Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wordplay for Val

I decided to jump in and do this weeks Wordplay with Val from valphish at Val's Thoughts

Val asked for your pet's names and how your pet got their names and to put in pictures if you could.  I have put these in before but not with the name stories I don't think.

This is Pumpkin, our oldest pet, and an all black tabby cat.  We named her Pumpkin because we adopted her the first week in October and we had several Halloween decorations hanging up and on display that had black cats in them.  She joined us in 1995 and will be 11 years old in August.

My oldest son, Hammer, was 3 years old at the time and his first choice for a name was 'Girl', so Pumpkin it was!  lol

Pumpkin is my special fur baby.  She sleeps with me every night, and my bed is her special place, and she doesn't like any of the other pets to come near it at all!  Pumpkin tolerates our other cat and despises the dog.  She was here first and lets them all know it all the time!

Next to join our family is Liberty.  Her nickname is Libby and we basically call her that all the time except when she is in trouble!  Her name was chosen by all three kids.  Libby was born 11/26/2001, and we adopted her in February 6, 2002, when she was just 8 weeks old.  The kids chose the name as a reminder of 9/11 and the fight for liberty and peace over terrorism, for all the world's people.  Very special kids I have... :-)

Libby is a yellow lab and has AKC registered parents and grandparents.  We knew we were having her spayed so we didn't register Libby with the AKC.  She is a light champagne color and has the brown nose and eye area, unlike many yellow labs that have black noses and eye area.  I like to say she is a 'true blonde' like me!

Libby is very gentle and loves kids.  All kids.  Even babies.  She is amazing with very small children and will let them pull at her, stick their hands in her mouth and eyes and just lay there and let them do whatever.  Of course, she gets to lick them and gets any food they drop, which is a lot when they are little.

She is a food-aholic and a real chewer.  She still hasn't figured out that pencils are not a good snack.  Such is the life with a lab.  Her quirks are few and her perks are many!  Libby follows me everywhere I go in the house, except to bed!  She is very spoiled in the fact that I am home and so is Hammer.  She hates being alone and gets sad and naughty when left that way for long!

Libby loves both the cats and the hamster.  Unfortunately, only one cat tolerates her.... see below!

Next, April 2003 came Tina.  She was adopted from a PetSmart store locally and was 5 months old when we got her, and already spayed.  She was feral, but she has adapted pretty well, although, not a snuggly kitty at all, she has her moments and her people. 

Tina was the name the adoption people gave her and my eldest, Hammer, insisted we leave it the same.  She had been through enough.

Tina loves my husband.  Who barely tolerates cats.  She is sleeping in his jeans above.  She begs him to pet her and about once a week, he does.  The rest of the time she finds discarded clothing of his, and rubs all over them like she is in heat and then, goes to sleep on them. 

Tina also loves Libby.  And, Libby loves Tina.  They sleep together, all curled up, it is so cute.  Tina will even let Libby give her a tongue bath.  Very cute. 

Last, but not least, is Lightning, the Panda Bear Hamster.  He is very sweet and was named by my middle son, Fuzzy, because he goes like lightning on his wheel.  We also call him 'Tweak', after the South Park character addicted to coffee.  My kids don't watch SP, but hubby and I have in the past, so it is basically, just our nickname for him.

Lightning is very entertaining for us at night while we are watching tv, the later the better!  His antics climbing around his cage and running in his wheel are very funny!  And, watching Libby trying to lick him through the cage is amusing. too.

So, that is our menagerie and all about their names!

Thanks, Val!

Be well,









gdireneoe said...

Wow.  That's quite a crew! ;)  C.

cherry2sweet2eat said...

cute squad! LOVE THE BLACK CAT! BEAUTIFUL i always wanted one i find them mysterious sort of.

lv2trnscrb said...

My favorite of your pets is Libby; she reminds me a lot of Koda


lurkynat said...

very sweet pets! thank you Dawn! love,natalie

tishgray0726 said...

Oops.  I forgot to include the pictures.  I figured out how to add my own journal.  I hope you enjoy looking at my babies.

valphish said...

Dawn, your "crew" is incredible!  I'm sure they bring you so much joy!  Pumpkin is beautiful.  She looks alot like my Honey!  Does she have any white on her?  I have a special affection for black cats for some reason.  Don't know why.  Libby is gorgeous.  I am so proud of your children for giving her her wonderful name!  Tina has gorgeous markings, too!  Oh, I could go on and on about everyone's pets!  I love reading about pets =)!!  Thanks for participating, Dawn!! xox

sunnyside46 said...

We just have aquired a dog who showed up at our door. Mariah named her Loki after the Norse god of mischief, but my hkusband insists on calling her Loogie,as in "hock a ..."

cdittric77 said...

Fabulous entry, Dawn! Love it! My black tabby, Ulysses is happy to share a similar look :)


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