Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Goofy Goobers

I have 5 kids here today!  My three, and DogBoy and Peanut!

Their mom is a teacher, and she got a new job this year, and had to start an orientation training this week.  I volunteered last week to have the kids for a day!

Our kids (Bob & Ilene's, and ours) get along so well it is really wonderful!

With Uncle Larry dying, I forgot to tell you all about the shark tooth adventure with Boy Scouts on Saturday!  The boys had a good time but it was so hot that Hammer didn't enjoy himself as much as he could have were it cooler. 

However, the boys got some wonderful 50 million plus, shark teeth fossils!  Some from sand shark ancestors, and some from tiger shark ancestors.  Very cool.

The real adventure started for Hubby on the way out of the woods that surrounds the creek!  The boys in the troop were about 50 feet ahead of Hubby and another leader.  The boys were whacking the brush away with sticks.

Well, it looks like one of them hit a yellow jacket nest, because before they knew it, Hubby and the other leader were being swarmed!!  They ran out of the woods, but both were chased and stung!!!

In the end, Hubby had 7 stings!  3 on the right arm, one on the left, one on his right flank, one on his right foot, and one under his chin!  The other leader only had one!  They took Benedryl right away. 

Overnight, the stings got much worse on Hubby!  We had to call the doctor and get him started on a steroid course to help with the swelling and itching.  Yesterday, he was better, but they still itch. 

Never a dull moment here in Dawn's world!!!

Still not sure about tomorrow... more later.

be well,


glensfork4 said...

Is your hubby allergic??? I would have ran sooo fast.....but probably not fast enough I'd say.


sugarsweet056 said...

You're right, never a dull moment there. LOl
Huggies to hubby. {{}}
Have a nice week.

acoward15 said...

At least the boys were ok.

sunnyside46 said...

It's fun to have a houseful of kids
My Tom will absolutly FREAK over a sting!

chat2missie said...

Your poor husband.  He hasn't been having a good time lately with the boyscouts.  Didn't he get really sick at a camp a few weeks ago?  At least the little ones didn't get stung.

helmswondermom said...

I hope those stings heal soon!  They can be so bad!  Congrats to the boys on those fossils!  Eler Beth would have loved that.

ktkamanski said...

That is so sweet of you to take in two more ~ although your really good about that anywho. Boy your poor hubby is having a rough time this summer! Hope he finds some comfort soon ~ Enjoy the rest of your day, Take care,

pharmolo said...

Ouch, that must have hurt all those stings... 50 million fossils? Or 50 million years old?

astoriasand said...

Good grief,I would have been terrified being stung so much.I hope he soon heals poor hubby.It's a shame it was too hot for Hammer to enjoy.Still sounds they had a good time .I am sure you will enjoy all the kids round you,hope it doesn't prove too tiring for you.Have a great Wednesday.Just doing a few alerts roll on Monday let me get away for  abreak too.He-He.Take Care God Bless.Kath
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erarein63 said...

It's always something isn't it?  Glad they thought to bring the benadryl.   Good that they had a good time regardless, even with the heat.  De ;)

cacklinrosie101 said...

You sure do never have a dull moment.  Enjoy your day.  Take it easy with all the kids there.  Glad your hubby got that Benadryl.  Those stings can get nasty.  Get some rest.  You'll make the right decision.  HUGS  Chris

cherry2sweet2eat said...

your hubby sounds like he is allergic to them. Thats how my mother gets she swells up and it gets hard for her to breath so she has to take a eppi pen where ever she goes just incase she gets stung.

tenyearnap said...

Nope, it is never dull in DawnLand! Shark fossil teeth are really cool. --Cin

tendernoggle said...

Oh my goodness...Those stings can be dangerous...
love ya,

deshelestraci said...

I missed this one!  Oh poor hubby!  That is no fun!  The shark tooth hunt sounded fun to start with!

toonguykc said...

I have a small corked bottle of shark teeth fossils that I collected on a North Carolina beach.  So glad Hubby isn't allergic to wasp stings!


rdautumnsage said...

Busy, energetic household. Sorry to hear about Hubby. He hasn't had the best luck with stings this year has he? (Hugs) Indigo

klconard1 said...

Yikes --- hope the steroids make the stings go down quickly.  That is too much excitement!
loving you

emabecmar said...

oh my gosh, how awful for your hubby. OUCH!!!!! (((((hugs)))))))

sangrialel said...

Five kids is so much fun!!  Just like my life everyday!  Linda

gazker said...

Ya know what I love about you Dawn? You smile through everything!
Gaz ;-)

madmanadhd said...

Akkkkk that's what he gets fer being so sweet and all... attracted them yeller jackets like women to a half-price sale at Macy's. Notice they didn't harass the boys or the other leader. You have gone and done sweetened up that man until he's nuthin but yeller jacket bait. Since I am in a similar sweetness of constitution I have been keeping a safe distance from the dang yeller jacket nest a brewin right outside where our window AC sets. Only problem is that sometimes the pesky critters must be able to sense my sweetness cause they get in the house through a minute crack in between the AC unit and window. Yeah that's a real barrel of fun.

Sure hope hubby didn't suffer too long. Nasty stuff to live with, bee bites, specially in the feet and flanks.

Wishing you a sting-free fall.