Friday, May 30, 2008

The Time of Our Life

Today I have been cleaning and thinking...

Tomorrow will be 18 years since my first date with Hubby. 

That is awe inspiring, and freaky. 

Why?   Because, as I sit here contemplating that fact, I am struck by several incongrous things.  I know it has in fact been 18 complete years in my mind/brain/logic and yet it doesn't 'feel' like it can be true. 

Just like the fact that as I sit here at 42 1/2 which I know for a fact I am, I do not 'feel' like I can possibly be that age! 

Bizarre.  Mind boggling. 

Just some random thoughts for you today, as they roll about my head... lol

Marriage.  That's another thing I have been thinking about.  You really have no clue at all what you are getting into when you get married.  Your brain is all full of those endorphins of 'new love' and oh boy, reality hits hard.

Marriage is work.  It is a full time job in and of itself if you want to have a good, growing, prosperous, happy one. 

And, it is hard. 

No one really tells you how hard.  It's kind of like the childbirth/labor thing.  No one really tells you the hardcore truth about that either. LOL

There is one thing that makes my marriage easy on the 'hard days/weeks/months/years'. 

One thing. 

And, it isn't that I 'love' my Hubby, because I have seen people who love each other have to be apart to be healthy and live.

No, love isn't quite enough, but it is a necessaryingredient.

The one thing is that we really ENJOY each other, are FRIENDS, and have FUN together. 

That is what gets you through it all.  Being able to laugh.  Being able to really have fun and enjoying the time together.  Really enjoying it.  Not just getting through, doing what you have to do, but wanting to be with each other doing 'stuff'.  Stupid stuff, life stuff.  But, doing it together.

Yeah... like I said... just 'stuff' rolling around in my head today.

Okay... signing off.  More things to clean, straighten and do.  Looking forward to Hubby getting home from work.  ;-)

be well,


Yep... and he loves me anyway!

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ekgillen said...

I agree...Hubby is my BFF!! :)
Have a great weekend!!!

coelha said...

You married your best friend--you are a very lucky woman!!  Never forget it!!  Not many people in this world can say that.  Hugs - Julie

pckttlisa said...

It is so nice that you are married to your best friend.  I know so many people that are married but don't even like each other.   Marriage doesn't come with a handbook so it is a live and learn experience.  I am happy for you.


pckttlisa said...

It is so nice that you are married to your best friend.  I know so many people that are married but don't even like each other.   Marriage doesn't come with a handbook so it is a live and learn experience.  I am happy for you.


toonguykc said... remember the exact date?  I feel kinda bad that I never remember stuff like that.


glensfork4 said...

I always tell my kids there are 2 things that don't come with an instruction handbook...marriage and raising children.

Have a great Friday & weekend.


ktkamanski said...

I think the best part of my marriage is when I can sit with my hubby all by ourselves and need nothing more than that. Thanks for sharing your random thoughts. Happy 1st Date Anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

sangrialel said...

I agree, being friends and enjoying eachother is very important!  Linda

lv2trnscrb said...

how sweet you remember the day of your first date; we do the same!! Happy date anniversary!

you are absolutely right, Dawn; got to have fun and laugh and be friends with the one you marry; hope you guys have a great day!


sdoscher458 said...

Dawn you are so right. We are going on 34 years, 30 of them married and we were friends to each other as well as lovers. Laughter is good for the soul and marvelous for can get you over the nitty gritty tough stuff that can rain down on you at times. I always sing that song "will you still love me when I'm 64?" well, I got my answer he does and he, Sandi

wildautumn1 said...

Just catching up!  What you said about marraige is beautiful.  Wish more people understood that.  Hope you & your family are feeling better.  Suzy is adorable!  Karen

pm71blackfen said...

Hi Dawn, I just want to say that I agree with every word you've written!  My husband and I had both been married before and were together for 20 years before I finally made an honest man of him!  Both of us are in our early 60s but only feel (and act!) as though we're 40 again...apart from the aches and pains that come as you get older of course!
He really is my best friend and we just know each other so well. A lovely post from you, very thought-provoking.~~ Pat

swmpgrly said...

Its work
Took me years to train him...

martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
I wonder if the reason so many marriages fail is because people just don't put the "work" into it ... they had the "love" part down but didn't "work" at resolving life's little challenges along the way.

cherry2sweet2eat said...

sounds like me and tyreece no matter what we always laugh at it later and move.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Marriage is a heck of a hard job and love isn't enough.  You are right about the fun and laughter.  Nothing succeeds without laughing and true friendship.  Blessings to you both!  HUGS  Chris

mleighin21st said...

Hi Dawn,  I love entries with these random thoughts, you get a peek deep down inside.  You are so very fortunate to have a marriage with your best friend.  The work goes smoother.  Do something special to celebrate that, I know you will.  
42? And not feeling your age?  Me either and you have to add 10 years to that for me.  I think we have a different mind-set about age than previous generations.  We don't want to act "our age" or at least what we pictured our age would be like when we were alot younger.  I am so glad to belong to a generation that defines what this age should be for ourselves.  Now if we could just get our bodies to join in with our mindset!
                                                         Smiles,  Leigh


deshelestraci said...

I missed this entry and I'm so sorry I did!  Great thoughts!  I agree with you.  You have to enjoy your partner.  It's awesome that you and your hubby do.  My hubby quit going to a men's class at church because it was all about not "getting" your spouse.  He didn't feel like he needed any help there, that we were in a good place in our marriage.  How wonderful is that?!

wwfbison said...

Love the owlcat, too funny.  You've hit the nail on the head about having a friend as a husband.  Doug & I have a blast together, we truly do have fun together.
Great, uplifting entry!

donejustwrite said...

I can relate...  had my 25th high school reunion this year.  When I hear "25" I think, "No way!"  That is a quarter of a century.  A freakin' quarter of a century since I was in high school!!!  Unbelievable.  And untrue.  It can't be true.  NO WAY.