Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Vacation a Go-Go

Next week, I will be vacationing in beautiful Wildwood Crest, New Jersey!

The Wildwoods are an island resort area at the most southern tip of NJ, just before Cape May. 

The boardwalk, or the 'World Famous Wildwood Boardwalk' as quoted on numerous sites has more rides than DisneyWorld.  It is 3 miles long and has 3 huge piers with rides.  During the day on weekends in August, there is a craft fair from 12-4pm, I can't wait!

The whole resort island is completely geared to families.  I went to Wildwood with my family every year from ages 3 to 16.  I have gone with my parents, husband, and various amount of kids since 1994, about 8 times total.  Last year, we skipped Wildwood for the cruise.  The kids missed it and have been begging to get back there, so here we go!

The boardwalk has a famous shuttle train that goes up and down the boardwalk so you can avoid walking the whole thing!  It is called the tram car, and instead of a horn it has a recording that says 'Watch the Tram Car, please' over and over and over!!! 

On our boardwalk night, we will ride the tram all the way to the end and then start a leisurely walk back, eating junk, playing games and riding a few rides. 

Here is a picture...

In the mornings, from 8am until 11am, the tram car doesn't run and the boardwalk is open for bike rides!  My dad and Fuzzy will ride every morning, and then bring back coffee for my mom, Hubby and I, around 9:30am. 

Then we get up for breakfast downstairs in the cafe, and head out to the pool or beach.  The hotel we stay at has a great pool area, and we are on the beach, so we just walk about 30 feet, and start down to the ocean.  It is so convenient that you can go back and forth between them all you want!

The beach at Wildwood is amazing.  The sand extends for at least 150 yards before the water!  The sand is also compact and very fine, so it is easy to walk on.  Our hotel put in a rubber walkway to the tide line, making it easy for families with strollers or those of us with arthritis!  lol

Here is another picture...

Every morning we see the dolphins swim by.  It is amazing.  The water is so clear and clean.  Not like the Carribean, but really nice for the northeastern seaboard.

Hubby will fly kites with the kids, and play wiffle ball and football.  We will all spend lots of time walking the waters edge looking for shells and checking out the sea life trapped in tidal pools.  Two years ago a baby sand shark was caught in the tidal pool until the high tide returned!

Every night we will go out to dinner at one of our many favorite restaurants!  The seafood is fabulous; I can't wait to have lobster tails there...they are so good!  My parents, hubby, the kids and myself, all have the ones we 'must visit'! 

Our favorite place to go when we first arrive is called Duffer's.  It is an old fashioned Victorian ice cream parlor and restaurant!  The food is great, but the atmosphere is better.  They have a train going around overhead, a bear on a tightwire (from the 30's), and a player piano.  Connecting to the restaurant is a gift shop, arcade and mini-golf. 

Oh yes, there will be lots and lots of mini-golf played next week at many different and varied courses!

One night, my parents will probably let Hubby and I have dinner alone.  That is always nice, too.

It will be my eldest son's birthday while we are there.  Hammer is turning 14!  Oh my, where did the time go?  This kids keep getting older and I know that means I am, but I don't feel it!  I can't be old enough to have a 14 year old can I?  lol

Here is a website for you Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce , it is a good place to see some pictures and plan a vacation!

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coelha said...

Well good for you Dawn!  Sounds like you and your family are in for lots of fun in the sun!  Have a good time and play safe!  :)  Julie

stevietwain said...

Wow, can I come too?! LOL!

Looks like you're in for a great time!!

Lv Stevie

bruno64056rs said...

Good idea! Give your fingers, and your mind, a little R&R! Just put plenty of pics on here, so's the rest of us know what we missed! Next week will probably seem more like only 3 or 4 days, since you'll have such a different routine! Maybe take ANOTHER, SECOND WEEK, HUH?---! Enjoy yourselves, and, of course, be careful gettin' there and back! 3's to ya', gal!!!

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Take me with you!

luddie343 said...

O Dawn, the memories Wildwood Crest brings back!  We'd sneak off there as teenagers and just let it all go, what a blast!  Thanks for the short trip to a happier time.  CATHY

cacklinrosie101 said...

Oh, I'm so've been to Wildwood many, many times.  The best boardwalk in the world, in my opinion.  HUGS  Chris

tendernoggle said...

ohhhhhhhh It all sounds like so much fun........I too love lobster tails!!!! My favorites!!!
You are making memories...remember that... AND HAVE FUN WITH YOUR KIDS AND YOUR PARENTS AND YOUR HUSBAND!!!!

lv2trnscrb said...

Looks like a great place to go on vacation, Dawn; so neat that your kids look forward to it too. Years ago when I was still working in offices (before kids) a good friend of mine and fellow employee had a summer house in Wildwood; their main house was in Philadelphia. She would tell of the beauty of Wildwood and all there was to do there.



xomywayox said...

Is this were they make that famous salt water taffy? Yummy anyhoo I hope ya have a blast.


lurkynat said...

Dawn ahve a wonderful and aterrrific trip! I love you

sdoscher458 said...

Oh that sounds so nice for you all.  What a wonderful place to take the kids to and be a family....way to go Dawn...I'm going to tell my daughter about it too, they are in New York  and always looking for an excursion with the kids....thanks...enjoy yourself....Sandi

bosoxblue6993w said...

a classier version of revere beach in the 50s.     it sounds pissah great!

wfhbear said...

What great memories your entry conjures up for me. We also spent time every year in Wildwood. I've been told that the Canadians have taken it over in the past 20 years so, you see the flag of Canada everywhere you go. That's OK as long as they know how to have fun "Jersey" style. Have a good trip, take pictures, and don't get sun burned. My REgards, Bill.

luddie343 said...

Just want to comment on that perfecr little black number you chose - the off the shoulder deal was fabulous, I want that dress Dawn!!  Have a great time, we'll miss you - CATHY  

helmswondermom said...

Hope you're having a great vacation!

eml625 said...

I hope your having a great time!!!

teeisme57 said...

Believe it or not, I've never been to Wildwood and have lived in NJ all my life! We did do a week in Cape May a few years back. We usually vacation the 3rd week in August and it always seems to be a good week weather wise.

ksgal3133 said...

ooo sounds like a wonderful time! I know you will enjoy it :)