

Fuzzy got 21 out of 50!  He only missed the badge by three!  Hubby, the other ass't scoutmaster, his son, and the range lady were so proud of him!  And, of course, all of us who were home were proud, too. 

And, now....

Thank you so very much!  I can't believe how many wonderful people have decided to do Pumpkin's Meme!  You've made her giddy with delight, as she reads and responds to each one! 

And, you have all really touched my heart!  Thank you, from the bottom of it!

Enjoy your Sunday tomorrow!

be well,


nightmaremom said...

Love that tie!!!!  He is going to look so sharp!!  As for the Meme.. it was fun.. looking forward to her next one :)

topazscorpio27 said...

Wow!  Take pictures of the kids when they are all dressed up.  Is it wrong to tell the Fuzzmeister to call me when he's 18?!  I kid! I kid you!  I wouldn't do that!  Anyway,Sasha's not a barker either.  Mainly,it's because Sash was the runt and her mom died giving birth to her and so she never learned how to actually bark!  As far as Pumpkin goes well, the kid is great!!!  -Dawn-

mleighin21st said...

I just love the dark blue shirt!  Dressed up is a lot different than it used to be.  Thank goodness.  
Dawn, again with the food!  I've got to go have a snack now.   I'm glad you all got out together.
                        ((HUGS))  Leigh


astoriasand said...

The outfit for Fuzzy is great I think both the kids will look fantastic.Waiting to see pics whenever of them all dressed up.Jackets are a real high price here too in England.Well done to Fuzzy on the shooting.Clap Clap.I think you are becoming addicted to thet good food LOL!! Why not enjoy the meals out while you can.Mmmmm.Have a lovely Sunday yourself.Take Care God Bless Kath

toonguykc said...

That tie is very cool!  Very 80's MTV-ish.  When will Pumpkin have her own blog?  I bet she'd have many readers.


psychfun said...

You will have to take pix when you are at the wedding so we can see this awesome looking family!

nay0114 said...

Wow he's gonna look great and your daughter is gonna look great. Now what's the parents wearing? I wanna see pictures.
LoL Pumpkin should feel special I did her Meme way before yours of all this week. I finally caught up with you though.
Take care, Chrissie

eml625 said...

Fuzzy will look so handsome !! Wow. Great colors.
I was so happy that Pumkin added her own comment in my journal...that was sweet. And you have to tell her that I NEVER do them, and that her's was SO good I just had to !!!
big hugs,

hpycmpr155 said...

i like shopping at Kohl's too.
They have a lot of nice things and you can find some great bargains.
Good luck to Fuzzy on getting his badges, We shoot twice a week.
I took a "women's only" skeet shooting trip back in May and (pardon the pun...) HAD A BLAST> I hope he does well and stays safe.

Will check back soon.


candlejmr said...

Ahhhh, I love Kohls......Fuzzy is gonna look SO handsome....I LOVE the shirt and tie!!!!

We had dinner at Chili's yesterday too!  We don't go there often but we were on our way home from vacation and wanted to stop somewhere.  What an AWESOME menu!!  We ordered way too much and brought home a ton of leftovers.  

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


glensfork4 said...

Wow that is a nice outfit...I have to dress my son & hubby for a HUGE FORMAL wedding daughter is a bridesmaid & I have my formal "gown" but I wish (almost) it was a simple little get together......


chat2missie said...

Fuzzy did a great job picking his outfit for the wedding.  

luddie343 said...

Congrats to Fuzzy!  That's one heck of a great score - I used to go skeet-shooting as a kid, loved it.  Never did as well as Fuzzy tho.  Stay well - xoxo CATHY    

gazker said...

Fuzzy is gonna be turning heads in his get up! It was a pleasure doing Pumpkins meme. No problem at all!
Gaz x

hsauls said...

Dressing an aspie boy is a trial that only mothers of aspie boys can truly understand. We had a kohl's meltdown a few weeks ago because Austin was SURE he still wears a size 8. He refused to try the size 14 or 16 that he actually needed... until I got him into them and he found out they felt so much better and had MORE POCKETS. At least we're past the "no sock" stage. That went on until he was 11. He could not STAND socks on his feet EVER. Just wanted to let you know... I know what you're dealing with my Kcup drinking, aspie raising friend!

deshelestraci said...

So much good news!  I have gone skeet shooting once.  It is NOT an easy thing!  Good for your boy!
Great outfit also!
We really like Chili's.  Especially the service at ours.  Refills before you start to think about them needing refilling and other nice things.

sdoscher458 said...

Your son did good, must have a good eye. That outfit looks great too. I can remember when my sons went from dirty jeans to "dress up" clothes and worrying how their hair looked lol...preening is, Sandi

rdautumnsage said...

Love Fuzzy's dress clothes. The tie is perfect for that shirt, brings it together with the grey slacks wonderfully. (Hugs) Indigo

helmswondermom said...

Very sharp outfit!
I finally did Pumpkin's meme!

ioeyew said...

I like what I see so far, Thanks

tenyearnap said...

Fuzzy is a natural at putting the colors together. I love the blue shirt! --Cin