Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thankful Thursday

 I am 'big boned', too, Kitty!

It is that time to count blessings...

1.     My laptop is working again!  Yay!

2.     I feel recuperated from my double trips!  I had a great time on both, and really relaxed and enjoyed my time with my mom in Atlantic City!  The family weekend was fun, too.  The kids had a blast hanging out together, doing the boardwalk, and getting in the first pool time this year!

3.     My RA/Lupus is still there, but still being fairly quiet.  Shhh....

4.     We have been 'economically stimulated', if you know what I mean. (got our check, in case you didn't get what I meant, lol)

5.     Pumpkin and I finished her year long report/project on the country of Nepal!   I was so happy that she took my suggestion at going off the beaten path with choosing a country to do this report on, however, it was definitely tougher to come up with some of the info on Nepal!  Thank heavens for the internet, in the pre-internet days it would have been really tough!

In a couple of weeks they do an in school travel expo, and they make food from their country and display items!  Wish me luck with that!  lol

6.      Fuzzy is finally coming out on the other side of months of being sick, having big allergy problems, and struggling with his asthma.  What a blessing!!! 

7.     Hammer it seems is maturing and becoming more manly each and every day!!!  He'll always be my baby though!

8.     Suzy, the new kitten, is starting to grow like a weed!  And, she is still just as sweet as can be!!

9.     Our new kitchen is wonderful!  Everyone is enjoying it!  Let's face it, in a house with 3 generations, it gets lots of use!

Here are the finished pics, with the floor.  Looking into the kitchen and into the dining room.


Yes, Libby likes it, too!

10.    Last weekend Kathy and J came to visit for the day!

11.    This weekend, Karol and my two nephews, D and A, are coming to visit! 

12.    Life is good.  I have missed being online, but it has been a good busy, so I can't complain too much! 

Thank you all for being so wonderful!!!  I am going to keep catching up on blogs!  I promise!

be well,

Only on 'House' though...


deshelestraci said...

Yeah!  You are back!  I had missed you.  Great pictures of the beautiful kitchen!  And Libby too!  I love the tail action on the dog!  She's loves her momma!

mleighin21st said...

That last cat kinda looks like House, too.  Spooky.  
It's so good to see you here.  It sounds like you are all busy, happy and healthy(in a general term).  The kitten, Suzy, is a beauty.  Oh, and I love the look of your new kitchen!!
                                                            Smiles,  Leigh


coelha said...

Aww..  Your new kitty is so cute!  I'm so glad you enjoyed a good time with your family.  Your kitchen is beautiful!!  :)  Welcome back!  Julie

cherry2sweet2eat said...

the cat is fitting in and she looks bigger than before enjoy the rest of your week.

martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
Great to hear your update ... sounds like everyone is doing well, even Suzy!

lv2trnscrb said...

the kitchen came out great!! sounds things are going great, Dawn! enjoy


eml625 said...

I've missed you !!!
Glad to see your back. Take care, and have a great weekend.

domsmom27 said...

Luv the kitty, luv the kitchen.....I grew up in Atlantic City, or AC as we locals say. Live right across the bridge now.  I was on the porch, I didn't see you go by.  Glad you enjoyed it.                     Marlene

sdoscher458 said...

Oh it sounds like you all had a great time which is wonderful. The kitchen looks like a dream to cook in, love the counter well, love, Sandi

glensfork4 said...

The kitchen looks GREAT!!! Glad you had some fun.


chat2missie said...

I'm glad your trips were great!  Love the new kitchen!

ktkamanski said...

Happy to hear life is treating you good. Your kitchen is beautiful and your animals are adorable. Wishing you lots of luck and positive energy on your task at hand with the school project. Take care with hopes your weekend is a happy one!

sugarsweet056 said...

Love the pics, great floor & kitchen!
Have a good wkend.

wwfbison said...

Good to see you again..I've missed you!  I see the good ol' lab tail wagging away while Libby snuck into picture ~ ever notice how their tails can clear a table with one swat LOL.  Your kitchen is gorgeous!!  Happy to hear you had a good time on your trips & Fuzzy is feeling better, he's had a rough time of it for too long.

ekgillen said...

Glad for an update!
Your kitchen looks amazing!!!  I love the floors!!
I hope to post pics of my bathroom soon!!!

tlgf1968 said...

LOVE the kitchen -- and the "house" icanhascheezburger!  my laptop is on the fritz too.  you're lucky to have another computer.  i'm using kinko's!  lol  will hopefully be back soon.  (((hugs)))