Thursday, November 3, 2005

When Several Days Attack at Once - Part 2

Saturday was a busy day, filled with dance classes, shopping for new winter coats for the kids, and last minute Halloween things. 

We had a party to attend as a family at 7 pm.  The party was great fun, and we had a really nice time.  A few times Fuzzy wandered away from his friends and came by me.  One time, he admitted he was still sad about the little bird and was having a hard time letting go to enjoy himself.  In the end though, we had to pull all the kids away from their friends to head home at midnight.

Fuzzy had a football game on Sunday.  It was a tough game.  The team was very good and beat them soundly 34 - 0.  Fuzzy played every play for the offense.  We sat in 2 hours of traffic on the way home due to an accident and construction on the NJ Turnpike.  Not fun.

Fuzzy had fallen hard on his right arm and complained that it was hurting.  Hubby is a coach and remembers this happening and since Fuzzy seemed okay, he kept playing.  We began to ice it and gave him motrin and then a while after dinner Fuzzy asked to go to the ER for an x-ray, it was hurting real bad.

Off we went at 7:30pm.  Two sets of x-rays, a sling, and referral to a pediatric orthopedist, we were back home at 11:30 pm.  Not bad really.  They have a special Pediatric ER, and they kids through pretty quickly.  Yes, I do think 4 hours is pretty quick for an ER visit.

The pediatric ortho visit was on Monday afternoon.  He confirmed the ER was right in its final decision that there was not a break.  However, he felt that Fuzzy pulled ligaments and needed to be in the sling for two weeks and no sports or gym either.  He will recheck him on 11/15, and decide if he can return then to contact sports.  Fuzzy will have only one football game left on November 20th, and he has already told us he will be 'freakin mad' if he can't play. 

Well, we shall see.

Fuzzy, Hammer, and Pumpkin were still able to trick or treat on Monday afternoon.  Pumpkin very happily held her brothers bag as we went up and down our town center that hosts the trick or treaters each year.  The kids got a great haul of candy as always.

Fuzzy is getting help at school with someone carrying his books and helping him with writing and notes etc.  It is his right hand, making this more tricky!  At home, the doc said he can remove the sling more and more as he feels able to do so. 

Tonite, he had it off most of the night.  It is starting to feel good, which the doc said is the most dangerous time for re-injury, that is why at school he will keep the sling on.

Never a dull moment, huh?  Sunday night after the ER, Fuzzy told me that this had to be the worst weekend of his life.  I am sure that it must have felt that way.

And then, there was Remicade and an allergic reaction... coming up next.

Be well,




lv2trnscrb said...

again, poor Fuzzy! Matt broke his wrist when he was 7 so I understand the discomfort. And there's more to your story.....


lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn,
OMG Poor Fuzzy(((Fuzzy)))I hope that God cuts hima break soon!
Let us know I would liek to knwo when his pain lets up

eml625 said...

Dawn your boy sounds so much like my son !! It's amazing. I really hope he's feeling better soon !! What a weekend you had.


vortexgirl said...

Considering he wasn't gushing blood or unconscious I would have to agree that 4 hours isn't a bad wait at all.

jouell3935 said...

Aww poor guy...I think he may be amazed at what he can accomplish with just the one arm. He sure sounds like a tough kid with lots of is hoping for a better week!

madmanadhd said...

Bummer for Fuzzy... yet out of adversity comes strength and there are blessings balancing  all challenges. Pumpkin had the opportunity to nurture and show her concern for a family member. Little bondings that weave through the fabric of our lives. Fuzzy was able to discover that sometimes it's ok to accept help from others.  It sounds like the injury didn't deter getting a candy haul either.


gypsytrader49 said...

Sheesh! Poor kid. Hope he feels better soon.