Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Reeling and Rocking

What a busy day today!  

Drove 40 minutes out to pick up Dill, then drove 40 minutes back!  

Took all the kids to GameStop to return used video games for credit, and then used the credit to buy a new game.  Trying to get three kids to decide on a game is always fun.  Finally, they agreed on Super Paper Mario for the Wii.  (Dill didn't get a vote, but he was the easiest to please anyhow!)

Came home and had a sandwich while feeding the kids.  Ran to BJ Warehouse with my dad on an errand.

Came back home and took a vicodin, and sat down to relax for the first time since getting up at 10ish!!!  

Of course, then Hubby called to announce he was on the bus on the way home, which was great, since he said he would be very late, but now my dad had to run and pick him up, since I took the vicodin.

About 45 minutes after Hubby came home and we all relaxed for a bit, it was out to dinner (thanks mom and dad), for a 'step' above fast food, to celebrate Dill's arrival! 

Straight from dinner to the local market to pick up some munster cheese, a quiche, cut up cantaloupe (since my hands are not cooperating), tzatziki dip (for carrot sticks/veggies), and pizza bagels (big ones, homemade at the market, just have to cook).

Hubby is taking Hammer, Fuzzy and Dill to the 1pm Yankees game tomorrow!  The kids are soooo excited!  Hubby got the tickets from his company's box.  The seats are great.  They are in the loge area, and in the shade!  Rain or shine, good seats!  There will probably be a tribute to Phil Rizzuto, since he died today.  (the 'holy cow' guy!)  

That is why I got all the doings for a special lunch tomorrow for me and Pumpkin.  We will be here together.  I think we will play cards and some board games together.  We are also going to run out with my dad to pick up school backpacks together.  :-)

In other exciting news, Hubby was also given tickets to the Jets pre-season football game on Friday!  So, the plan for that is for Hubby to take, my dad (who is a huge Jets fan), Fuzzy and Dill! 

Pumpkin, Hammer and I will wait for tickets to a Giants game! LOL  Although, I like the Jets, too... I am up for whatever!

So, yes, it will be a busy week, and real treat for Dill!  And, his birthday is in 2 weeks, so this is really nice; I am glad we can do this for him! 

Okay... talk to you all later!

be well,

ps... The dragon at top is me, now, in the beginning of the week... and the one below... me at the end of the week!  LOL


mleighin21st said...

Hi Dawn, sometimes that's me at the start and end of the day!Hope you and Pumpkin have a real fun "girls only" lunch tomorrow.  Sounds like fun, and yummy.  I bet the boys will have fun at the Baseball game, too.  Football?  Oh yeah, can't wait.  Although I won't get to go see a game live, I still love to watch on TV.  :-)  

rdautumnsage said...

Sounds like a busy week, as well as an adventuresome one for Dill with a Yankee Game and a Jets Game. Pumpkin will have a great time getting you to herself. (Hugs) Indigo

plittle said...

Heh. Heh, heh. Heh, heh, heh, she said, "BJ Warehouse." Heh, heh...

eml625 said...

The Yankee game should be a real treat.  I know they announced it at *yesterdays' game too. So sad, a great, great man. Enjoy the time with Dill.(hee hee). Feel better.

tlgf1968 said...

yanks & jets? holy smokes what a lucky kid! you guys have set quite a precedent lol  ummmm, can i come to a sleepover sometime? like, during football season? :0))  hahahaha  i was just curious, since you mentioned your hands again, if you'd ever had parafin treatments?  don't ask why this suddenly popped into my head ... couldn't tell you in a million kajillion!  just remember how wonderful my joints felt after having parafin treatments when my middle finger was broken a few years ago.  it doesn't take long - maybe 15 minutes - and it's something that can be done at home or at physical therapy if dr prescribes.  the parafin baths purchased OTC can be pricey but the higher priced ones can definitely be worth it.  smooth skin, awesome nails, and the best feeling joints ... you can even put your elbows in the bath!  lol  hope this helps! :)  ((( peace ))) + football!!

randlprysock said...

Wow... Yankees and the Jets!!!  That is awesome!  My Nicholas would be drooling ....