Thursday, August 3, 2006

AOL Free??? No Way? WAY!!!!

Really!!!  It is FREE!!!

Well, okay, if you don't use dial-up!!!  I don't, I have broadband from my cable company!

So, I read the letters from the president of AOL and I read the Frequently Asked Questions. 

It said to call and gave a number.

I was online, reading emails during the 40 minute wait for the live AOL billing representative to take my call.

After apologizing for the wait, which was also noted on the recording, she confirmed that - YES, IT IS FREE!!! 

No more $15 per month!!!  I wouldn't have those 10 hours of dial-up as a back up anymore, but I have never used them since going broadband, and I think I will be able to continue to live without them.

I stayed online the whole time, and not one thing has changed on my AOL accounts.  Each screen name got a note from the rep that helped me, and each screen name is totally functional!!

So, I just wanted to share that little bit of sunshine with all of you! 

So, if you don't have dial-up, call them and see if you can go FREE!!!!  They won't just do it... you must call!!!

But, hey, it is worth it!

be well,



sunnyside46 said...

I dont' understand how can this be for real?
can you use AOL as your provider? Like I won't need bellsouth any more?

hunybea4him said...

ya I saw that e-mail too and was going to try the webmail blog this feature to show it to the world lol but havn't got to it.  I first got wind of the aol going Free from FNC and they were saying it was going to effect the company by massive job losses... that sucks but hey.. whoot I get AOL for free.. now if they would KEEP the jobs in USA and cut the customer service farmed out jobs to countries that have heavy accents.

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Thank you for this valuable information. Keep us updated on how everything goes. I have a dial up special until October so I'm going to wait a while. I am especially interested in knowing about the unlimited e-mail since I do psp.

sdoscher458 said...

I know they confused the heck out of me. Pushing for us to add this and add that service etc. of course all for they are going to the other extreme? There is something more to this than meets the eye...I think it all falls in line for when they try to take over the internet, throw us little bits of goodies so that the public will not fight their taking over the net......Sandi

fisherkristina said...

Here is one change:  No phone tech support.  Not sure if that will include online tech support.  Who would want a service that doesn't include tech support?  Thanks but NO THANKS.


eml625 said...

Lets party - J-land style.

klconard1 said...

We are still on dial-up here, been talking about moving to DSL for some time but couldn't decide to actually make the move.  Since we pay for a second phoneline to use the dialup AOL, this will save us money once we do take the plunge and go to a faster connection.  Right now, of course, those of us on dial-up will go on paying for AOL; they are providing us internet access.
They say 5.000 jobs are lost ----I feel bad for those folks and do pray they will be able to find new ones.
And I wonder how well dialup is going to be supported from yesterday onwards.  So we will not be on dial-up too much longer, I expect.
loving you

adlessor said...

As we travel we use both dial up and high speed depending on where we are.  I like the idea of keeping  tech support also.
We'll see what happens.           Dawn

lv2trnscrb said...

thanks Dawn for the number; I'm going to call them because we got cable internet now through our cable TV company so I think we might be able to qualify. I'll prepare myself for a wait with a cup of coffee and a bunch of journals to read :)

Thanks!! enjoy the weekend


bruno64056rs said...

By the way, folks, AOL is still saying something else YET will be unveiled in September. Sounds like the whole circus still ain't in town! Use your imagination as to what else could come down the tube!

wfhbear said...

Thanks for the info. Regards, Bill.

xomywayox said...

Free is a good thingy!!


luddie343 said...

I'm in the same situation as Karyl, haven't yet taken the plunge to high speed.  So I still pay AOL and actually, after reading it all still sounds like double-talk to me.  We'll see, eh?  Cathy

cacklinrosie101 said...

I have broadband also but I have to wait a month until my daughter goes back to college.  We dont' have a router so she uses dial up in her room occasionally. have to wonder because AOL charges all different prices for broadband users.  I get a real bargain.  I only pay 10.90 (how did they come up with that) for my 10 hrs of dial up and AOL service.  Inconsistent, aren't they?  ( did you get that picture of me in the morning?)  HUGS  Chris