Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fool in the Rain

Great idea, Maxine, because I am sick of this flooding crap!

Can't it just rain 'normally' anymore?  Apparently not!  Either torrential downpours from hell or drought.  That's your choices lately!  UGH!

So, yep, more water in the freakin' basement.  Moving on now...

THANK YOU!  You are all wonderful!  Your comments build me up, give me strength, and help me smile!

Linda, over at Lost in my own thoughts, has done a meme that I haven't done yet!  HA!  She got me! 

So here it is...

10 Things you did today...

1.     Slept late, and I really needed it.  Just the stress and the pain, and the sleepover (LOL) catching up with me.

2.     Drank coffee... I am on cup #3 right now.  Did you see the big news story about the study that shows for women, drinking 3 cups a day helps your memory!  Wooohooo!

3.     Freaked out while waking Hubby up for work that there was the sound of water rushing into the basement.  The rushing sound was actually what the pump was putting into the slop sink... thankfully!

4.     Made a breakfast Hot Pocket for myself.

5.     Made Bagel Bites for the kids.

6.     Took a shower.

7.     Used the blow dryer to style my hair. (I count these separate as I have to use Spoons for each task see: The Spoon Theory)

8.     Read my emails and caught up on journal entries.

9.     Read an article that my mom brought home from work about the company that is buying her company.

10.     Started this journal entry!  Ta-da!

So there ya have it!  Thanks Linda!

I haven't done much today, I know, but the day is young here!

Happy Hump Day to all, and I will try to be back later!

be well,


gazker said...

Me needs to know what a hot pocket is!
Gaz xx

astoriasand said...

HAAAAA Love the top graphic it is soooo funny,happy to read the pump was working lol!! Happy hump day to you too enjoy!! I'm off for a BUCKET  full of coffee now if it's good for the memory  lol!! Mmmmmmmmmm Take Care God bless Kath

tenyearnap said...

Soory about the swimming pool/basement. have had enough of that already!
If 3 cups a day help your memory, then you should be remembering things that haven't even happened yet, huh? --Cin

klconard1 said...

Drat the weather!  Here in KS after all of the flooding rains we had early in the summer, we are at a heat index of 107 at this minute and dry as a bone.  The yard, except for my flowerbeds, is so dry the cracks in it are huge.  I am sorry you are getting the rain we need here, dearheart.  Water in the basement is sure the pits!
loving you

luddie343 said...

Another great entry - and thank you Dawn for the link to The Spoon Theory, I'd not heard of it and it's exactly what's needed.  I have something I call The Milky Way Mentality but it doesn't do anyone any good lol.  My part of NJ is flooded awfulyl badly, yet the sun is bright and cheery, it's a conundrum!  xoxo CATHY  

topazscorpio27 said...

I had to do this one.  -Dawn-

ktkamanski said...

Will put this on my To Do list! Love your answers that you've shared with us! Thanks for being YOU! Take care,

dpoem said...

I did this one as well.  And you didn't even have to tag me.  That's gotta be worth at least a couple of points, huh?


nightmaremom said...

sorry 'bout the rain and flooding...  the weather is just bizarre these days

chat2missie said...

Sorry about the flooding, I just wish we'd get some heavy rain.

sdoscher458 said...

Wow, what is happening to the weather, images of global warming flashing through my head. I'm almost 64 never heard of a tornado hitting in Brooklyn like this...water spout yeah, small ones. They also got snow in South America recently in places that have never seen snow ever. I still have to see that movie An Inconvenient Truth...but it does make you stop and think., Sandi

mleighin21st said...

  Basement flooding is the Pits.  We haven't had any of that rain here in Michigan, and we need some.  Big wildfire in the U.P.
  Thanks for the link to the "Spoon Theory",  it's very informative.  I'm so glad you save one of those Spoons for us each day.
  Tired tonight, I'll have to do the meme tomorrow.
                      (((HUGS)))   Leigh

toonguykc said...

A really noisy thunderstorm just passed through here....and temps are supposed to be in the triple digits tomorrow.  Think it'll be humid??!!  :(


cherry2sweet2eat said...

your basement is really taking a hit from all this rain!

nay0114 said...

Wow somebody gotcha. LoL... I'm collecting your Memes and will work on them in an entry as is my NORM these days.
Take care, Chrissie

eml625 said...

I agree about the weather, yesterday was crazy. My street flooded. My kitchen A/C leaked like a faucet. Its insane.
Stay cool !

deshelestraci said...

Sounds like a good start to yesterday!  Sorry about the flooding!  Boo.

coelha said...

Oh noo!!  I'm sorry about the flooding!!  We are having such strange weather, aren't we??  Julie :)  P.s.  I love your graphics--I need some coffee, like NOW myself!!  

rdautumnsage said...

We have only mowed our considerable large yard twice this year. Why? for the reasons you have just stated. It's ridiculous it's getting to the point I would rather have an overgrown lawn with weeds than deal with the idiotic weather. So unlike me......Can we all say "Blah" Summer together. Sorry about the basement hon, maybe Maxine has the right idea. You would have your own indoor swimming pool. (Hugs) Indigo

pharmolo said...

We're not doing too badly for rain - a band of the stuff is just moving in from the Atlantic this evening, but our rain tends to move on rapidly. Said he, after a raindrenched Monday this week lol

swmpgrly said...

I loved the coffee memory thing until i found out it was for women over 65
How do they get this stuff down to a science like that.

glensfork4 said...

Sorry about the flooding....I have been praying for rain here...and it just ain't coming and it is hotter than heck.