Friday, August 4, 2006

Summer Television Confessions

Hello J-Land!

The picture above is me in the mornings! 

Now, I know some of you thought I was the kinda cute, chubby, blonde in the picture at left, but the truth is revealed.

I awaken as a coffee guzzling alien.  Just ask my kids.

Moving on to the subject of my entry.

Summer television sucks.  We all know it.  Some may be too polite to say it, but I am not.  It sucks.  There, I said it again, even.

It isn't an excuse for watching bad tv... but, it does lead to my confession.

I watch reality tv trash all summer long.

There really is nothing else to watch!  We have Tivo, so I never miss any good program during the regular season because it is automatically recorded and Hubby and I watch as time allows!

The first show that got me is now in its seventh season, thus the name, 'Big Brother 7'.  I have to say, it is truly a guilty pleasure.  Bizarre things happen to people trapped in a limited amount of space with no access to the outside world at all.  No tv, no radio, no newspapers.  No one but each other to speak with.

I love it!  A subtitle to the show could be 'What happens to good looking twenty & thirty somethings when stranded together', but I would be wrong.  There is always at least one or maybe even two forty-ish players and they may not be good looking!  <gasp>

A newer guilty pleasure has been 'Last Comic Standing'.  This is season 4, but hubby and I have only caught three of them.

This year is by far the best year.  The front runner in the competition is also my favorite comedian yet.  His name is Josh Blue.  Josh is very unique, he has Cerebral Palsy and it is a part of his act.  The thing is he makes you think and laugh along with him but never by putting himself down or being degrading in any way.  Josh said he wanted to do the show to bring awareness to CP and disabilities in general and that most disabled people are just 'regular guys and gals'.  He proves that ten-fold, while also showing that he is more than just a regular guy... he is pretty darn amazing!!!

The last show that I have been addicted to this summer is 'So You Think You Can Dance'.  The best part of this show is that Hubby and I have watched this all along with the kids!  The show exposes the kids to all kinds of dance styles and really helps to broaden their horizons!  It has been so much fun cheering on our favorites throughout the season.  The grand finale is next week, and we will probably be arguing about who should win until then!

I just realized that there is actually one more reality show....

NY YANKEE GAMES!!!!  Woohoo!!!  Go Captain Jeter and lead your guys all the way!!!

Okay... that is it.

My name is Dawn, and I am a junk reality tv addict.

I can't wait for the new fall season to start!

be well,

ps... The whole family are also educational tv addicts and we are getting our fill of Discovery Channel, History Channel, The Learning Channel, Nat'l Geographic Channel and Animal Planet!!!

This week is Shark Week - season 12... don't miss it! 


luddie343 said...

O wow Dawn, truly I wish I could enjoy those programs you do, but my dern ole brain just won't relax enough!  I'm really happy to hear the family loves Nat'l Geo etc., I only watch our local public stattion, #13 - all science, history, medicine, nature, and wonderful British Masterpieces.  Always loved that picture, it looks exactly like I feel some mornings!  Love ya, CATHY

jckfrstross said...

we watch sifi alot and discovery and history channel and the food network LOL


sangrialel said...

I am patiently waiting for the fall season to start also!  Linda

bruno64056rs said...

There, see now? I knew you couldn't go for very long without makin' up for lost time! Mornings? Man, I don't DO mornings! At least ONE of the advantages to being old, and only me and the wife "in the nest"! Maybe we should spell it MOURNINGS, instead of mornings! I was born and raised a night-owl! Amazing what you see when the "normal" people are fast asleep!

stevietwain said...

Hiya hun,

I LOVE Big Brother..I've been watching it religiously over here. Are the UK and USA verisons the same??

Thanks so much for your comments on my journal. Since making guest editor, I've had more comments than I ever expected, so I'm just trying to go round and thank everyone! It's so confusing..I dunno who i've thanked and who I haven't! lol!

Hope all's well hun, you're a really great person ya know!!

Lv Ste

lv2trnscrb said...

Oh my gosh; I haven't heard of hardly any of those shows. We have cable with 200+ channels; my husband and son love to watch TV; I like the computer LOL. However, I do enjoy watching some shows on MTV like "My Sweet Sixteen" and "My Fair Brady".

We don't have TIVO yet which is surprising, but who knows, one day I'm sure soon someone here will see the benefit of it :)

enjoy your coffee and your TV :)


bosoxblue6993w said...

n.y. yankees reality show, huh?     watching CAPTAIN JETER AND MONEYBAGS STEINBRENNER is like watching U.S. STEEL

cacklinrosie101 said...

You can tell it's 5 in the morning and I'm not awake yet.  I commented on "my" picture at the top on another entry.  I'm a total reality tv junkie.  My son loves shark week.  Now, I go for more substance like America's Top Models.  I love the ones my 20 yr old daughter watches but can never remember what channels they are on.  Since she's been home this summer, I've added to my list.  LOL...I have enough drama in my life.  I like to watch some nonsense.  HUGS  Chris

eml625 said...

A coffee guzzling alien???? YOU? Naaaaa..... LOL
All we watch here is HGTV lately !!!
Have a great weekend

ksgal3133 said...

I'll confess right along with you then....I'm hooked on BB7 and my daughter got me watching Treasure hunters. Summer TV does suck and I think they do this to us on purpose :)
We watched Dirty jobs last weekend with Shark week. Thats another good show :)


xomywayox said...

LoL I'll admit to it too. We like Fear Factor, Hell's Kitchen, Surivor, and Driving Force.



lurkynat said...

wow interesting what about Survivor and Hell's Kitchen? theyare fun!

sazzylilsmartazz said...

We look like twins in the morning except my hair is longer!

tlgf1968 said...

have you ever watched "the closer" on tnt monday nights at 9/est?  it is a fantastic crime drama!  also, "house" on tuesday nights on fox at 8/est ... there have been encore episodes (lol) all summer that dan & i have been catching up on so we will know what happens when the new season starts sept 5th at 8/est.  it is the most curious, cool medical drama i've ever watched.  hugh laurie, as dr house, says things to patients (and others) that you just KNOW our docs want to say.  ;)  there are times i am lmao at his character's comments!  now that we are out of our own version of big brother (with the nosy neighbor who complained every time we breathed too loud) we have the tv up as loud as we like so i can actually hear.  wow ... these shows are actually entertaining ... lol  :)

((( hugs )))  trace