Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Paradise by the Dashboard Light

No, I am not doing an entry on the subject of the above song!

However, I did want to mention that Phil Rizzuto, Yankee Champion, and Baseball Hall of Famer as a player and radio/tv announcer, died yesterday at 89.

 The famed shortstop in 1955.

Phil's #10 has long been retired, but up until the past year, as illness and old age took their toll, he was a frequent visitor at the Yankees clubhouse.

Even if you are not a fan of baseball, you may know Phil from his contribution to the Meatloaf mega-hit, 'Paradise by the Dasboard Light'.  Phil's famous catch phrase, forever immortalized in rock, 'Holy Cow, I think he's gonna make it!'.

Today the 'boys' of the house were at the 'House that Ruth Built', for the last game in a series against the Baltimore Orioles.  It was a beautiful day, 81 degrees and sunny, with clear blue skies.

I would like to say the Yankees won, but I can't. 

Hammer, Fuzzy, Dill, and Hubby were winners though.  Today was hat day (freebies), and they had a great time!  They got to see the video memorial of Phil Rizzuto, saw the #10 painted in front of each dugout, and saw the Yankees playing with #10 patches on their uniform sleeves. 

It was a special day.  This Yankee blue font color is to honor that day, as well.

Pumpkin and I played cards for most of the day.  We played gin rummy, crazy eights, trash and 21.  We also went shopping with Grandpa (my dad) for backpacks.  Pumpkin got a magenta Jansport, and Fuzzy a cool camouflage one.  My kids really need good backpacks.  If we get the less expensive kind from the drugstore or toy store, I end up buying another one right after Christmas.  Ugh.

They are heading to their scoutmaster's house right now, to go over their latest badge work.  So, it is just Pumpkin and I again!

Pumpkin is all showered and in her jammies, enjoying having the Wii to herself.  I am also in my jammies, enjoying the quiet!  LOL

I am doing better with the plaquenil.  I have noticed that yesterday and today, my stomach seems less bothered by it.  I am trying to be smart enough to eat when I take it, too.  It helps.  I am still swollen and sore though.  My toes, hands, wrists and elbows are throbbing.  I will survive!!!  :-)

be well,


mrsm711 said...

Love that song.  Interesting story about phil. The days of getting backpacks are gone for me.  SIGH!  We did go school shopping, but it is so different than when they were so young.  I miss those days and will always treasure them, but I am enjoying these days too.  :)     Tracy

erarein63 said...

We got a few things for school, but mostly using last years, except for new really cool spidy lunchbox.  That is until Caleb lost it today, 3rd day of school.  Let's just say when I picked up the boy he was sooo upset.  I said "no biggy, we'll either find it or get you a new one."  "Okay Mom, snif, snif"  Oh the drama of it all.  Glad you are having a good day.  I've gotta get ready for work.  De ;)

deshelestraci said...

Great day for the boys!  And I like your day too.  I taught Emma to play War today.  She really liked that and it reinforces math skills!!!  Whoop!
I always love that Meatloaf album.  I about wore it out!

tlgf1968 said...

hard to believe that another one of the famous yanks is gone.  glad that the boys got to enjoy the day and that you and pumpkin did, too.  my "lil" girl and i did some school shopping today as well.  hard to believe she will be moving out in less than 7 hours.  they grow so fast!  hope thursday brings you a pain-free day :)  (paraffin ... lol)

eml625 said...

You know I NEVER realized that was him in that song...... DUH !

I heard our local radio guys (Opie and Anthony) talking about Phil, he was sure an amazing guy and will be missed.

chat2missie said...

I didn't know he died.  Guess that's what happens when you don't watch the news much.  Enjoy your Thursday.

preciousone25 said...

Very Sad, I love the Yankees NOW, I didn't know about Phil Rizzuto... but have learned alot since his death.


luddie343 said...

Oh no, the "holy cow" guy died?  Geez,  I love the Yanks, just watched them lose to the Orioles.  As for the plaquenil it seems to be building up enuf in your system so it can work properly.  Good idea about the food - stay strong XOXO CATHY

gazker said...

I am behind in my alerts, but I am pleased to here that your medication is stopping you feeling so bad.............Big hugs, Gaz xx

helmswondermom said...

I don't know why, but I thought he had died a few years ago!