Friday, February 3, 2006

A Quick Howdy Ho!

I am happily listening to the kids playing in the gorgeous unseasonal weather.  It is 60 degrees today, February 3rd.  It should be about 35 or 40 degrees.  No wonder everyone we know is fighting being sick every other day!

Well, the kids are happy.  They are outside playing football and basketball without jackets!  UGH!!!

We leave this weekend for our ski vacation in the Poconos.  The weather man keeps reassuring us that colder temps are on the way, and I sure HOPE SO! 

After all, what is a ski vacation with no snow?  And, the artificial snow will melt too, if this keeps up.  Double ugh!

The laundry has begun.  I am so lucky that my mom has been doing the hard part... leaving me with the folding mostly.  I will pack right from where I folded! 

Otherwise, things are well, just wanted to drop in and visit for a few!

Be well,



jckfrstross said...

Have a fun trip:)


sdoscher458 said...

Oh have fun...I love the Poconos...we used to go to Penn Hills in our younger days..oh lala...heart shaped beds and baths!  My daughter & soninlaw just took their 4 kids to the Van Trapps up in Vermont...think they have snow....take care and enjy yourself.....Sandi

lurkynat said...

Dawn have agreat trip!

thebaabee said...

Have a wonderful trip.  I will pray for colder temps and snow for you.

Hugs, Lu

eml625 said...

Isnt this weather crazy? They have said it's getting colder this coming week.
Have a great time on the ski trip. Take pictures.


sangrialel said...

Have fun on your vacation!!!  We are going to the Poconos on the 24th of this month for our anniversary!  Lelly

sunnyside46 said...

yay for you

gabreaelinfo said...

Have a great time!