Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hump Day...

Today is Hump Day!  Middle of the week...  and 5 days until Christmas.  However, that is actually only 4 because if you are not ready to go by the 24th, well, you are screwed.  In my world, anyhow.

So, here is the latest shakedown.  Pumpkin Muffin is back at school for two days and is much better.  Just has a teensy bit of a cough, that is a little worse in the am. 

Hammer is great, his cold gone and his chipper mood returned. 

Fuzzy... well, he didn't make it to school today either.  Yesterday, we saw the pediatric pulmonologist/allergist/immunologist who changed up all his meds.  We discontinued a bunch and slammed him with high doses on some other stuff.   Doc said he should be markedly improved today, Wednesday, and as Tuesday progressed into the evening, I did see improvement!  Yay.  It looks very good for school in the morning!

We return to above Doc on the 28th and Fuzzy will have a whole big round of allergy testing.  All good things.  He was due for a new workup.

I should be going for my monthly IV medicine in NYC in the morning, but I am not.  When I spoke with the RN's, and we talked about my cold and cough, they postponed me.  I rescheduled.  Hopefully, my rheumatoid arthritis will not flare or notice the delay at all.   Shhhhhhhhhhh........

I think now that the kids are on the mend, hopefully, Fuzzy too, I will be able to get some uninterrupted nights of sleep and be great for the weekend!  I am so excited!

I really have to start wrapping.  That will be the Wednesday plan!  Wish me luck! 

I also have to decide what to order from our local market for Christmas Day.  Nothing like the last minute, eh?  It somehow falls together each year and everyone has a blast, so, I am not worried!  Well, maybe a little...

be well,


lurkynat said...

wow Dawn! you are really great with the kdis! And you have nerves of steel!
:) hugs,natalie
ps good luck ... hugs and Best Wishes... and I am thrilled that the kids are better!

jckfrstross said...

i have just started shopping LOL i will get it done by saturday:) have a good hump day


coelha said...

Don't worry..  Be happy :)  I agree..  If you are not ready by the 24th..you are totally screwed!  Julie :)

eml625 said...

Glad everyone is getting better. I havent wrapped all yet either, dont sweat it !!! The shopping will get done too.

tenyearnap said...

Five days!! I thought there were 12 days left. I lost a week somewhere! Where did it go? Yikes. --Cin

gabreaelinfo said...


Merry Christmas!


royallsgoddess said...

only 5 days? wow, i try not to count down, where did this year go? was it just me, or did it FLY by? i think i just got done cleaning up after my new years party...hmm, now i gotta start alllll over agian. well, thats the fun i guess. by the way, im diamond..stop by my j. sometimes