Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thankful Thursday

This had me cracking up!  I love CSI!

I have so many things to be thankful for in my life.  Every night I fall asleep recounting them in my head.

Here are a few to share:

1.     Singing 'TNT' by AC/DC at the top of my lungs with Fuzzy and Pumpkin Muffin in the car, while parked waiting for Hubby to get off the NYC bus!   This was yesterday... we even danced in our seats!

2.     That while in the process of cleaning out and putting back together my kitchen I found that I was lucky enough, blessed enough, to have things I could pass on to good will for those not as fortunate as I.

3.     I never thought I would say this, but... I am thankful that it will be raining this weekend for the Boy Scout Weeboree.  Yes, normal people would hope for good weather, but the rain will dampen down the pollen count enabling Fuzzy to go on the trip and not having to worry about his allergies/asthma nearly as much. 

(Overall, Fuzzy is doing better!  Seems like the fine tuning we did on the meds and avoiding the outdoors has helped!  Sucks to be 13 and not able to go out to play for a while though... )

4.     Pumpkin Muffin seems to have finally gotten it through her thick German head that if she cleans her room and takes care of her things this makes her parents more likely to get her new things.  This past weekend we got a bunch of new things from Kohls for the spring and summer, and she is taking very good care of them. 

5.     I am so thankful that Hammer has grown into a young man that feels confident enough to share his personal experiences with Asperger's and wants to educate people about the Autism Spectrum.  7 years ago, I would never have thought it possible for him to do what he did at Boy Scouts last night.  Never.

6.     Love.  My mom and dad always taught and showed me that love was and is the most important thing in your life.  It isn't a tangible thing, that you can touch or see, yet you can see, feel, touch and experience it in your life in so many ways.  Love should be given freely, abundantly, and always without strings or conditions attached to it. 

I am thankful that I each day I give and receive love. 

Well, that's it for me!  I have some stuff to do around the house and a bed calling to me for sleep.

I hope you are all loved...

be well,

ps.  A little lolcat for the Journey lovers...


martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
I think your Number 6 covers it all ... we should all be thankful for love!

adlessor said...

A thoughtfull list.    Nice job.                Dawn

lv2trnscrb said...

as always, great things to be thankful for!

hoping the weather cooperates so Fuzzy can enjoy his weekend


cherry2sweet2eat said...

love the csi kitty. after she is done cleaning her room she can start mine LMAO!!

randlprysock said...

PS Those cats are adorable!!!

randlprysock said...

What a wonderful entry!!  I know you must be so happy to be putting your kitchen back together.  We are hoping to do an addition maybe someday on the kitchen and I am kinda worried about it and how long it will take.  
I needed to be reminded of many of these thoughts in your entry.  It sure did brighten my day!!  I am hoping one day my Courtney will be viewing her room the way Pumpkin Muffin is now.  Bravo Pumpkin!!  So glad fine tuning the medicines is working with the asthma.

preciousone25 said...

I love reading your 'thankfuls'!!!


ksgal3133 said...

Great thankfuls :)


eml625 said...

Do you have a copy of Hammer's speech? The last one you posted, I forwarded to my coworker (the one who's son was recently diagnosed with Autism) and she LOVED it. She said it was so great to read something from a child's point of view. I wanted to let you know, she showed it to her husband, her mom. Really appreciated his words.
Be well,

wwfbison said...

LOL, the pics are great!  I love to read your thankful Thursday entries.  It's easy to forget what we really do have to be thankful for with all the negativity being reported on the news each time I turn it on.  

chat2missie said...

I hope you have a good weekend.

glensfork4 said...

Loving your thankful list......and the graphics.

I hope the boys have fun at boyscouts!!! (I will be praying for rain for you all)

Have a good Friday.


deshelestraci said...

Great list of thankfuls!  Especially love.  Without it we are nothing!  I loved that CSI lolcat too!  Funny stuff!

wildautumn1 said...

Lol! I totally understand about the "thick German head!" Stubborn as can be.  Glad Fuzzy is feeling better.  It finally clicked in my Son's head how to take care of his things!  Have a great day!  Karen

krmprm said...

Wonderful idea..........Thankful Thursday!  Whenever I have a
difficult time going to sleep,  I count my blessings.  PTL, I have many.
Hope you and yours have a great week-end.   Take care.   Pat

klconard1 said...

A great list!
loving you

tenyearnap said...

Those are all great things. Now, could someone explain #4 to my kid, too.
I am going to send that CSI pic to my husband. Funny! --Cin

toonguykc said...

An upbeat and positive list!  Good show!


coelha said...

I wish I had a video of all you sing TNT in the car!  Very cool!!  :)  Have a wonderful weekend!!  That CSI picture is too definitely looks like a crime scene to me!  :)  Julie

justplainbill said...

Dawn, I am thankful to you for your list of thank yous. I hope you appreciate how much your list each weeks inspires so many who read it.
Thanks again, Bill

swmpgrly said...

lmao at the cat pics tonight

lindaggeorge said...

Some good things to be thankful for.

Love that picture at the top it really did make me LOL!

Linda x.

cacklinrosie101 said...

I know what you mean about the rain since Joey has developed asthma this past year.  I never realized just how hard it is to fine tune those meds or how much the weather, etc. affects it.  I'm thankful for the rain also because Joey and I reseeded a good bit of the yard so hopefully the grass will grow and the mud will be gone.  Glad Fuzzy is feeling better.  HUGS Chris

mleighin21st said...

I used to sing in the car to the radio, just to embarrass my son!!!  I so enjoy reading your thankfuls every week.  I should get back to writing mine here again.   You can see the pride in your heart for your family in your writing.  I'm glad they're doing well.  What was your room like when you were Pumpkin's age?  Have a great week!
                                                Hugz,  Leigh