Monday, March 28, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

Happy Belated Easter to all those who celebrate! 

I have been quite busy!  Saturday I stayed in bed and tried to heal my lower back/hips that were aching.  It seemed to work!  The kids were busy, dance class, baseball etc.

Saturday night we went out to dinner with friends, A & J and their kids!  Went to the Longhorn Steakhouse and it was delicious!  The kids sat all together at a table and we adults were at the booth next to them.  It was very nice because we were really able to talk.  They are a great couple and are very similar to us in that they basically put their kids first and do a lot of stuff with their kids.  My hubby is coaching with A for the third year in row in baseball.

Then Saturday night it happened!  A filling in one of my lower molars broke and broke away part of the side wall of my tooth!  I am really worried because of infection with any dental work since I am on the Remicade and methotrexate.

So, to jump ahead, today my dentist checked it, but since I am not in any pain and there is no nerve exposed, I have to wait until next Tuesday for her to fix it.  Argh.

Yesterday was Easter.  We relaxed at home.  The kids got up and found their eggs, baskets with chocolate bunnies and their gift of a personal dvd player.  I think it is a wise thing to have with the upcoming cruise we are going on and any other vacations!  Dad cooked an Easter ham and we ate home just the immediate 7 of us. 

Today is rainy and awful.  If it wasn't for having to go to the dentist I would have stayed in pj's and never left the house! 

Ds12 is having a great school day today.  Saturday night after dinner we went to Border's book store because all the kids had gift cards they wanted to use.  Ds12 got some great physics books and other interesting educational books.  Ds10 also did a great job getting educational fun books!  Dd8 bought a bunch of fun books to read which is all I can ask for her at this age.  She has become a reading machine!


Of course, hubby and I got about 4 or 5 books, I guess I have really rubbed off on them with the reading!  Thank goodness!  It opens up many worlds to them and improves all areas of education. 

I am full of aches today which I am sure is the weather.  I may take a nap!

Hasta la vista, Dawn

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